Alfa Nero Sale Delay Persists Amid Government’s Court Appearance Anticipation


The sale of the Alfa Nero, a multi-million-dollar superyacht, remains incomplete as legal battles persist.


The vessel’s fate is entangled in a complex ownership dispute, yet the government’s confidence in its eventual sale remains steadfast.


The government took possession of the yacht in April and held an auction, with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt winning the bid at $67.6 million.


However, the alleged owners have filed lawsuits challenging the government’s ownership.


Despite these delays, the potential buyer, Eric Schmidt, remains committed to the purchase.

The government anticipates a court appearance to resolve the matter and proceed with the sale.(Observer)








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  1. This story is crap (in my opinion).

    Advising the public as to when the next Court Hearing comes up would have been credible information that the public is interested in.

    Isn’t research done anymore?

  2. Observer reporters need to get up off their a$$e$ and do some good investigative journalism. Just parotting what these liad ALP clowns say is pure laziness. Clips are there to debunk all the lies that Hurst, Medford Nicholas, Gaston Browne et al spurt, yet you never hear them play the clips to expose the lies.
    This Alph Nero thing is just another dunce,greedy failed move orchestrated by the idiot PM,make no mistake about that. Shame Steadroy Benjamin and his chamber of lawyers are just pawns in the game. Come on,Observer, the dunce said 14 days. 14 days for water, and a host of other nothings. The bill piles up at the taxpayers expense.

    • @ Watching

      The Observer reporters poor. No research. They just write everything they get from the red press. Gaston Brown and the ALP feeding from the Observer media trough for the longest while.

      No surprise there if he has implants there.

      Could be they not trained, inexperienced or just not suited for the job. Maybe they not knocking out themselves because of the low wages they get, they should ask their boss for an increase. He is rolling in it these days. He’s playing the UPP like a fiddle and riding the enrichment train.

      BTW, when will the UPP start fighting Labour and stop fighting their own?

      The word is around that they are trying to punish Richard Lewis for asking for both parties to work together on some things. Could be they don’t like his growing appeal even with ALP people. Schoolchildren they cutting single Pringle throat too because they don’t want him anymore. He too dunce.

      They have a double agent who is taping their meetings for his other friends. The whole of Antigua know this member is working against the UPP.

      They also afraid to talk to the new live broadcast master who saying what he wants, when he wants, how he want on his shows. But they not touching those two.
      Look like they know who fuh fraid.

  3. Tinking Darwin Telemaque nar get paid. Lyad Gaston Browne nar get paid. Only a chupit rass will hand money over to this teefin govt for that yacht. It can never be registered without a proper bill a sale. Lyad teefin Gaston and Telemaque can’t prove they bought from the owners. Yacht done paid for in full by the rightful owners. Bank not owed any money.

    Browne and Telemaque looking quick easy money and dem nar get it. All dem a do is lie to ah we straight. Two piece a shit dem be

  4. This again demonstrates that no politician is in charge of the Judiciary as some always try to have people believe. You wonder why they; the judiciary, don’t see the urgency of things. Like they are on a go slow. Meanwhile the government has to come up with US$28K weekly for the maintenance of the yacht. If I was Gaston I would have given them the Yacht and demand they pay all the monies due to everyone and tell them to get the hell out of Antigua water and let the US Coast Guard arrest them in international waters.

  5. @sideline.. A now you talking dummy.. this same suggestion was mentioned by me and a few of us on here. We even questioned the tactics of this administration going after a tycoon like this Russian, but none of your dummies listened, in fact many of you said this GOV is doing the right thing and had the right to sell the mans boat.

    Well here we are, and the question remains as to why these bad advices were followed?
    But smart people know the reason,and dummies like you continue to bray like the jackass’s you’ll are turning out to be.

    • You seem to forget that for months the so called owner was not coming forward. So yo whom did they have to give back the yacht. It was only after the government compulsory acquired the yacht and requested the USA de-listed it, only then these people now showed up. That is why I am now making this suggestion. Since they now show up their face, good come pay all the bills and take your yacht out of our waters

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