All Eight COVID-19 Tests Come Back Negative – Officials


Eight coronavirus tests which were sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency for testing have come back negative, health minister Molwyn Joseph has said.

The latest round of results returned on Thursday.

“We are seeing now a sort of reduction, a decline in the number of positives and that it a good trend,” the minister said.

He said however that the country is not yet out of the woods “because in other jurisdictions, we have seen similar trends and then there is a peak.”

Joseph said “the people of Antigua and Barbuda have demonstrated a high level of understanding and a greater level of discipline.”

So far, 23 people have tested positive for COVID-19, 17 are active cases and three people have died from the virus.


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  1. We need independent testing, I have a feeling that most of these sudden deaths in the past few weeks are related to covid-19. I may be wrong , but we won’t know until testing is done more frequently by an independent body with no government interference. Create a covid-19 task force that is appointed by the government and the opposition, the head of the hospital and the CMO (chief medical officer) must not be on that taskforce.

    • @Wadad1,
      The tests were done in Trinidad. How much more independent you want them to be. Sent them to Trump?
      Give me a break everything that is done locally or regionally we have to cast suspicion on it. No wonder we cannot even trust our own people to e Judges among us. Must be the curse that is on our entire race.
      Anyway soon we will be testing locally and I’ll bet you this suspicion will raise its nasty head once again

      • You sound like an absolute jackass , making not one bit of sense. What the hell does government and interference have to do with anyone with covid19 and just why would anyone,government or non government be hiding anything about the disease.. You need a wake up call on this one, you’re wayyyy off base here

    • @Wadad1 – did someone piss in your cream of wheat or are you menopausal? How much more “independent” do you want the tests to be? Should they send the samples to Redonda instead of Trinidad? Maybe the lockdown is getting to your brain. Go out on your verandah and inhale some fresh air. That should loosen up the knots in your brain.

      P.S. – ease off the Negativity Juice – it will kill you faster than a knuckle

    • @Wadad1 How can you expect the CMO not to be on such a task force? It’s literally her job to play an integral role in public health administration. You are really trying to politicize something that is being done by technicians? Why can’t we let people who are paid and trained to do a job do the job instead of creating some kind of conspiracy? SMH

  2. I am advising all AntiguanBarbudan to keep up the good work of biting and devouring each other and then say they are praying to Jehovah God because His back is turned to us. Continue to call down curse on ourselves. Good work , u r a very intelligent bunch of people with all the useless degrees.

  3. Unfortunately, the real problem is that the evidence so far from around the world is that up to 30% of infected people will test negative.The tests are just not accurate enough to completely rel upon.

  4. So because the CMO is from Trinidad that means she has a say in how the results from CARPHA will return?! You are reaching here. We should be glad the results came back negative and stop acting dunce.

  5. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ good day fellow Antiguan/Barbudan this pandemic that is upon us and the whole world is real.many had died and others are sick. We who are not sick as yet art to give God thanks for his protection. We are to agree together in prayer for such a time like this. Let’s not be foolish there is evil men in this world.
    The Bible gave us good counsel on what is going to happen on the earth. Jesus Christ himself said what is covered must
    Come to light. Men we lied about the covid-19 but God will reveal the truth to
    His children. So let us continue to trust in God for him alone can deliver us from the destruction of our world

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