Alex denied bail, again

Alex, Missing man

Chinese national Alex Feng will be remanded back to Her Majesty’s Prison since the requirements to consider his bail were not met when he appeared in court on Wednesday.

Feng told the court that his passport is at the Chinese Embassy while an immigration officer confirmed Feng had no time in the country based on their records.

Magistrate Conliffe Clarke asked the Immigration Officer to make an effort to obtain Feng’s passport before the adjourned date of September 29.

Feng also told the court that he does not have anyone in Antigua and Barbuda that can stand as his sureties.

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  1. What is his Passport doing at the Chinese Bunker Embassy? Why is it there in the first place? Is it because they(Chinese)come into Antigua and Barbuda at the pleasure of the Chinese Communist Party on a MISSION. In my opinion,they are spies cloaking as ordinary workers. Doing work locals could be doing. Those Chinese are doing and placing themselves into strategic areas on Antigua. They are doing it acres of lands at a time. I do believed many of you would have heard. The Chinese are our NEW COLONIZERS. Some day soon we would have a Chinese Prime Minister.Not a joke.Not a damn joke people.

    • @ RED KOOL AID

      Our own people selling us out. Looks like the ham, turkey, fridge, microwave, driver’s license and the other bribes are worth our future being given away to foreigners.

      Keep on voting in the current regime. Hope it isn’t already too late to take our nation back.

    • After reading your post, you would make a great spokesman for the Republican Party in America. The narrative is definitely out of their playbook. Watch Fox News much?

  2. I am not for Chinese, Guyanaese, Jamaican,oSpanish or no outsider coming in Antigua/Barbuda and placed before us which is happening right now. My son who is 39 yes old and having putting his life for others for 22yrs cannot get a piece of land to purchase. Applications after applications at CHAPA and Agriculture double figures years now but all kind a people just come in Antigua and can get. Gaston said no more lands were there but Chinese getting from the four corners of Antigua fu do all kind a sudden that Antiguans can do. Soon a Chine Pm, a Chine Flag and Anthem. Just wait and see. A sad day it will be.

    • Dear wicked. I, as a foreigner, didn’t apply for a piece of land. I BOUGHT mine. Many Caribbean nationals I know BOUH6 their piece of the rock. Private people are selling lands. Why not buy from them?

  3. If an Antiguan Chine is ever elected as the Prime Minister of this country it will be through a free vote and election of the majority of our people. Don’t be silly. The law is still the law.

  4. What is this code talk.he had no time in the country so , he’s here illegally
    Why on earth is his passport in the Embassy

  5. A set of ignorant people.
    Someone comes to your country and choose to do a job you didn’t want to do or like most Chinese start their own business.
    The Chinese embassy back their own and the Chinese would work to together and front one supermarket and when they start making substantial profit branch off.

    Do we help our own or just complain when we see others work together and do better than us.

    Show me an Antiguan that would say I have a business let me help my fellow citizens and they can start their own. No! We choose to put the money in bank, buy new car and sellout what little we have.
    Shut up and go do something. Stop take bribe.

  6. He is in Antigua because he does not like Communism and the life in China.
    If he was a spy, he would be speaking good English and would not need an interpreter
    at the court and the Embassy would have immediately bailed him out.

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