ALL National Honourees Invited to Service To Pray For King Charles and Queen Camilla


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  1. U f**kink idiots, when are you all going to stop giving them people all them attention, look at the two of the face , looking like two f**king demons , the curse of slavery all over there faces, why are people praying for them , the struggles black people had to endure because of there ancestors and now we should pray for them , I pray that God strike them with some fu*king lightening and thunder, I have no respect for them set of demons, sons and daughters of Satan.

  2. Calling all the Kowtowing; lickspittling and grovelling boot-lickers, also those who love to curtsey to NON ENTITIES; and never forget those who love to walk backwards whilst bowing, scraping and facing these royal scroungers! Yuk, yuk yuk! 🤮

    Also a couple with a chequered past, and an awful ancestry (either, through slavery, colonial theft or being a concubine 😉) that hurt our forefathers and mothers, and Charles’ family had a German background that they been trying to disown/hide since the WW2 – hence the name change to Windsors.


    • … From a proud patriot, historian and Republican. VIVA LE ANTIGUA & BARBUDA 🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬

  3. We all need to pray for our children especially those that are in the schools that are strictly by violence

  4. How can christians pray for these people! They are in adultery ! …and then as king, going to be the head of the Anglican church?
    What a disgrace, and mockery coming to Christianity by these two people.

  5. This is funny
    Let’s see who turns up……
    Omarde you going?
    What about you Paddy Simon?
    Serpent you going?
    What about you DLP?
    Anybody know if Hilary going?

    Well if the PM do not attend,it would signal how serious we are about Reparation.

  6. These people do not deserve to be disrespected! Keep your ill-intent and bad wishes away. The Royal Family just like any other family made some mistakes but they have helped others as well. Don’t just focus on the so called bad that took place hundreds of years ago when it was the order of the day and no one knew any better.

    The Royal Family set the foundation for the modern world that we enjoy today. King Charles III as the representative should be given due respect.

    • Don’t upset yourself @ Bilbo people like me are just opening up the Pandora’ Box of the: lust; greed; gluttony; wrath; envy; sloth and pride on these type of people who are idolised (by the likes of yourself
      and others) because of their birthright instead of merit.

      However, I do respect your point of view on royalty.

      • Everyone has a birthright. It appears that many people envy the wealth and prestige of the Royal Family. People keep calling themselves queen, princess and other royal titles like sir.

        One thing about the Royal Family that normal people should follow is that they tend to have children in wedlock. Bastards are frowned upon. Maybe that is why so many bastards hate and envy the Royal Family.

        • I note that history and factual events isn’t your strong point @ Bilbo; and by the way Camilla is no innocent herself.

          She was involved with Charlie when he was married to another woman – she even invite she self to the wedding. Who in their right mind does that! Nasty individual.

          However again, you are entitled to your selective viewpoint 👍

  7. This world will continue dwell in Negativity until The End Of Time
    The Blaming Game will continue as long as Hatred abound
    Why blame The Living for Their Ancestral Wrong Doings !!!! Give Peace A Chance !!!! AMEN

    • … and some people ENJOY ignoring the past, whilst others ENJOY revealing the TRUTH to the world!

      Are you an ostrich or a super spiritual @ Coralie that forgives EVIL no matter what?

      SEEMS SO …

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