Alara of Epe makes historic visit to Antigua and Barbuda

Prime Minister Brown (left) with Alara of Epe, during the visit to Antigua and Barbuda.
The Guardian – When the Alara of Epeland, Oba (Dr.) Olufolarin Kayode Ogunsanwo, accompanied by his retinue of palace officials and dignitaries, visited Antigua and Barbuda, history was made.

It was an auspicious moment for the traditional ruler and his team, who were received by the Prime Minister of the island, Gaston Browne.

The visit afforded Alara the opportunity to explore the richness of the Caribbean island and how his kingdom can use the new vista now on the horizon, to export its art, culture, heritage and gastronomic offerings among others for the mutual benefit of his kingdom and the island.

What makes the visit most significant, is the fact that it is the beginning of a long envisaged partnership as Alara will in the coming days on a regular basis visit the island in furtherance of the dream of establishing cultural and economic link between his kingdom and the island.

This project is spearheaded by renowned Nigerian and African leading tourism developer and investor extra-ordinary, Otunba Wanle Akinboboye, the founder and President of La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort and Motherland Beckons among other entities.

Through Motherland Beckons, Akinboboye is presently making historic efforts at creating the first ever Africa Tourism Free Trade Zone in the island.

The first phase of the project which is meant to make the island the sixth region of Africa, as it will be a playground for Africans and the world to interact and savour the best of Africa’s art, culture, heritage, music, dance, fashion and lifestyle among others, has since begun with the construction of the first in the series of resorts that would dot the tourism free trade zone in progress.

For many, it is the dawn of a new cultural alliance between Africa and the Caribbean. Antigua and Barbuda is expected as part of the new vision to play host to African monarchs.

The vision of Akinboboye for the African Tourism Free Trade Zone, is among others, geared at creating a return for people of African descent which is why it is tagged “Return to Motherland”.

Remarking, Akinboboye said: “We believe that the movement should begin from where it started from, the monarch. It is in this regard that African royalties will form a major part of this Return to Motherland movement on cruise ships and luxury airliners.

This is because the monarchs’ visits will be weaved around cultural, economic and educational prospects to help with the growth of the continent of Africa.

It was through the partnership of some African monarchs that Africans were traded off and shipped to the island during the slave trade era.

Therefore, it is only natural and fitting that through the same monarchs, the ‘Return to Motherland’ is effected as the monarchs are in a better position to explore and promote this new move given the permanence of their thrones.”

Antigua and Barbuda, according to Akinboboye, serve as the neck in this new nexus, noting that, “Africa is a body without a neck.”

The heads (Africans) in the continent and the diaspora don’t have a neck to connect them to the body. But now, Antigua and Barbuda, which was the middle passage, will be the neck and connecting link to connect Africans from within the continent and those in the Diaspora to the Motherland (Caribbean), where a new marriage is proclaimed.”

Akinboboye continued: “The monarchs will be part of the centrifugal element that would make this happen and when it does happen, there will be business opportunities in all spheres to explore because what has been missing before now is that connection, which Antigua and Barbuda now offers.

“One of the signature activities that would herald this new move is Ipada Carnival (The Return), an annual pilgrimage of people of African descent to the motherland. It would feature among others live music from 54 African countries, cuisine and fashion from the six regions of Africa and six Caribbean countries, Nefratiti – the Queen of Africa beauty pageant, Ose award – an award to appreciate one African that has made an impact in the world and Africa.

In the coming days, you will be spoilt for choice when you visit Antigua and Barbuda, as you would have the opportunity of exploring endless options in tourism and business. It is this yearning gap that the Alara of Epe is hoping to latch on to promote his kingdom and fuse with the Caribbean.”

Ogunsanwo is the 55th Alara of Ilara, Epe Division and the Vice Chairman of the Lagos State Council of Obas.

With a three years stint now on the throne of his ancestors, Ogunsanwo is committed to improving the lot of his people and kingdom, hence his fascination with the beautiful and alluring island.







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  1. Gaston Clown should move to Africa instead of trying to convert Antigua to Africa. More BS again!
    Give him his Risperdal pleaseeeee!

  2. When did this happen? Now or with Air Peace? How come nobody know about this visit. When British royalty visit everyone knows before they come, all the news when here, and warm remembrances after they gone. Hmmmm

  3. The Alara of Where will do What?

    This report is not local, and I find it very instructive that we, here in the independent Nation of Antigua and Barbuda, have heard nothing of this kind from the Administration — almost two weeks after this “historic,” apparently secret, meeting, which, we assume, was THE investment summit with Nigerian investors.

    I can only hope that this one-sided story is just that — a story. Because there has been not even a HINT of any decision that would make our sovereign country “the sixth region of Africa” — which would certainly require wide and long consultations with ALL the people and, at least, a referendum for the necessary amendments to our Constitution.

    On the other hand, the recent attempt by Barbuda MP Trevor Walker to have the Oath of Allegiance changed — from elected representatives pledging loyalty to the British monarch and his heirs and successors to pledging loyalty to the Nation and People of Antigua and Barbuda — was shot down. Why? Because, the government side said, we are not ready for that yet….

    So, if we are not ready to cut the apron string to the UK, how could we even consider tying strings to yet another apron — kente fabric notwithstanding?

    How, with Barbudans and even Antiguans under threat of having their lands appropriated by “the Crown,” can any right-thinking person NOT be alarmed by the implications of the plans the Alara has for us?

    How, with local artistes bawling murder about being sidelined in their own national festival, are we not to feel more than insecure about another dominant culture being introduced into our tourism product?

    With taxi drivers at the airport already being tuk-tukked out of business, is this article not cause for panic?

    Somebody needs to tell us about this new brand of neocolonialism, please. And quickly!

  4. Without a vision the people perish.
    Thank God for out visionary leader.
    The Honorable Prime Minister Gaston Alphonso Browne.
    God Bless our Prime Minister

    • … and prayer without actions to remove a self-enriched Prime Minister is useless.

      God doesn’t bless evil men or their actions to starve his people. Never!!!

  5. This man you’ll called “Priminister” really have you’ll like some real pappyshow’s. Smdh and lmao 🤣 at the same time.

    The man doesn’t even have the decency to inform his cabinet much less his voters about the people’s affairs. Are you not doing this for your voters and the good of Antiguans, so why not inform them Mr Priminister?

    This man is as nefarious as they come.. 🤣😂.

    Kings and lords came to our island, and no one even knew about it, and then they had their secret meeting out at jolly beach with Gaston Browne and a few of his scamps?

    More evidence of this mans sleezy corrupt ways. 😂.

    You know why people get mad at these Nigerians?

    We get mad at anyone that rip us off, even the likes of the Chinese and the Arabs who are running Antigua,we expect these people to do these dirty deeds because we know they do not like us, but when you are ripped off by your own color, that’s when it really hurts, and these Nigerians do not give a damn about color when it comes to their racketeering, in fact they seek out vulnerable blacks because they know that we will be gullible enough to trust them because we have the same skin.

    That’s how deadly these people are. They are like sneaks and are as devious as the devil himself, and these are the people GB are going into bed with.

    Seriously you’ll better wake up, cause I’m shouting it from the rooftop that this Man is corrupt as they come, and is only out to fill his pockets.

    I wouldn’t be surprised one bit that after his tenure he moves to Nigeria with his millions and marry as much wives as possible and live like the corrupt kings and lords he entertain in secret.

    SMDH.. The clown game continues 😭.

  6. Firstly Gaston would not survive a week in Nigeria because they would kidnapped him and put a ransom on his head.

    This new venture is staged by Gaston and Co starred with his “tight friend” Olabanjo. The so-called Alara was invension of Gaston and Olabanjo. No Oba or Alara would leave his “Kingdom” to meet Gaston, that would never happen, that is just utter and complete nonsense!

    Nigerian 419 operators are skilled with creating disguises and sufficiently cunning to exploit their vulnerable nieve victims, in this case the people of Antigua and Barbuda who are not knowledgeable of Nigerians craftiness.

    An example of their crooked and deceiving behaviour is dramatised in the following video. A group of Nigerians devised a scheme to sell Nigeria’s ‘National Stadium’ to an European business man;you will see one of the actor’s dressed fully in an Oba’s regalia, they wine and dined the business man showed him the contract etc…The transaction was finally signed and agreed the fraudsters disappeared and the business man was left with his head in his hand. The actor mocked the BM by signing we “chopped your dollar” meaning we ate your money ohimbo man , meaning white man , mugo meaning foolie:

    The clip is entertaining, but it’s factual, they did the same to an American business man who thought he had purchased Nigeria’s oil refinery only to discovered that he was duped on a monumental level.

    I am struggling to understand whether Gaston is targeted to be their ultimate victim, or has Gaston sold us out as a nation to be their victims.

    Inevitably it will come to light because Nigerians tends to be clumsy when executing their scheme.

    I can only repeat to all Antiguans and Barbudans stay far from those Nigerians because it will be “who can’t hear will feel”. You have been warned, have nothing whatsoever to do with them!!!

  7. How many more Nancy stories must we endure? The ground faking has run its course, now we’re into African ancestry and fantasy. Gaston Browne is stale and out of ideas. It’s time for him to go. All talk and no action. Every week it’s something new.

  8. It would serve us all well if we pay attention. The Alara of Epe’s unannounced visit was noble in intent and cannot be underestimated. Here’s the point: The Alara came to our shores at the invitation of our ‘Marvelous’ Leader to apologize for the abominable part his ancestors played in the slave trade (Reparationists, please note). Things became so emotional that both he and our very own ‘Marvelous’ Leader broke down in tears and had to be revived with lashings of Alcolado. Keep in mind that pharmaceuticals and air bridges were discussed after their revival but as in matters of state, the public will be be the last to know what transpired between the two parties behind closed doors. Like the Nigerians who alleged they paid an Ambassador, no less, sums of money to facilitate their stay here and have since been given the brush-off back to Nigeria, silence is golden, so please ask no more questions on this topic because you will not get an answer from you-know-who. Now be good boys and girls and wonder at the vision of ‘Marvelous’, er, Mike or is it The Creative Enricher? No idea.

  9. You will always hear local black Antiguans and Barbudans talk about our culture our heritage, yet when you now introduce them with their culture and heritage, they resent it. Are they afraid or ashamed of their own culture and heritage? I don’t know of any other race that is ashamed of their own heritage. In fact, Bob Marley says if you do not know your history then you don’t know where you’re going. What is a tree without its roots? We have been making many songs about Mama Africa. But now Africa is coming to us we reject her. We reject those that look like us but embrace those that don’t. Like the Europeans, the Lebanese, the Syrians, the Chinese and even the Indians from India. What curse is it that we have brought upon ourselves. Is it that which has caused us to be enslaved for hundreds of years? Cry blood Africa cry blood.

    • You cannot be serious. Who is rejecting who? Stop blaming people for questioning the underhand and secretive manner in which the Alara came and went from our shores without a peep from our ‘ Marvelous ‘ Leader to the inhabitants of this country. What was there to hide, why the secrecy? Cast your mind back to the ‘ wealthy’ tourists from Cameroon who arrived here under cover of darkness and were welcomed by top ministers of government and greeted with water cannon. You know what those so- called ‘ wealthy’ individuals turned out to be. Do not misunderstand me: I am not equating the Cameroonians, some say they were in fact Nigerians, in any shape or form with the Alara of EPE. Our ‘Marvelous’ Leader admitted Antigua and Barbuda was duped, made fools of, yet you are asking Antiguans to accept another undercover secret arrival from Nigeria without question, well no,no no. Government has left itself open to parody, to be poked fun at and they fully deserve it. Here we have a king from Nigeria not given a ceremonial welcome as befits roylaty of highest rank and you spout your usual clap-trap about Chinese, Lebanes etc.,. Tell me: would any of those nationalities treat a visiting king to their country so shabbily? It’s Africa this and Africa that yet when Africa comes you and your fellow travellers have not got the faintest idea how to treat them properly. You and that self enricher deserve each other. I wonder what the Alara thinks of you sorry bunch. Go get a life.

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