All Beaches in Antigua and Barbuda remain accessible to Citizens and Residents

Maria Browne

The beaches in Antigua and Barbuda remain accessible to all citizens and residents.

That’s the comment coming from Minister for Housing, Land, Works and Urban Renewal, the Hon. Maria Browne in responding to social media discussions on access to a number of beaches in Antigua and Barbuda where development is taking place.

Social media discussions suggest that persons are being blocked from entering and using beaches where development is taking place with some being granted access with limitations.

Referencing the Physical Planning Act, 2003 Section 50 (1) (2) (3) (4) and (5), Minister Marie Browne says that no owner, developer or occupier of land leading to a beach has the authority to prevent persons from accessing and using the beaches on Antigua and Barbuda.

The Act in Section 50 (1) states: ‘There shall be at least one public landward access to and right of way to every beach in Antigua and Barbuda,’ while Section 50 (2) addresses the issue of access through private property: ‘Where there is no alternative public access, traditional public use of a private landward access through an existing private development shall be sufficient grounds for establishing a public right of way over that access for the purpose of access to the beach by the public.’

The full section on Public Access and Right of Way to Beaches state as follows:

There shall be at least one public landward access to and right of way to every beach in Antigua and Barbuda.

Where there is no alternative public access, traditional public use of a private landward access through an existing private development shall be sufficient grounds for establishing a public right of way over that access for the purpose of access to the beach by the public.

Where the only landward access to a beach is through an existing private development where traditional public use pursuant to subsection (2) of this section has not been established, the Crown may acquire the right to public use of that beach access by gift, negotiation, contract, purchase or lease, compulsory acquisition ‘in exchange for other property, interest, or financial exemption, or by such other means as the Minister may recommend, as a condition of issuance of any permit or licence required under ‘the provisions of any Act.

Where land is acquired by way of compulsory acquisition for a beach access the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act shall apply in respect of such acquisition.


Where a proposed development is likely to adversely affect the public’s ability to access a beach from the landward side, any development permit shall require as a condition a landward public access through the development at all times free of charge.

Referencing the Pearns Point development, which is at the centre of discussions on some social media platforms, Minister Browne stated that there are seven beaches within that development with one main 20-foot public right of way which runs through the private property.  She said that currently the Survey and Mapping Department is establishing access boundaries for all seven beaches with official boundary marks and signage.  During this period, Minister Browne asks that users of the beaches at Pearns Point exercise patience and collaborate with the property owners while accessing the beaches.

The Development Control Authority and the Survey and Mapping Department have prepared a preliminary Beach Access Report which governs access and use of all beaches in Antigua and Barbuda.  The report is being reviewed for publication.

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    • I was just about to say that. Firing shots at ppl who dare to access the beach. Why them lie so easily!

  1. Tell Jumby Bay that please, because they go on like the beach is there’s, even going as far as not wanting people to anchor in front the island.

  2. Maria, total nonsense! All beaches are accessible yes, but all beaches are not accessible, the way they must, if they’re our National Park(laughable), accessible to all.

    First things first…
    A…eminent domain! #Eminent_Domain! Eminent domain must be front and center, as we take a comprehensive look, at what you’re saying Maria Bird_Browne, MP!

    B…In the #Next_Level, of any Powerhouse economy, several of Our beaches(Halfmoon, Darkwood, and others MUST have proper restrooms with changing stations, organized parking – charge fees for these services.

    C…develop the Tour_Industry, from Donkey_Bax Tours, Horse Back Riding, Walking/Hiking Tours for locals invest in and operate. It’s time to let the #All_Inclusive Model have real meaning, as in, #all are investing, #all are endeavoring, #all are achieving, #all are profiting.
    The booking agents like etc. should sell these local #All_Inclusive Packages separately, just as, they separate Air BnB(where a lot of locals are making money), and the All_Inclusive giants like Sandals etc.

    #Man On The Sea, mentioned, what is happening at Long Bay! Maria Bird_Browne, MP – please do a LIVE TOUR, on any Social Media Platform, and tell the World, this is what, your Grandfather, Sir Vere Cornwall Bird, Snr meant, when he made the declaration, that our beaches are the Nation’s National Park, because, if you did…
    …Teacher Percy say, if you tell such a lie, you’re going to hell as soon as, you die!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard

    Vere Cornwall Edwards!

    Dis gyal Yah kno, mussa really be, #De_Dear_Innah_De_Headlight!
    Fu real! Fe real! For real!

  3. All of the Beaches in Antigua are not accessible to the Public. There are property owners near some of the Beaches that fenced us out. While in Antigua a few months ago.I went up to Long Bay and Devil’s Bridge. On Long Bay,there is now a building in an area where the Public used to park or sit around. Driving up to Devil’s Bridge there was a concrete wall on the very edge of that road. Soon most of the Beaches would be fenced and not accessible. For the Pirates are coming. Oh,no,they are already there in Antigua.

  4. Maria Browne,when would we the Public see that report from your walk through with Max Deluxe Fernandez. I for one would not be holding my breath.I observed that you had no Engineers with you on that journey.Just hoping it was not just a photo op. To look as if you and Max are doing something.

  5. Tis sorry person is reciting what provided for her by her handlers. Her job is to read what’s given to her.
    She knows darn well the access is restricted at the beaches. The Act is meaningless if it’s not enforced, and that exactly what’s going here. 365 beaches how may can be accessed by the public?
    Soon you’ll be trespassers in your own land as you use the phrase “Antigua me come from” but you can’t go on the beach.

  6. I told you this woman was out of touch and doesn’t have a clue.

    Go down ah Dickenson Bay by the Siboney, and see how many questions they ask autochthonous Antiguans if they pass dey or want to settle down by the sea there.

    However, if you are Caucasian and don’t even stay at the resort … not a word!

    Again, Maria Browne is out of touch, out of sorts; and should be out of office.


  7. Here is something to ponder. Antigua is an Island of 108 sq.miles. Are there really 365 Beaches on that 108 Square Mile Island? Is that just a gimmick.

  8. Any person or organization blocking the beach should be ticketed and fined. A large enough fine so that they will think again. If they have erected barriers, they should pay to have the taken down AND pay a fine. Citizens should know how and where to lodge their complaints, as well.

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