Ambassador Calvin Ayre Invites Antiguans to Participate in Free Virtual Bitcoin SV Event CoinGeek Conference LIVE


Special Economic Envoy to Antigua and Barbuda, Ambassador Calvin Ayre, is inviting both the technologically savvy and the novice alike, to be better-informed about the utility of blockchain technology, specifically Bitcoin SV (BSV).

The first-ever FREE, virtual CoinGeek LIVE Conference, slated for September 30 – October 2, promises to educate attendees on, among many other topics, the utility ecosystem that is only possible on BSV.

“I see how Bitcoin technology – the Bitcoin SV blockchain – can empower people to create previously unimaginable innovations with this technology,” Ayre said.  “It can help make our world a better place.”

According to Ayre, CoinGeek LIVE, is more than another virtual conference. It’s a three-day live discussion with some of the brightest minds from finance, blockchain, government and technology from around the globe.

“My team and I have been working passionately and with great dedication to introduce a new way to experience this industry-leading conference, through our immersive virtual platform, enhanced through our augmented reality app,” Ayre said. “This is all part of our thrust to educate people about this amazing technology.”

Senator, the Hon. Aziza Lake, a local proponent for technological advancement in the digital currency arena, expressed her excitement at participating in the event.


“The upcoming free virtual CoinGeek LIVE Conference is an opportunity for Antiguans and Barbudans to learn more about blockchain technology and specifically BSV – BitcoinSV, Lake said. “My recent contribution to the Digital Assets Management Bill in Parliament is proof of my sincere interest in the development of the Bitcoin industry, not only internationally but right here in Antigua and Barbuda.”


“For a lot of persons,” she continued, “Bitcoin seems abstract and they are not sure exactly what it is. This conference is an opportunity to learn more, as regional bodies and governments are taking the necessary steps to progress with the changes in finance and technology. The ECCB (Eastern Caribbean Central Bank) signed a contract last year to conduct a blockchain-issued Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) pilot within the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU), which will be the first of its kind internationally.”

According to Lake, the recently passed Digital Assets Business Bill by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda has created the legal framework for the industry to operate right here. “With the rise of digital/cryptocurrencies,” she said, “we are witnessing a revolution of a decentralized manner in which individuals can manage their own money.  Blockchain technology isn’t only about finance and currency it can be used in a myriad of ways inclusive of digital IDs, sharing of secure data, digital voting, medical record keeping, and title transfers for real estate and vehicle sales.

Society progresses as it relates to how we manage money,” Lake added. “Our ancestors used a barter system while today we use FIAT physical money issued by a central entity. The possibilities with BitcoinSV are endless and it is imperative that we learn all that we can, as we embrace this technology and ensure that we are not left behind.”

Bitcoin SV has exploded with live projects being built on the blockchain. It is a testament to Bitcoin’s strong and capable foundation for unbounded and unleashed new software application use cases, creating real economic opportunity for individuals and organizations around the world.

The conference also welcomes speakers from specializations outside the blockchain industry, including best-selling author George Gilder; Fundstrat Global Advisors’ Managing Partner Thomas Lee; representatives from the Swiss National Bank, U.S. Government and the EU Commission. Tune in to see presentations from the BSV Hackathton Finalist and vote for your favourite using the app. And, of course, hear from Bitcoin creator and US Copywrite holder of the Bitcoin White Paper, Dr. Craig S Wright.

Interested persons can register at

For interview requests please contact: Ed Pownall [email protected]

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  1. Wouldn’t this conference be better to have in New York or London? Why they trying to peddle this shit to poor people? You can buy anything roadside with Bitcoin ? Remember the words of brudda Bob… “don’t let them fool ya”

    • One word for you, Inept. Its not a local meeting. Its international and online therefore worldwide. Antiguans have the change to be EDUCATED on this new technology and industry which is taking over the world around. We have the opportunity to be at the forefront. But like with everything, we like to watch how things go and then when others become wealthy we get envious. Calvin didn’t come here as a billionaire and he didn’t become one from the hard work and sweat of Antiguans and Barbudans. He used the protection that this jurisdiction gave to him. And his gratitude is shown every day in the charitable donations he makes every time

      • You really don’t get it. Something that present so much opportunity and is so “groundbreaking” they go run it from Lickle Antigua? Use your head man. One day they will have the FBI knocking on the door just like the rest when bitcoin becomes worthless

  2. I would like to become an Ambassador.Are there any more positions opened at this time? Are those positions for sale like the CIP Passports.If so,how much.

    • Sorry but you have nothing to offer to the development or advancement of the country. Wait until your inept government has control once again in the next 28 years.

  3. @ watch them you are practicing poor people mentality. be open to receiving this knowledge and you will see its not so bad.

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