Air Peace to Bring Nigerian Business Delegation and Cultural Groups to Antigua



Air Peace, a Nigerian air carrier, has chosen Antigua as its destination for a business symposium and participation in the Carnival festivities.

The airline will fly a group of 50 businesspersons and cultural groups to Antigua in August.

The Cabinet revealed that the decision to select Antigua was made after several Caribbean countries attempted to attract Air Peace.

The carrier’s CEO has become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda through the Citizenship by Investment Program.

Specific measures will be implemented to avoid any visa and immigration issues that occurred previously, ensuring a smooth experience for the passengers.









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  1. I guesss they are coming to join the โ€˜ wealthy touristโ€™ that the prime ( CRIME) Minister brought and left hereโ€ฆ. And he is so quiet about it like it never happened โ€ฆ leaving St kitts to now have those that survived after leaving HIS COUNTRY ANTIGUA!!!! Where HE WENT AND GOT THEM LOLTO BRING THEM TO ANTIGUA UNDER FALSE PRETENSESโ€ฆ. Now โ€˜air peaceโ€ is bringing businessmen and cultural ambassadors โ€ฆ smh

    Antigua is a JOKE any other country would be protesting for days demanding answers from the first debacle never mind mention of Africans coming AGAIN !!!!!

    Antiguans are the first to post upon social media about whatโ€™s going on in AMERICA and post about US politics and Trump and โ€˜Justice for so & so but NEVER protest or openly express their beliefs about right and wrong in their OWN country.

    Bunch of cowards

  2. Soooooo much business interest in Nigeria. Who can’t see that the Nigerians coming to Antigua wasn’t a mishap, but a plan, is blind. But because it blew up, the government tried to disassociate itself from it. Had it worked out otherwise, they’d be celebrating. I can still remember the big celebration when the first plane touched down. Open your eyes. I’m not a political person, I’m not affiliated with any of the political parties, but Gaston is taking us all on a ride and laughing because all evidence are right in front of us that he has a hand in this, yet we choose to believe his words. Power and money can be evil.

  3. Here we go again! I guess this is what u get when u have laborites running the country!!…. dunce elements!!

  4. The PM and his minions really think we are all stupid . Trying everything to cover up the disaster that happens with the first set of camaroonians . Please name the other Caribbean countries that were trying to attract Air peace . Lies,lies and more lies . Lol

  5. Who is paying for the Air Peace flight and for hotel accommodation for all these Nigerians? Or is this just another scam where illegal migrants who are charged huge sums for the transportation are labeled โ€œbusiness and cultural groupsโ€?

  6. Just give give a break…..what will they be adding to our Carnival…. y aren’t we working on Liat and inter caribean transport……bunch of loosers

  7. Oh bwoy, doesn’t this government ever learn?

    Look how dem stubborn so till, I wish they had the same stubbornness and diligence with crime and our economy. Useless set ah people dem!

    Antigua & Barbuda deserves so so much better …

  8. Honestly Some of you Antiguans are so racist that you forget you are all Africans, dont be deceived thinking your an American or European, hahahaah my brothers and sisters, your not different from them Africans, they are our brothers and sisters. I am An American and I have lived in Antigua so long, Trying being like the Jamaicans and the Dominican republic, they are so friendly and loving ,Americans are watching this is why the keep refusing u all Visa. Some of you are good but others are like The devil it self so wicked and racist

    • @ Kevin Brown

      Antiguans didnโ€™t ask for you advice nor opinion, so keep out of our business.

  9. @Kevin Brown. You claim you are an American, therefore you should be aware America is racist to its core.
    There is a difference between racism and simple being prejudiced against others who are disliked because of their behavior and or reputation.
    Antigua due to its size is not able to absorb the impact of many degrading behaviors thatโ€™s permeating the society.
    This link shows a common behavior of this group of people worldwide. We do not want any of this.

    • @Winston Southwell
      Does this surprise you, are you new to the tactics of these Nigerian con artists and scammers? I guess not and the link exposes just a tiny fraction of the nefarious behaviour of these well trained crooks. Sometimes I think there is a university for scammers in Nigeria. Of course our not-too-bright Prime Minister will no doubt be taken in yet again by these crooks bearing gifts. What will the greeting be this time? Water cannons, smiling cabinet ministers (default) and steel bands? They know he was easily duped before and they will try again, simple really.

  10. I have said it before and I will say it again. There is only on logical explanation for this obsession with Nigeria, arguably the home of the biggest con artist in the world, is that something was given and has to be repaid. There are rumors of Chet Green making a trip to Nigeria. Why? The most transparent government doing all kinds of underhanded things, dragging Antigua down with their greed and corruption.
    When you take something from a shark, you had better balance your account or else

  11. Wow!
    A citizen of Antigua and Barbuda owns Air Peace Airways.
    I wonder how many more Nigerians automatically became a citizen upon him becoming a citizen, or how many passports were included in his file

  12. See, this is just the ignorant bull-headedness I’m talking about, smdh.. This Government does not listen to it’s people at all, not one bit, and that’s why they have to go, period.
    We just came off of one of the most embarrassing immigration canumdrum in Antigua and Barbuda ‘s history, and here you are again with this shit, just throwing it straight in our faces.
    If this is not mental, emotional, and psychological abuse impose by a government, well you tell me?

    “Business delegates” my arse. ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜†. Sometimes I do wonder what’s the literacy rate in Antigua and Barbuda that have this Government thinking that people are dumb arses? Smdh.
    This has now moved from embarrassment to downright blatant insult.

    Bwoi a tell yah,! but hey, these are the people the majority voted into office.

  13. Business Delegation and Cultural Groups are coming into Antigua on Peace Air,not Air Peace.At least they are not rich Africans like those who came in on Antigua Airways.An Airline that made one flight and went up belly/belly up.Gaston Browne,what percentage of that wasted investment did we the People owned? Was it 20 % or 40%? What was the $$$ invested into Antigua Airways? We the people have a right to know.For those Passports and or cash given into that Investment were our monies.Do you Gaston Browne have any updates on the matter of the Air Peace ownerโ€™s case in the USA? What did he invested in Antigua to become a Citizen of Antigua and Barbuda?Just hoping he does not end up like Alex Nain Saab Moran.

  14. Well my brother. Gaston said he got the green light to do whatever he wants because he is a 3 times crown Prime Minister.

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