Althea’s “fried dumplings” in Bolans gets rave review from visitor


Dear Editor,

Antigua and Barbuda Fried Dumplings


Antigua and Barbuda is a small beautiful country comprising of many small Islands. It is a beautiful and wonderful place. The sand is white and pink in some areas. The sun is bright, usually, and the people’s friendliness tends to be similarly bright and wonderful.


But today, this essay is specifically about a wonderful food that is made in that country and that is, the best fried dumpling on planet earth located in Antigua, specifically in Bolans Village, St. Mary’s Parish. It seems that it was made by God through the hands of Althea Thomas. This Golden and round fried food treasure made by this woman is simple but inexplicably delectable and extravagant. How on earth is this possible? How is possible to make a food that is mostly fried flour this complex?


Have you ever had an angelic or sensual or out of this world experience while eating from what you are eating? If not, this golden fried dumpling from Althea will get you there. Eating Althea’s fried dumplings is like falling off of a cliff but into heaven on top a pile of clouds with Jesus himself standing there waiting for you, and then you have an enlightening conversation with God himself and then you return to earth. It feels that euphoric.


It is like your taste buds are overwhelmed with greatness that is beyond its ability to process. It is like you are having some kind of ORGASMS! Except this one is happening in your mouth, it is beyond just a pleasant feeling but instead it is earth-shattering, and you may just go into numerous screaming-laughing-crying episodes of pure ecstasy. Althea’s Fried Dumplings is one of the greatest wonders of Antigua and Barbuda. I am willing to bet you God goes to her home and make these himself in her kitchen. I am willing to do anything for this recipe.


I jokingly told my friends, jokingly, if I ever become a prostitute or drug dealer, I would not take money as payment, I want to paid in fried dumplings made from Althea. Like I said before, the only way I can describe these fried dumplings is like falling free off of a cliff and landing on your tongue into a pile of thrilling and tingling ecstasy. It’s like feelings of sensual release that you find yourself just wanting more because of this perfectly prepared flour into dough that is then fried with its special ingredients/spices or whatever her recipe is. I wish I knew. Althea’s fried dumplings will leave your taste-buds wanting more and you will be in a sense of euphoria because it’s just too dorn good.


The act of eating is an act of necessity. But eating Fried Dumplings from Althea in Bolans, Antigua, West Indies, is also an act of profound intimacy. Her Fried Dumplings which are also called Johhny Cakes are golden and round. You can eat them alone or with meats or dipping sauce, their local chop-up and salt fish. To me, Althea’s dumpling is perfect alone. It does not need any form of assistance. This fried dumpling was so good, I am pretty sure it is the reason I passed my exams; It stress for the exam disappeared after I ate this euphoric tasty perfection. I was at peace and in a place of enlightenment.


Antigua is a tropical paradise, a place it seems was made by God for himself and Fried Dumplings from Althea, his food of choice. This was a recipe just for himself when he is on his personal use Island of Antigua and Barbuda. This lady from Bolans Village in Antigua seems to be God’s dumpling making hands.


This is not far fetch; the Island of Antigua and Barbuda is a paradise. The people, the food and the culture. The Country is the closest place to heaven on earth. Foods there are as heavenly.


Written by an admirer of perfection

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  1. I have no doubt Althea’s dumplings are the best in the world. What on God’s good earth were you smoking before embarking on your dumpling journey?

    • @ Clarke Lol I totally agree .
      Over my life time the amount of things people have raved about and when I’ve tasted it doesn’t come close to what they’re saying and I’ve had better not saying this is the case but………
      When the Moustache lifts his exile on Antiguans visiting home that don’t want any vaccine in their bodies then I will return and make a trip to Bolans to put 🤔 a rest to this mystery..
      There’s no direction other than the village we’ll figure it out though.
      For now the claim stands 🤠

      • I hated dumplings growing up but I did try hers. The application for best dumplings, satisfied. It is one of a kind.

        I tried the ones in the Jamaican restaurants, oh no. It is a different thing. I do not like theirs.

        Althea’s is the best by far

  2. Ms. Clarke let us agree to disagree 😁. Althea’s fried dumpling are the best because they are made with love 💕 and bless hands in Jesus name.

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