Airbnb hosts may NOT decline a booking based on national origin

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Race, Color, Ethnicity, National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, or Marital Status

Airbnb hosts may not:

Decline a booking based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.

Impose any different terms or conditions based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.

Post any listing or make any statement that discourages or indicates a preference for or against any guest on account of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.



White woman facing backlash after refusing to rent to locals in Antigua

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  1. Really stirring the pot here and creating a story where no story exists. You’re trying to present this woman as racist, when in fact she didn’t say anything racist at all. Her position is that she doesn’t want to rent to people who live in Antigua because in her experience, those people just want to use the house for party purposes and its not a party rental. She is basing her selection on proximity not race. And she has a point…there are lots of rentals in Antigua (and across the globe) that have been abused in this way. Many rentals have a minimum age requirement for this exact reason. What she should do to protect her property is have a very thorough lease agreement with no parties permitted, a maximum number of people permitted on the property, and a hefty security deposit. People will think twice about throwing parties if they know they are at risk of losing security deposit.

    • Man, hi five
      I was just about to say “get over it “
      I was about to write there are so many airbnbs and btw there is airbnblux as well. I think it’s the owner who is losing
      So why make a mountain out of a turtlebay property. Is it because it’s on a steep hillside?
      There are sooooooo many new nice comfortable properties out there. And there are soooo many other booking sites


      • Hey Chups, I hope you aren’t trying to say that whites are the only people who are racist !
        There are PLENTY of blacks who are racist too…. as well as others.

        Racism has to more do with a low level of education, little life experience and a serous lack of empathy for your fellow human beings. It represents a person who is of low spiritual vibration.

        We are ALL Gods children.

    • Baby, the population is Antigua is about 95% BLACK. So if she basing her preference off “proximity” then she is a racist. Be blessed. People try to come to a country where Black people are the majority and then try to exclude us out the market or act like we don’t exist. Don’t love the culture but not the people. The woman was wrong and she need to go somewhere else to do business.

    • This remind me when I was trying to go back home in 2020, I was trying to book a spot with this certain white lady, while texting back and forth with her,I notice she is coming up with every kind of excuse for me to back out of booking her place. Her comments were not about her place,but every other thing wrong that could be going on with the island, at first I thought she was giving me a heads up,but then I notice, nah,this is clearly an attempt to persuade me out of renting her place, because she doesn’t want me there (I’m black of course). Yes you have to be smart around these people. I never booked her place by the way,went some place else.

  2. Well I’m white and far from rich. This landlord refused to rent the place to me as well in the past. I think this is less about race and more about simple bad mindedness.

    • That’s what I would expect you to say whitey. Y’all never want to admit that y’all racist. But always ready to jump to defend one another’s racism with some lame excuse . Mek Dem Uncomfortable inna ANU…….#troglodyte

      • This is a racist comment. Who is the one that is racist now?
        In fact the whole characterization of this matter as racist betrays the fixation of the complainants on race – making them racists.

        • The difference is, I’m not trying to hide my racism like you…LMFAO!…Yes I can stand you m-fers.

        • The difference is, I’m not trying to hide my “racism” like you and yours do. LMFAO! Yes, I can’t stand you m-fers. Y’all are a race of people that can’t live in peace with no one. Y’all want to take over everywhere and everything. Y’all feel you’re more entitled to the universe. Y’all history of carnage in Africa gives me every right to be a racist against y’all. I take no prisoners.

      • @ Mek Dem, this is why my mother warned me about these duplicitous people when I was growing up as a young boy.

        She told me to be very wary of them, and be vigilant around them, and also to take everything they told me with a “pinch of salt”🧂

        Mama also informed me that a people that can put dogs before the welfare of humanity and mankind, are an ABSOLUTELY and awful RABBLEMENT.

        But the best piece of advice she ever gave me was to do the opposite of whatever white people told me to do.


  3. We are such a copy cat set of people, every time black people don’t get what they want in America they pull out the race card, the woman clearly stated why she don’t rent to locals are you saying that only black people are locals? The more established rental car services has this very same policy are they also racist?

    • I guess there’s no racism in America, and blacks there have absolutely NO reason to call it out, ever? People like you are why they can come to a black island and discriminate. Just In case you didn’t know, you’re just a nigga too… in their eye.

      • Mek Dem Uncomfortable inna ANU It’s so funny America is so racist and minorities from all corners of the world killing themselves to go to the racist country?

        • Minorities will go where they can make more money that doesn’t mean that racism doesn’t exist in America. Who feels it’s knows it – Black Americans knows that there is entrenched institutional racism that still exists in America. Maybe, you should look up Tim Wise and listen to some of what he has to say on the subject. Willful ignorance is going to be the death of us.

  4. So this dutty prune was trying this on AirBnB?Wh, you could have set your ground rules instead of generalizing how the young man would behave based on his nationality… and race. I doubt if a white man based in ANU reached out to her she would say, “Your address is in Antigua so do not understand why you would want to stay at my place.” Tek yuh dutty self offa AirBnB if you wanna be so choosy about who stays in your place and how about only putting out towels that you’re okay with being used? I hope AirBnB bans you from their platform.

  5. The difference is, I’m not trying to hide my racism like you…LMFAO!…Yes I can stand you m-fers.

  6. Mek Dem Uncomfortable inna ANU, you said entrenched institutional racism? It’s time we stop repeating things that we can’t defend, I am 100% sure if I ask you to be specific about this institutional racism you can’t even give me one

    • Criminal Justice, Education, Housing, Employment,
      Wealth and Income, Health Care, there’s a few for you. I think I struck a nerve in you.
      You’re coming across like a Cracka. You’re definitely not an Antigan or black. Be gone Neanderthal !

  7. Did you see where I asked you to be specific, Dr Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement were very successful in defeating racism in the USA please don’t diminish there sacrifice

    • LMAO! MLK defeated racism in America? So why was did the government in Philly drop a bomb on its own citizens the black liberation movement MOVE in 1985? (The only country that ever bombed it’s own citizens) Killing 11 people five of which were children? And why did they allow the house to burn to the point of catching a total of 61 other houses refusing to allow fire trucks in? You crackas always want to use MLK because he preached non violence but y’all killed him too. You keep MLK, I live by Malcolm philosophy “by any means necessary.” Now I’m done with you.

  8. You had to go back to 1985, WOW. You was the Mayor in charge of the very same police in Philly and what is his race. What race was David Koresh and how many persons died in that disaster including children?

    • I went back to 1985 because you claimed MLK defeated racism – but he was killed in 1968 therefore, since then there should not have been any racism. There is always some Sambo, ass kissers that crackas will select to office because they know they don’t stand for anything other that to push forward the white man’s agenda. And that’s what mayor Good was, who by the way, apologize 35 years latervabout the Move murders and claimed he wasn’t involved in the decision of the bombing. I do believe he’s telling the truth that he wasn’t involved in that decision.

    • BTW, since you want a more recent example of Americas racism then theres GEORGE FLOYD – And the mass shooter in upstate NY just the other day. As long as you people are alive racism will never end – its in y’all’s DNA. I’ve entertained you long enough.

  9. Heap a local people don’t care and love mash up people property. The owner didn’t say she nar rent to nearga, she said she nar rent to locals.

    I wouldn’t rent to locals either cuz the marjority a dem nuh care bout shit and me black as dem come. Antigua nearga too damn wutless.

    I agree wid de woman. She a protect she sudden dem.

    • #she right. I’m not Antigan, but there are indeed a few consumer rights violations here,infact she also violated a few of Airbnb code of conduct by her discriminant behavior. As much as you might feel this way about her right to protect her property, the consumer rights take precedent here,otherwise do not enter into business,simple.

  10. You are jumping all over the place you said there is entrenched institutional racism, I pointed out to you that yes there was but MLK and the Movement along with others defeated it since the 1960s, you tried to prove your case by making reference to 1985 Philly unfortunate mishandling by the authorities, I pointed out to you that a Blackman was in charged of the institutional racism of which you spoke of, I noticed that you had nothing to say about the unfortunate mishandling by the authorities in the David Koresh Incident where many more persons died including children, now you shift and mention recent incidents perpetuated by individuals one by a police who was convicted for wrongfully killing Crackhead George Floyd who if he had only stayed in the police car would not have died like he did and the actions on a crazy man in upstate New York, these two examples you used cannot be institutional and yes there are persons who are racist yes on both sides but as far as institutional no you have not prooven your point.

    • Funny how that crazy white mass murderer wearing a face mask was not shot dead by police, but Elijah Mc Clain walking home from the store wearing a face mask ends up being killed by police. Black children are 3x more likely to be suspended or expelled from school that white children there’s and example for you.

  11. Jumbee_Picknee say…

    Marning! Marning! Marning!

    …when, one sees from the HEART,
    …it, illuminates the #prejudices from the start!

    Many of what are termed #Racism are for the most part based upon preconceived notions which comes with HUEmanity’s existence.

    In Antigua RACISM is based more so upon CLASSISM & CULTURE rather, than the HUE’S, of the people which occupy, or have occupied the Nation.
    The word which is driving this reasoning/debate is #LOCAL. Not black, white, pink, purple, red people, LOCAL PEOPLE!
    The proprietor handled this business transaction poorly. Yes, she fucking did, and I’d be pissed at her for PREJUDGING ME.

    In today’s world, many of Us who profess to be against RACISM, actually commit more acts which are more detrimental to society, than the act of racism itself.

    Picking, the beam from my own eyes, to include my #Third_Eye, as one who have being touting, practicing and reasoning the Pan African, Rastafari philosophy’s and principles, I find that, I too will show and practice certain forms of PREJUDICES based upon my ignorance due to indoctrinations(habits and norms), of what I was immersed in. What has created a balance for I, is to see each moment in Time with my heart, and not my eyes.

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee Picknee!

    Now, can we as Antiguans, Barbudans and REDONDANS address the huge RED ELEPHANT in Our Culture and society, and this is LOCAL CLASSISM…

  12. Wait ah di woman house
    If mi nah feel fu rent mi sudden a fu mi um be
    Whether me black, white or navy blue, ah fu mei um be

    • Clown Indeed – Couldn’t have called yourself a better name. And you ain’t got nuffin, so stfu.

      • @reply to TC
        Wait, who send you?
        Because I have a different feeling bout the woman, you pan mi throat. You know me? How tf you can say what me hab?
        Well, whoever you be mek me tell you, right now right yah so, mi hab mi place and me nah really kay who come asking, mi nah rent unno circus people. Unno see people tings and hab pure badmind.
        Yes ah mi name clown from clown town and me can talk. ANR neva mek you JUDGE NOR JURY. So you can go stf up or go stf down

        • You Jamaican jackass you na hab nuffin, ah subben yuh ah look y yuh dey ah Antigua. Opinions are like assholes, every body has one – but yours STINK to high heaven. Goh wey yuh dutty Johncrow.

          • How does the clown above in town know that clown town is jamaican? Now we know who is really classist-racist-xenophobic. On a good weekend night why is this j’can hater stuck trolling this old and overblown writeup?
            When all of us lineup for usa and canadian visas, sometimes the jamaicans get theirs and antiguans dont, cause what: they are more educated or they actually have some financial worth. Some like Shaggy have doctorates from the IV league schools. Also many are much prettier (in looks and in behaviour). See the many Ms. Universe winners (because of the various blends of ethicities) that come from Jamaica.
            So there, look in the mirror. Please dont come attacking me either (cause as soon as I hit enter, I will not ever be returning to this page). I have a life, you need to get one too.

  13. @ Ms congeniality, since you begged “PLEASE don’t come attack me,” I’ll go easy on you. First, you should learn the difference between racist and prejudice — When two people from the SAME RACE are arguing, neither one of them can be racist against the other. Second, you’re assuming that I don’t know the idiot that’s calling themself Clown Town. Third, the comparison you made about Jamaicans being more educated than Antiguans is ridiculous. Jamaica established the UWI in 1948 – when did Antigua get a campus? And right now, many Jamaicans a receiving scholarships from Antigua to attend schools in Jamaica.
    Antiguan, Cleon Ahtill, has a doctorate degree that she EARNED; Shaggy was GIVEN an honourary doctorate – do you understand the difference?
    Jamaicans are also better killers, thieves, gangsters thugs, con artists and a laundry list of other perjoratives I wont mention – so there’s that.
    You must be one of the DUMB Jamaicans, or a less educated Antiguan; but patently, you’re quite SUPERFICIAL.
    Next time, try not to run and hide – grow a spine! And for the record, I’m 🇯🇲can from Franklin Town – schooled at Camperdown

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