Alex Browne reminds the authorities that beach access is a legal right and no blockage of Spencer’s Beach will be tolerated


Alex Browne, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. Phillip’s North, is concerned about free access to beaches in the area.

This issue of beach access has always been a troubling one, with many residents lodging complaints that investors are not permitting them to use the beaches.

Browne spoke of a situation that has been occurring at Spencer’s Beach, in Willikies, where someone is erecting what he says might be a gate at the entrance point to the beach –located at the back of Sir Robin Yearwood’s property.

The UPP Candidate says that members of the constituency use the beach, an area termed the “Peninsula,” for recreation and to ply their trade.

Browne says that private developers had purchased lands in that area, but he is not sure if the structure being erected is being put up by those investors.

He is, however, sending a warning that if constituents are unable to have access to the beach action will be taken.

Browne says that there has been no word from the parliamentary representative, Sir Robin, about what is going to take place in the area.

He reminds residents that all beaches in Antigua and Barbuda are public, and the law provides that persons should always have access to them.

Browne is calling on the Government and the relevant authorities to allow persons free access, since the people should not have to endure this type of harassment in their own country.

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  1. Barbados already have big legal issues with beach access, Antigua 🇦🇬 need to nip this possible problem in the bud immediately.


  2. Yes ALL beaches = public access thanks to VC Bird.

    @Alex. Are you an EXCESSIVE rum Drinker? 🤔 Where is your wife?

        • If YOU truly are concerned with RESPECT then you will respect ALL people right to go to the beaches of Antigua.

          Rough talk isn’t as serious as denial of human rights. Continue BLACK MAN slapping the stupid out of people until they wake up!

        • @ Ingram:Respect,begins with self. If you do not respect yourself. Chances are you would not respect others. You Gastonites have not one ounce of respect for self and or others.

  3. @Smh

    Alex stop drinking. Get rid of that rum face. How would you raise your money for your deposit on NOMINATION DAY ? Let the lender knows that your deposit will never returned.

  4. Rum drinkers can be rehabilitated, serial thieves can’not. This is the kind of nonsense we need to put an end to. When issues material to our livelihoods are raised a very stupid comment is thrown in to divert from the it and people keep biting the bait. My vote will be for the “rum drinker” who is soberly concerned about my rights than you Mr Smh !obvious! politician.

    We want access to our beaches, all over and ALL THE TIME! that is final.

    • “Being addicted to alcohol, sometimes called being an alcoholic, means that you have a physical dependency on alcohol.”

      -Alcohol abuse is the 4th leading cause of preventable death throughout the world

      -Alcohol and domestic abuse are frequently paired. However, while alcohol is often involved in intimate partner violence it is never the sole reason.

      -People with alcohol use disorders drink to excess, endangering both themselves and others.

  5. The entire “beach access” must be revisited in terms of a ingress, egress and PUBLIC PARKING!
    This will require the use the use of eminent domain by the Government.
    These are the #FIGHTS, that DNA must be on the forefront on if the PEOPLE are going to trust their abilities to manage and protect their interests.

    Where is DCA?

  6. Since when Spencer “BAY” is a beach. Hmmm Alex you teaching me something. I drove by there on my way to Jace’s burial site and I didn’t see what your describing. Some fisher folks used to moor there boats there, where the sitting MP built a jetty for them, but had to stop because of theft due mainly because of the isolation of the area. As you well know they keep their boats east of Emerald cove. You all just get on platforms and chat shit for Politics. People still take there dogs and horses there to bathe and you know that. People never go to the bay for picnics and have decent Longbay beach so close. Get real Alex!

    • He is desperately grasping at straws like his drowning leader Harold loveLIE. Word on the street is that he allegedly sent his ailing wife to go live with his momma. if true, how can he want to take care of people while entrusting the care of his wife to someone else?

    • @SASSENACH…while “Spencer BAY,” may not be a beach because it’s not pristine and beautiful as the majority of beaches which dot our landscape, think ENGINEERING, then think about those man made beaches from the deserts in Africa to lakes and rivers which have being designed, engineered and built to become beaches.
      In the not to distant future, the UWI – Antigua Campus will be churning out professionals to take the Nation into the future. What will their challenges be? How will they assert themselves by utilizing their abilities and capabilities? Will they be exported to other Nations to build those Nations, or carry trays, doing laundry, mixing rum punches, etc require a DO, MD, PhD, Masters?

      I would advice you to do some research on the Japanese International Airport. It was designed, engineered and constructed miles out into the sea.

      • DID I SAY SPENCER BAY CAN NOT BE TRANSFORMED IN THE FUTURE .. I RESPONDED TO WHAT WAS SAID IN THE ARTICLE ABOUT “but he is not sure if the structure being erected is being put up by those investors.” I SAID I DIDN’T SEE WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT..AND ALSO ” The UPP Candidate says that members of the constituency use the beach, an area termed the “Peninsula,” for recreation and to ply their trade. I DON’T KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE. SPENCER BAY CURRENTLY IS NO DAMN BEACH. SO DON’T RUN UP UNDER MY POST AS IF I NEED YOU TO EDIFY ME ON NO FURTURE DEVELOPMENT .

        • Next time ignore the Rass. He left Antigua donkey years ago and is OUT OF TOUCH with our reality. He doesn’t even know where Market Street is.

          Like his buddy Lovell, he lost he morning and desperately trying to regain his afternoon. Too late too late is his cry.

        • @SASSENACH…give Spencer Bay to the Chinese as payment on their loans and see what it becomes.
          Brownes Bay up until the 1990’s was in a similar state as Spencer Bay. Remind us, or #EDIFY us, as to who owns the Browne’s Bay Development today, making millions.


  7. The law needs to be more clear in its language and preventative measures need to be put in place to ensure that as soon as someone thinks they “own” a beach and can block access, DCA will take action. We’ve seen recently that they can take action against locals. Let’s see if they can do their jobs the same ways as ti pertains to rich investors. Properties like Pearns Point are a prime example where properties are built with the false idea that they property owners have private beaches because of the proximity of their houses to the waterfront. As a consequence locals who have been using those beaches forever are forced out of the area. You used to be able to drive or walk to the beach, but now there is a security gate where someone will ask you where you are going as if you really owe an explanation to anyone when going to the beach.

  8. Jonathan Joseph already told us who to vote for! “VOTE ABLP” You did it 8 years ago and you must do it again!!!

    Thank you comrade JJ.


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