Alleged Robber Flees Scene with Loot



Residents shocked by latest crime escapade, as police disable
getaway car and robbery suspect takes off running, barefoot
Many residents are expressing shock over an incident that took
place on Cross Street, mid-Wednesday morning, June 21, when an
alleged robbery resulted in police officers shooting out the tyres of
an “getaway vehicle” and the suspect taking off on foot.

Immediately, videos and photos went into circulation, showing a
senior officer chasing the suspect, who left both slippers behind as
he sped away and onto Tanner Street.

The fleeing man, wearing long corn-rowed braids and black clothing,
clutched a black female handbag as he ran from the officer. 
Unconfirmed reports claim the man had kidnapped the victim and
had jumped from the moving vehicle with her work bag.

However, other conflicting reports allege that the suspect had
robbed a marijuana spot in St. Johnston’s Village, gotten into the
vehicle, and driven off. Reports say that, while trying to get away
from the scene, he struck a number of other vehicles.

The Police had already gotten wind of that incident, which
reportedly had prompted them to be on the lookout for the vehicle,
and, therefore, they were able to intercept it.

After officers allegedly shot out two tyres – the front and rear on the
driver’s side – the vehicle naturally slowed down, allowing the
suspect to jump out of the beat-up white Toyota Corolla and run.
It was not known, up to news time, whether he had been identified
or captured.

As the incident unfolded, a number of onlookers, including persons
working in nearby businesses, came out to see what was taking
place.  Many appeared to be shocked, confused and bewildered by
what actually was going on.

An emergency siren was blasting very loudly, as several men went
to the assistance of a young woman who had been inside the vehicle.

She seemed to be upset, and it appeared that one man was trying to
calm her down.

This broad-daylight incident has prompted locals to say, yet again,
that the crime situation is spiraling out of control.

One woman says the Administration needs to do more to reduce
crime, and she hopes that some of the money from the sale of the
Alfa Nero will be used to properly equip the Police Force and other
law-enforcement agencies.

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  1. Come come come ANTIGUAAAAAA!!!!! Murder somebody saw this man and where he went!! SOMEBODY!!!!

    Come on….be our brother’s and sister’s keepers and FLUSH OUT THIS CRIMINAL.

  2. Where are the #Bloodhounds?
    Dogs should be trained to sniff more than Marijuana.
    Dogs would pick up his scent from the car and track him to his hideout.
    Dogs would be able to help with MISSING PERSONS as well.


    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee

  3. Let’s see how good our Detectives are. The female should be able to give a full description, plus they have the automobile, how large is our fingerprint database? Was this a single police vehicle doing this high-speed maneuver? Shouldn’t there be other police vehicles blocking and waiting and how many officers we have patrolling our town? No way should this guy just vanish.

  4. Chase on foot? The senior officer could hardly jog enough muchless chase.
    And I find a few holes in this article that makes no sense like how exactly you disable the car??? Anu got some sharp shooters in hiding

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