Ambassador Bernard Percival Shot And Injured During Robbery


Ambassador Bernard Percival Shot And Injured During Robbery

Businessman, Ambassador Bernard Percival is now being treated after being shot at his home Tuesday night.

He was reportedly accosted by an armed assailant as he arrived at his home in Paynters sometime after 9pm.

He was robbed and shot by the assailant who then escaped.

His injuries are not considered to be life threatening.

Police have launched a probe into the armed robbery and are asking anyone with information to provide it to investigators. (STATE MEDIA)

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  1. Very sad. However, people that go to the bank to collect lots of cash for payroll should know that they are targets for robbers. The other day I saw Bernard collecting a big bag of money from a cashier at ECAB Woods Branch and I thought to myself, how irresponsible of both the teller and Bernard. As this happened in plain sight of the public. Anyone with bad motives could have followed him out of the bank and robbed him. When conducting large sums of cash transactions, the banks should provide a private place outside of the public view. And Bernard should hire a security firm to accompany him when going to make large withdrawals from the bank. These robbers are watching everyone that is collecting large cash for payroll. Especially in the holiday season. It happened before. It is nothing new. All be aware of this. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Hire a security firm.
    And my friend Bernard, thank God you are well and still with us. It could have been really sad news for us.

    • You are a bigger idiot than I thought, you stupid old man seeking relevance! What you have broadcasting and calling the man’s name and programming another armed robber for him. You need to stop your shilly remarking about everything when you not crawling up the dawg’s rear. Cool out your retired butt and go help youth or something but just STFU!

    • @From The Sideline aka Mr. Arrogant Condescending!

      Your observations, conclusions(scenarios laid out) could possibly be a motive for what happened to Percival.
      Law enforcement should pull you in for questioning regarding, the robbery. It’s a known fact, that a large percentage of crimes are committed by someone close to you.
      It’s also known, in the hierarchy of the Crime Syndicate, the #Made_Soldier to the Don pull the strings of their underlings, to do their biddings.

      Again, as an investigator, based upon your comments I would drag you in for questioning.

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard
      Vere C. Edwards

    • As Beyoncé said “to the left!” You should’ve just kept thinking to yourself and stay quiet. Now, you’re not only verbalizing your thoughts, you’re also broadcasting it. What a clown…Bozo na hab nutton pon you.

    • Sidelines:If as you implied you are a friend of his. Why you did not have a conversation with him. About what you saw in the Bank that day.Perhaps he would wise up in that regards and become more cautious. Many persons still think it is the Antigua of old.When you could leave your house open and go into Town.Your house would be the way you left it. When in fact it is now full of hatred and crimes.Just be careful folks and think outside of that enclosed box,like those of criminal minds do.

  2. Baldwin Spencer drink COOKS POND WATER and tell people what to do:


    • Prior to that they also authorised the use of rubber bullets…can you imagine, on children and the elderly?

      Athley Rodney on 08/08/2021 to Gaston and Cutie ‘should I proceed with the plan to tear gas the poor black hungry Antiguans and Barbudans?’

      Gaston and Cutie’s response to Rodney ‘Yes, teargas DEM R_ SS, make certain that you hurt them real badly, let them know that a we run things ya’

      Dem wicked evil and HEARTLESS Vagabonds.

  3. Security guard really. I say when the thieves come, have a vial of acid on hand ( it works wonders as it eats thru clothes or shoes and burns to rhatid …so no need to get close to the perpetrator …just leave it out of domestic disputes ) Also, even if the perpetrator gets away, they will seek medical attention and the police should be at the ER during the holidays
    Whether you have payroll or box money or nickels & dimes, Xmas is a time that deviants are most emboldened
    My advice to those home owners with guns is to LOAD DEM UP, single females please have a tag team approach if staying out late (any time after 6pm) and everyone just be very circumspect. Don’t live in fear but don’t let thieves rob your joy.

  4. My prayers are with the Percival family. 🙏🏾 Happy to know Mr. Percival is ok and wishing him a speedy recovery

  5. Bernard Percival,
    I do hope and pray you have a speedy recovery.
    As a Businessman,you should have the best cameras on earth on your property. Install those that records 24/7,with sensors to alert you of anyone breaking the perimeter on your home property. You would also be able to view your property from away. I am an ordinary person not known by anyone. I come to Antigua and could view my property from down there,over 2500 miles away. I could call my City Police if needed from Antigua.You cannot and should not take anything for granted these days.

  6. Shame on you Sideline! You couldn’t have called him and said this?! You alp people like to pull down each other, smh.

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