Airport janitors decry emotional abuse

VC Bird International airport

The airport janitorial staff are at their wits’ end with the treatment they say has been meted out to them at the hands of senior supervisory members of staff and management’s failure to adequately resolve the issue.

Speaking to Antigua News Room (ANR) about several instances where a senior member of the janitorial staff has been verbally abusive to junior employees, a cleaner said staff is tired of writing and complaining to management about the behaviour of this senior member of staff.

The worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the woman in question has been written to by management on many occasions, but her behaviour continues unabated.

Reports are that the senior staff refers to her subordinates by derogatory names and complains about their work being unacceptable.

A recent incident occurred last week Thursday in the early morning hours when she and a cleaner had a run in over the cleanliness of the bathroom facilities.

 ANR was told that the senior member of staff apparently disappointed with the cleaning job done in the bathroom splashed water all over the facility and demanded that it be cleaned again.

 After a reported exchange between her and the worker, she told the worker to leave the compound and later sought the assistance of the police and security to remove the woman, who went to the nurses quarters.

As it was after 2 am and the woman reportedly did not have a means to get home because the airport bus was not leaving until 4 am to pick up workers, the woman had to wait at the old terminal building until then.

The source told ANR that that cleaner was instructed not to return to work until Monday (today) when she would meet with management.

 We understand that meeting took place, but the cleaner was told to return tomorrow for a decision in the matter.

 Another incident which occurred last week involved that senior janitorial staff allegedly calling a cleaner a pig and a nasty b**** during a verbal exchange.

According to the source, the janitorial staff wrote to the minister responsible for the airport requesting a meeting in September, but he never replied.

“We need a meeting with the minister and all the matters that we have complained about to be resolved. We are tired of writing, and our union (Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union) has requested meetings with management to address our concerns, but those meetings have not come off.

“We are sick and tired of it, but we will write to the minister again. At times you get so frustrated with the treatment that you sometimes want to do something and pay the consequences later,” the source said.

She told ANR that because of the ill treatment, which has been taking place for some time, at least 15 workers have left the job out of frustration.

Airport officials could not be reached for a comment.

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  1. These kinds of situations IRK me to the core!!!! Who da heck that heffa think she talking to in such a CONDESCENDING & INHUMANE manner??? I am sure that the Human Society treats stray animals wayyyy better than how these employees are being treated by the biotch. Clearly she herself needs treatment from a professional. But worse than the biotch is MANAGEMENT. “The upholder is worse than the teef” Is she “flinging up pum-pum” to some top dog at the airport?? How can she be ALLOWED to get away with such CRUEL & INEPT behaviour??? She does NOT recognize the VALUE that the cleaners bring to the table. Their job is crucial to the overall running of the airport. Somebody needs to do something quick, fast, and in a hurry!!! I hope ANR will do a follow-up story. Please ANR, the employees need you to be their voice (since mgmt appears to have been bamboozled by the biotch)

    • Are you aware of all the fact relating to the above situation so as to come to auch a conclusion that the management and supervisor is wrong? Who says the cleaner is not exaggerating? One needs to know both sides before coning to a conclusion!!

      • Commented on the article s it stands. It is the job of journalist to give the public the full story. When the airport officials can be reached for comment, I’m sure ANR will publish their side for the public to comment on. But as the story currently stands in th article above, the so-called supervisor sounds like a scathing, evil, heartless biotch who uses “bullying tactics” to make herself feel superior. Glad I don’t have to see the rear-end of that heffa!!

  2. The entire airport staffing needs to be restructured starting from the top head management down to the janitor. Else that new terminal infrastructute and sanitation will be same as the old terminal in no time.

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