Airport Lands Restoration


Subject: Airport Lands Restoration

Antigua Government is at last making plans to implement the final plea in 2017 of the late PM Sir Lester Bryant Bird, to restore the airport lands sold to R. Allen Stanford in March 2003.
The strategic aviation peninsular built and operated by the US Air Station, in both aviation and marine military services, until their periodic withdrawal and final decommissioning in 2015, is also historic.
Being the first place on earth where data from Space hit earth, bouncing off to Patrick Air force Base in Florida.
Under the absolute authority of Stanford, Runway 10 became the location of of two businesses, one a land owner and the other on an un-executed ’promise of a lease’ fighting for its existence.
One went to jail in the US, his airport property paid to the other for various damages endured.

The Government is now showing maturity in restoring the airport’s footprint to that which is designated in the Civil Aviation Act, and, as was recommended by Sir Lester, whose letter is attached.

Will this action close the file on R .Allen Stanford?

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  1. And hopefully prevent airport lands ever being privately held ever again. Antigua is the only country with private land ownership in an international airport! An utterly uneducated aviation act!

  2. What is right will remain right, what was wrong will be made right. I must say Makeda was the one that was championing this very same cause. But Gaston Browne was not willing to agree with her asking price. If it were Lovell, she would have gotten what she wanted. Please note she sits on all these assets and is not earning a dime, because no one wants to do business with her. Now if Gaston Browne pays her according to the same valuation that the receivers did and gave her all that property, at a time while former employees were waiting to get paid their severance, and investors who have lost their monies could not get a dime, then you will hear how bad minded Gaston is, but no one questioned how it was possible for a property was valuated that low and if receivers are to safeguard the assets of the estate would they have not been more prudent with the assets of the estate. I have said this many times before in the past. Something stinks badly about this deal, and Ambassador Boustany, who was the real-estate agent to the receiver, has some explanation to do. And I would also like to hear from the QS how a property worth US$25million could be evaluated for less then EC$6million. Many former employees have not gotten their severance.

    • I was waiting for you to put your big useless input into the augment seeing you are just the small piece of toilet paper for GB’s bum.
      If you don’t know how things go learn and shut up. GB don’t need your meanness and greed he has enough of that. What you wanted from that woman is long past and now you could never get it up anyway!
      Lester, Baldwin and GB were lovers of Stanford and his money and property, and sought to put the woman off her property and the Privy Council said no! Then she sued for her damages of $20 Million and SDC settled with the hangar plus some land and the rest was bought by her.
      Bad mind and coveted property haunts you, GB and other plantation minded creatures that hate their own black people rising up.
      The woman should be given an award for holding the property for Antigua and fighting for it to be fully restored into the airport footprint instead of selling to the Chinese like GB wanted to do and is still considering.
      Some people just cannot win even when they are fighting for the country when Personal enrichment by leaders run the government!

  3. @sideline.
    But instead of your prime minister learn from the grave mistakes made in the pass, he’s hop stepping right into some of those same traps with these Nigerians he’s wrapped up comfortably in bed with!!!

    Give me a damn break, ” If this was Lovell” my arse.
    Well it is not Lovell in bed with these Nigerians, it’s your damn priminister, and he will continue to be dupped, because he’s too damn stubborn and self righteous like your pompous arse.

    How the hell they blind you so like a damn fool is beyond me.. real buffoon!

  4. Selling the lands was the right thing to do and buying the lands back at a higher value is also the 4ightyhing to do.

    You just cannot make up this high quality of stupidity…

    What ever the ABLP does they are always right, no?

    When the ABLP decides to lease the lands for 99 years to a former slave master ,the same people will say they are doing the right thing.

    I am predicting the airport lands will be leased.


    This matter came before the Board as an appeal from a decision of the Court of Appeal of Antigua and Barbuda (Alleyne CJ Ag, Gordon JA and Barrow JA Ag), affirming the award of the sum of US $200,000 to the appellant company FBO 2000 (Antigua) Ltd (“FBO”). The Court of Appeal held the Government liable for payment of that sum rather than the third-named respondent Stanford Development Company (“SDC”), as the trial judge Mitchell J had ruled. FBO had claimed specific performance of an agreement for a lease for a plot of land at the VC Bird International Airport in Antigua. Both the trial judge and the Court of Appeal rejected this claim, while ruling that FBO was entitled to compensation. In the appeal before the Board FBO renewed its claim for specific performance, while seeking to uphold its right to compensation in the alternative.

    I mean anyone can search for any court information these days if they want to know the truth.
    The giving away of the property to Makeda stinks. And as I said many former employees did not get their severance and investors that lost their monies are still waiting to get a penny paid. This happens while the estate had lots of assets in the billions of dollars.
    Some people think that they are macho when cursing and calling others they don’t even know all sorts of names. As if that bothers me. It just tells me the kind of low level individual I’m dealing with. Down from the gutter.

  6. And once you put the truth out there, it becomes very quiet. As if they just ran away. They cannot handle the truth. I hope you people understand why people like tenman and myself have to be here to keep them in check. And I have asked Gaston Browne to send his soldiers to help with the fight. All they do every change they get is to spread lies and try to deceive the people. And they hope it will stick eventually. And when the Labour Party wakes up and tries to correct this, it will be much too late, cause people have already made up their mind. Look how many people believed that a plane landed with $4billion in the belly of the plane. Such an outrageous lie. Yet many believed it. How many people believed that the FBI was coming to arrest Gaston Browne? And all those lies people believed, because no one came to debunk all these lies. This new era of fake news and lies is frightening. And with the new technology of AI it would be worst. Mark my words.

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