Alfa Nero down to one generator, suppliers won’t sell parts to it, US ‘not cooperating’ in removing sanctions – Reports


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  1. Gaston -A so called financial genius who tried to demonized Lovel as a finance minister has placed Antigua in a predicament

  2. Now we have inflation and de BOAT ah tek food outta me throat…

  3. Where are all those who encouraged Gaston by telling him he is such a genius when in they hearts they knew otherwise?

    Somewhere, some Russian oligarch is laughing his head off, thinking how a govt can be so stupid to take away his headache and keep it for themselves.

    First, the burden of Five Islands School, built to give foreigners jobs while very few for Antiguans; then on to the LIAT saga; the Africans mess and now this yacht.

    Boy! What a genius???

  4. We have several buyers for this super yacht, they are lining up in droves to purchase the yacht.
    Soon as we work out some logistics ya de da da ya out we will sell it and keep the commission..
    You hear the propaganda??
    Listen closely!!
    Omg you can’t make this stuff up.
    Oh what a tangled Webb we weave when we are trying hard to deceive.smh
    Yeah…great governing😯

  5. Having the US liftitz sanctions is wishful thinking. The US is yet to pay us the penalty awarded Anu by the WTO Tribunal in 2002 for the US’s destruction of our gaming industry. The US is only interested in itz own interests: check Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, n Libya.

  6. Let me ask you all something. If the boat was left there with crew leaving and it sank without the government doing anything, what would you all say? I am neither for nor against the Prime Minister. However, on this topic, I can’t see any other options. I think they are doing the correct thing.

    • Government should not have rush to purchase it first ask USA and other countries who sanction it to move it or lift sanctions if that wasn’t done decide if it it can be stored in dry dock somewhere but get it out the water and wait for any claims. In dry dock no staff and crew needed boat may deteriorate but if still no claims then salvage it for parts at that point the government should then be the owner and sell it instantly to someone who wish to salvage it but that boat can’t touch international waters while the war is happening so it’s definitely a bad time to take on that liability

      • Do we have a dry dock that can hold that here? Maybe we should sail it somewhere that’s has a dry dock. Smh if you all sit back and think rather than be political this country would be much better . How can you remove the sanction if it is still owned by the person that is sanction.

  7. It was said a long time ago on WION GRAVITAS news, that proceeds collected from the sales of sanctions assets due to Russia invading Ukraine will be going to rebuild Ukraine.

    I was surprised when the Antigua and Barbuda said they where going to sell the Alfo Nero yacht and pay its creditors.

  8. Big brains Ron Sanders knows what to say and what to keep secret as he send them to hell! That is why we pay him and give him Sir/Sir so he could advise on how America works.
    He coulda tell dem dat it easy to put in place Sanctions but the take down is a hard long process. US$28,000.X 4 X 3 months=EC $907,200. And no guarantee it will not take longer😳😥

  9. This is a sad state of affairs. Rather than seizing the vessel and incur that continuing debt upon amending the Port Authority Act, ADOMS was the better authority to seek advice from given their knowledge of international shipping n yachting business. Or move n anchor the ownerless yacht away from our harbours n shipping routes, so if it sinks given its deteriorating state, then itz wreck wld nit present any danger to our shipping or yachting. Just saying

  10. This is what happens when you encourage a cabinet full of yes men. Yes men does clear out when you get into trouble. Yes men does be waiting to over throw . yes men are never loyal.

  11. Maybe u should have allowed the man to take back his ship. There’s a reason why the maintence is so expensive. Lol goood luck u can use it as scrap

  12. You ppl really are a parasite to your own country; no unity whatsoever. This country is small however it seems like we living in America with all the tear me down going on. This story was reported by a blogger who was obviously paid to spread lies and deciet. It’s not even a news channel.

    I notice ppl like passa passa and mix up more than progress and good fortune in this country. You would rather see your country go to disaster cause you don’t like a particular party.

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