Alex Browne believes Yearwood should refuse Deputy Speaker role


Senator Alex Browne says he will be using his new role to champion the cause of St. Phillip’s North on a much larger scale and to bring their concerns before the Parliament.

Browne was among the four persons appointed to the Upper House by the United Progressive Party (UPP) on Tuesday, January 24.

This is his first stint as a senator, having been a candidate for the Party in last week’s General Elections – in which he came very close to unseating the Antigua Labour Party incumbent, Sir Robin Yearwood.

Browne is hoping that his inclusion in the Senate will bring about a better St. Phillip’s North, which – despite having been faithful to the Labour Party for over 47 years under Yearwood’s stewardship– has been neglected.

According to the new senator, he will have to be a fast learner to ensure that he represents his people to the best of his ability.

Meanwhile, Browne says he is humbled by his appointment and by the confidence that Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle has demonstrated in him; and he is pledging not to let down the UPP or the people of St. Phillip’s North.

Meanwhile, Senator Browne is addressing rumours that Sir Robin is unhappy with his appointment as deputy speaker of the House of Representatives.

Last week, Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced that Sir Robin, a senior minister, would be appointed to that position, since he is transitioning, and this would be his last time serving in the Lower House.

However, in the past few days, claims have surfaced that Yearwood, having served almost five decades as an MP, is dissatisfied with his appointment, because – as the deputy speaker – he cannot hold a ministerial portfolio.

Senator Browne, who congratulated his opponent on his victory at the polls, says he agrees with Sir Robin not to accept the position.

On another note, Senator Browne says that jobs were promised to Sir Robin’s supporters in St. Phillip’s North; however, it now appears that he might not be able to deliver.

Accordingly, Browne says the people of the constituency are not happy with Yearwood’s appointment either.

In the meantime, a photograph now in circulation shows Sir Robin seated in the Cabinet Room during the sitting of Wednesday, January 25.

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  1. It was Sir Robin who gave YOU a job in hospitality to begin with.
    You can barely talk and read. Pick you pick up corn. Who you really think foolish enough to put you to represent them?? don’t let the last election get to your head!

  2. Can Mr Pringle correctly prounce the word A-L-E-X?

    I would suggest that Mr Pringle take oratorical classes. As the leader of the opposition, he is expected to speak on many occasions and on many topics.
    When he asked to speak, he will be representing the people. The connotation by outsiders will be “Antiguan are uneducated”. Please help him.

    • @ Sad But True

      I can help you pay your mortgage or house rent SO THAT YOU COULD MOVE OUT OF PRINGLES HEAD RENT FREE. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @Sad But True: Gaston Browne,the brightest one in Antigua. He could not pronounce the word Protocol. He did say follow the PRADACALS. Then in Parliament,he could not pronounced a word. One of his Parliamentary colleagues had to help him out.

  3. “believes”????

    Ask the family of his deceased wife what they “KNOW” (not believe) about Alex Browne.

    • I would rather be honest and upright and as the good book says, a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.

      You cannot take land (like lanny bozo) and riches to the grave. The only thing that you can take over yonder is a good character, which ALL ABLP POLITICIANS, SUPPORTERS AND MINIONS LACK.

  4. Mr. Browne, you are already flying past your nest. I would like know who gives you authority to instruct Mr. Yearwood not to accept the Deputy chair position. Your house (upp) need cleaning up. I would also suggest that you advocate for such, and stay out of Labour Party’s affairs. Don’t forget we are looking for proper representation in the senate from you & your colleagues so I hope you are ready.

  5. Two blue-birds have lift-and-drop Sir Robin and throw he a grung (lol).

    Robin boy you sarl sarl sarl.

  6. With a vastly reduced pool to select from, one of 8 Member’s of Parliament had to accept the appointment of Deputy Speaker. In all honestly, it would most likely have been MP Molwyn Joseph, MP Robin Yearwood, MP Cutie Benjamin or MP Maria Browne. One can argue that the logical choice should have been MP Maria Browne as this would have given her more time to attend to her children and other family matters. It is generally believed that her ministry’s assignment was in fact an extension of the Prime Ministry’s Ministry. No doubt Sir Robin’s age and length of service was a factor in him being finally selected. The portion of this story that talks about him being “transitioning” is unfortunately the wrong use of a good word.

  7. So you said Robin had done nothing for the constituency when campaigning yet now you are saying he should not accept what they have gave him. Lord ah you dangerous round yah see.

  8. The 🐍 🐍 and the killer BOYCOTT PRINGLE SWEARING IN CEREMONY at Government House.

    They planning real good for that likkle black boy fu Jeanie who said that the plural of mask is “MASKIS”

    • it was


      they plotting to overthrow Pringle

    • @ CAN’T READ, REASON or SPEAK properly

      I can help you pay your mortgage or house rent SO THAT YOU COULD MOVE OUT OF PRINGLES HEAD RENT FREE. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. For a man that for so much words over the last five years leading up to the election you all people really have some nerves wanting him to get a ministry or is it that you all just hate Gaston?

    • Best comment on this!!!!!! They all had the world to say about Sir Robin but now all of a sudden they turn team Sir Robin the hate for Gaston Browne is strong on here!!!!!

  10. So you think Sir Robin would be a better fit for Gender Affairs?? After all he NEVER MOLEST, RAPE or SHOOT any young gyal

  11. Ten million dollars paid out by one individual to political pros*****es just to get back at one man is pure foolishness and desperation dat‼️But, God nah sleep… He nah wear pajamas! Labour win again and the same man made history being the only PM to win three consecutive elections. Tell dem tek dat!

  12. They want labour to feel bad about losing seats 🤣🤣🤣 no man not gonna work ! The pain in y’all behinds is still prime minister !! Y’all begging seats to make govt .. we are not the same 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Alex file will be pulled!

  13. Well Alex, I ‘believe’ that you should just ‘shut up’ and keep out of Sir Robin Yearwood’s business!

    Advising the senior, experienced, DULY ELECTED parliamentary representative, does not fall under your responsibilities as an APPOINTED SENATOR!

    Further, I ‘believe’ that you ought to focus on YOUR ROLE, so that you can effectively perform with this appointment: being a Senator is not the same as ‘running your mouth in the snake 🐍 pit’.
    It requires studious application, capable research and preparation, proper elucidation and enunciation. You cannot simply get up and read from paper, especially if you don’t write your own paper. We’ve all witnessed how those situations turn out, with people stumbling over simple words, or encouraging their supporters to vote for their opponents – embarrassing really!
    You better get off of your high horse, and maybe ask your good colleague, your fellow villager, Senator Shawn Nicholas for some real help – you are going to need it!

    Old people does say, “TO BE FORE-WARNED IS TO BE FORE-ARMED”. And if you used to pay attention in school, I understand Ruth Limerick used to say it too.
    Don’t let this thing get to your head, man! Focus!

  14. The people have spoken as to who we want to represent us in Parliament. Let us now settle ourselves and allow our Parliamentary leaders to proceed with Governing our country. There will be ample room for suggestions, criticisms, unity and confusion. It’s called democracy. The ABLP is the ruling party and Government and the other parties will try to unseat them of course. The one thing I know it is not going to be easy especially with their talent and ability to get things done. Good luck my peoples. We are in for a fantastic ride.

  15. And now the UPP is concerned about what portfolio Robin Yearwood holds. Since when is that something in their interest? Worst opposition from day one.

  16. Stiff competition between Alex Browne and DEAD DARG PRINGLE fu see who can pick-up-corn 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

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