Alfa Nero Yacht Sale: Government Implements Self-Imposed Gag Order


Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst confirmed that the government will remain silent regarding the sale of the luxury yacht Alfa Nero due to ongoing negotiations with a potential buyer.

Hurst emphasized that any premature public discussions could jeopardize the delicate negotiation process currently underway.

“Negotiations are taking place with a potential buyer, and we don’t want to spoil it,” Hurst stated.

“Until it is consummated, we have no intentions of making any public statements.”

The Alfa Nero, a high-profile luxury yacht, has been under scrutiny due to its connections with sanctioned wealthy Russians.

Hurst highlighted the government’s commitment to adhering to both national and international obligations related to sanctions imposed by the United States on Russian oligarchs.

“The United States sanctions on these wealthy Russians have tentacles that reach far and we intend not only to abide by our own obligations but by those imposed upon us as a result of treaty obligations and the like,” he explained.

Hurst assured the public that information about the sale would be disclosed once the transaction is finalized.

However, details such as the asking price and the final selling price will remain confidential until the deal is fully concluded.

“As far as we can, we will indicate to the public when it is sold and to whom. One of the things we cannot do is to lay out the asking price and settling price before the sale is consummated,” Hurst said.

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  1. Just got to laugh when these people open their mouths 🤣 😂.

    Just amazing…these Donkeys back at it again..these greedy arse people just don’t when to stop.

    We warned you jokers that this will not turn out well for y’all, so keep poking this Russian Bear.

    Real fools we have running this country..they can never get any damn thing right..just keep botching every damn thing and exposing the citizens of the twin islands to all all kinds of backlash.

    Hope when it’s the time for someone to pay for the folly of these Donkey’s, that it’s not the public that suffer, but these fools who have brought disgrace upon the Country.

    These Scourges gots to go, quick and fast.

  2. Let’s hope Barbuda will finally be given the $1M US donation from the proceeds of the Alfa Nero sale.

  3. Smh!
    These people are too much!
    Gag order? Really?
    I thought it’s tax payers money you using?
    This government needs to go!
    Every time I see Lionel Hurst on tv
    I want to puke☹️

  4. I would love to see Russia retaliate in the way we know how they do.

    Wasted tax payer dollars every day because of this. No one in their right mind would ever do a kamikaze buy.


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