Air Peace Inaugural Flight Lands in Antigua and Barbuda


Antigua and Barbuda joyfully welcomed the historic inaugural flight of Air Peace, Nigeria’s largest private carrier, marking a milestone in aviation connections between the two nations.

The flight brought under 200 Nigerian travelers to the twin-island state for an unforgettable four-day visit.

Notably, the Nigerian National Dance Theatre, comprising over a dozen members, was part of the distinguished guests onboard, set to participate in Antigua’s vibrant Carnival festivities.

The occasion fosters cultural exchange and strengthens ties between Nigeria and Antigua.







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  1. Let’s welcome our brothers and sisters from our motherland. Indeed this is a momentous occasion of reconnection and friendship between our peoples. Our hospitality must be on full display. These people are our people.

    • Another set of fu&kery starts. Let’s see who stays or leave for another island in q eek time. Biggest summers in the world NIGERIANS

    • Things happen all over this world and some we do not like, but I never met a set a negative people who just complains about every single thing more than us here in Antigua. It is soooooo disgusting. A Fed Up!

  2. As Tabor said let’s check what’s in the belly of the plane
    Perhaps another US m$4bln 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Prophesy is being fulfilled right before our eyes despite the politics. the two sticks of Judah and Ephraim are coming together. I won’t be surprised that this might be the very Airline to take our people back Home. Isaiah 60:8KJV ” Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?”

    • @Cry in the Wilderness 400years is up…

      It’s great, that there is excitement in the air, in Antigua regarding this connection with Africa. However, you’re late as hell will be. Settlements such as Liberia, a state in Africa was founded on West Saratoga Street, Baltimore, USA. This allowed FREE SLAVES to return to Africa.
      Please research Monrovia named after the American President James Monroe.
      Then ask the thousands of Caribbean people who repatriated, to Ghana and became Ghanaians(Rita Marley will give you a great interview, as to her crowning, as an African Queen).

      The Pipers out of Montserrat who helped, to establish, The EWF – Ethiopian World Federation received a LAND GRANT from Saint Haile Selassie I – Ras Tafar I. This land grant was for any African in the Diaspora to return to Africa. Of course the RASTAFARIAN MOVEMENT, took advantage of this and began traveling to Ethiopia and established SHESHAMANE. Watch a Documentary on Noel Dyer, the Rastaman who walked from EUROPE to SHESHEMANE.
      Now speaking of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Airlines, one of the oldest and best managed airlines in Africa was established by Haile Selassie I, and have being transporting Africans for decades to the West and back.
      So, while there is excitement in the air for this established link with Air Peace, Nigeria and Antigua, and while better late, than never can be aptly applied here, many of us know this hot air being blown by the Gaston Browne Administration about Nigeria and Air Peace could be contributing to the #Fake Global Warming and Climate Change Elitists/Oligarchs plan to grab lands to keep controlling HUEMANITY.
      BTW, did you attend WATCH NIGHT CELEBRATIONS at the Botanical Gardens or the Eurocentric Queer Show displaying females on a runaway, like the Slave Auction Block or an audition for the Playboy Bunny Club?

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

  4. I would be very honored to be able to own a piece of land on the continent were my descendants came from. Just to know that I have a home away from home Antigua and Barbuda. A place I truly can call Motherland.

    • It’s indeed a welcome development for our own Air Peace landed in the Twin Country.

      Air Peace is one the best airline that I so much love and cherished and indeed love the passion at which the CEO Mr Allen Onyema put forward in making sure the Airlines goes places.

      • This so called air bridge with the Motherland seems very one sided. Here we have another plane load of Africans in ANU but, Antiguans can’t book a flight to Nigeria on these airlines; why is that so, exactly? Was this another chartered flight?
        Too many Antiguans are lemmings; as long as it’s the government feeding them a story, 🇦🇬ns sense of discernment disappears.

  5. So a flight landed in Antigua and no one can confirm how many passengers arrived on it?

    Why under 200 been hearing that for weeks. Now the flight has landed that narrative remains the same?

  6. Welcome to our Africa in the Caribbean, my Nigerian brethren and sisters . Glad to see movement in our establishment of this West African bridge. I wish to suggest that you have a contingent visit the leader of the opposition and sit and talk with him. It has always surprised me that some of the darkest of us, try hardest to divorce themself from their core (see “A&B: Opposition Party Stages Protest Over Fake African Tourists, Saint Kitts Observer)”. Young Destroyer hit the nail on its head

    • Hughes Tenman please cough then squeeze the two cheeks of your ass together like a Brazilian twerking ass filled with silicone to get rid of the ABLP bullers dicks from out of your ass. You are always talking shit. This is understandable since your asshole is plugged with ABLP dicks so your shit flows up to your mouth instead of flowing from your ass naturally.

      • @tenman suc… Thank you Editor hence ANR for not hiding your true feelings. Commenter, I will add you to my prayer list.

    • @ tenman

      Visit him where? In an office that doesn’t exist or fit for human occupation?

      You people are pure waste!

  7. One would think that after that mess with Antigua Airlines they would share more detailed information on the arriving flight.
    What time did it land?
    How many passengers?
    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    • It’s imperative to note that, with the Landing of Air Peace in the Twin Country, it also gave a great avenue for both countries, that is , Nigeria and the Twins Country to Sign a BASA Agreement so that continually, Air Peace and Antiguan Airlines will be flying outbound and inbound between Nigeria and and Twin Country Dito.

      We, will urge both countries to intensify efforts in that regard as it will give or pave ways for Nigerians to fly there to study, on Tourism etc where there will be little or less encumbrances.

      • “It will give or pave ways for Nigerians.” Antiguans are y’all paying attention to who will be benefiting from this so called air bridge? Will there be any Antiguans flying to Nigeria to study?
        I can’t wait to see what Antiguans will benefit from this collaboration — My prediction is, absolutely nothing — I hope I’ll be proven wrong.

  8. @ Sharon Lycorish
    These may be the descendants of some the very same people who sold our forefathers into slavery to the white man.
    Given the Nigerian’s role in the Slave Trade, we should be demanding reparations from them.
    Our grandparents, grand uncles and grand aunts who migrated from a region formally known as The West Indies; and are now called the Windrush generation in The UK are treated like shit in the UK by the Nigerians.

    Yes! it’s momentous occasion of the naïveté that exists on every level of our society; when recently the Caribbean (UWI) teamed up some African Countries to seek reparations.

    • @Sangfroid:……
      There is little to add to your post. Antigua is populated by ostriches who, for some unknown reason either refuse to face unpalatable truths or simply ignore them. Like it or not the facts are there and cannot be hidden or wished away. What you are saying now is what I have stated on more than one occasion in these columns only to be called a traitor or spy. No idea who I betrayed for telling the truth or who I am spying for or why.
      Speaking of reparations: this might very well end up in court one day if the Reparationists keep pushing their cause. It might not end up smelling of roses for them. Why so? Lawyers for the UK government are sure to open a Pandora’s box to reveal the iniquities of the African slave traders, a despicable bunch who sold their brethren to the European slave traders which will give the denyers a nasty jolt to their expectations. The denyers had better be careful what they wish for.This makes for interesting reading.

  9. Read about the Nigeria-born Olaudah Equiano, who was enslaved as a child and sold to a Royal Navy officer before growing up to purchase his freedom and become an author and abolitionist.

    • If memory serves me correctly, he actually landed in Montserrat and in Antigua too. Will recheck when time permits. The link above re Asa Asa is eye opening.

  10. Its incredable how many of you know so little of your history. Instead you wallow in the political gimmicks that’s peddled to you.

    Welcoming as friendship, people from among the countries that handed your people as caged animals over to captains of slave ships at “The Door of no Return” and never once recieved an apology or any renumeration.

    I can imagine that The Refugees and Migrants among our midst called Expats are sitting back with the thought: “Let them get reparations first, from those who brought them down the river to our great grandfathers ships.

    • Hear hear! I’ ve said it before and there was a deafening silence you could hear from outer space. Let them pursue the case to court and defence lawyers will ask the same question. There’ s a nasty can of worms waiting to be opened.

  11. There is a pattern I notice recently here in Antigua and Barbuda. Whenever there is a pending general election or a by-election all of a sudden you here of flights coming in from Nigeria like the disastrous Antigua Airways flight, now it’s Air Peace! Is it something else other than passengers these fights are bringing in? Is it campaign funds? Is persons coming here to vote in the by-election? Why is it these flights always appear to be suspicious and there seems to be discrepancies as to the time and date of their arrival? It was said that the flight will have persons from the Nigeria Dance group who will perform on the various shows for the carnival! The last show is tonight which is the Party/Soca Monarch competition. Let’s see if they will perform tonight on stage. Just cannot trust these people in government!!!!

  12. Correction to my second sentence which read “all of a sudden you here ……” which should read “all of a sudden you hear ……”

  13. 16 dancers coming to dance,so who are the other 150 or so people, and what are their purpose here?

    This is the border control I was talking about.. I hope these people are properly vetted and have proper documents to visit and stay in Antigua, but I doubt that, because I’m of the firm belief that this is another “wolf in sheep clothing” move, another slight of hand, another magic trick by this corrupt government that have made another unscrupulous deal with these Nigerians, in particular the one they went into bed with that live here.

    Anyone who trust this government is a fool, not from the tract record they have showed us, and here we are fresh off a major debacle with the Antigua Airways fiasco, walking into the same trap.

    How silly can we be? First of all they didn’t even mentioned the exact amount of passengers and what is the purpose of these passengers? Are they here for business (like the first group) or are they here to spend money as tourist in a carnival that’s already over?

    Something is seriously a miss here, seriously a miss, and as negative some people might think that questioning the motive of this GOA, they are way more dumb not to, especially after a 1000 Africans just simply disappeared (some died at sea) just a few months ago..

    Those Africans came here with the same fanfare as this Air Peace flight, with the same headline that it is to ” build a bridge between us and our African nations”. where are those Africans now?

    I sit here and constantly think how foolish can we as Antiguans be, but then again I looked back and see we have been dupped over and over again by these politicians, so why am I even talking?

    But good luck to our Nation and I continue to have hope that by the time this ABLP government gets booted out of office, that our tiny nation is not in the ruins as the likes of Jamaica and Haiti, where scamming and civil war is the oder of the day, because if these corrupt practices continue to be perpetrated by this GOA, that’s what will come to past, trust me.

    The poor is the ones who suffer most when the system breaks down, and let us not easily forget what COVID did to the poor when every system was broken down, so let us not sit here and be foolish in thinking that good solid honest Government is not important, and this GOA is not honest at all, not one damn bit, and here we are keep trusting them with our most important affairs, our livelihood.

    Wake up people, please wake up.. there are many who are fighting for the recognition for us black people as equals to any race or creed, but it’s certainly not this current GOA..

    Oh please..A bridge my root..smdh.

  14. I am sick and tired of the numerous Nigerians arriving here who were issued Antiguan and Barbudan passports as recent as July 2023. These persons arrived in drones here on WestJet Airlines from Canada over the carnival celebrations and are staying at Jumby Bay Resort. Very suspicious in deed. Next thing you will see those same names appear on the final voters list mere days just before the by-election where these persons are registered in St Mary’s South constituency.This list will be presented at the last minute not leaving enough time for claims and objections to take place just like the last general election. To cover Air Peace’s tracks, these persons I believe were brought from West Africa to Canada on Air Peace then from Canada to Antigua on WestJet as a distraction. Air Peace now brought some West Africans here to make it look good and among other things but the majority is actually coming from Canada with Antiguan passports on WestJet. So beware Polling Clerks and Scrutineers. Be vigilant. These people have something up their sleeves.

  15. I am in full agreement with islanman 26. Antiguans needs to wake up and stop being victims of fake propoganda that’s been peddled by Olabanjo and the corrupt administration of ALP.

    Nigeria is a corrupt and unstable country, a country that’s known for kidnapping and scammers. On a daily basis Nigerians endeavours to leave Nigeria by any means possible. Recently I read an article in the Guardian UK newspaper, which outlined four Nigerians journeyed unnoticed on the bow of a ship going from Nigeria and the stowed aways ended up in Brazil. Those individuals were prepared to risk their lives just to escape the hardships that is inflicted on them, and they are no alone.

    The rhetorics of “building bridges” that is being propagated by Olabanjo and ALP is delusional and lacks credibility.

    Firstly, Nigerians chiefs and Obas (local Kings) were heavily involved in the slave trade during the Middle Passage era. It was those unscrupulous Nigerians who handed the slave ancestors over to the European pirates.

    Secondly, there has been no apology from the government of Nigeria made to decendants of enslaved people. Nigerians apart from Olabanjo and other crooked ones have never demonstrated any sincere or meaningful interests in Antigua. Therefore what would be the basis for building bridges and in whose interests?

    The CEO of the failed Antigua Airways was expected to gain 80% profits, whilst Antigua was expected to get 20%,! That deal, thankfully did not materialised.We don’t know what the profit margin is for the CEO for Air Peace Airline, who incidentally is wanted by the USA.

    I am always amazed by some Antiguans who are so willing to allowed themselves to believe and accept lies in exchange for the truth.

    Inquiries were made to Nigeria National Theatre and Nigerian High Commission in UK neither places are not aware of dancers leaving Nigeria to participate in our Carnival, nor those individuals brought to Antigua are representing Nigeria.

    For those individuals who are enthusiastic about “building bridges” with Nigerias. I dare them to spend a week in Nigeria and let’s see how long they would survive without at best being robbed and at worse kidnapped.

    I have been to Nigeria several times and one of the occasions I visited Badagry which was one of the slaveport in Nigeria. I wanted to experience the journey that the enslaved people took to the point of no return. In broad day light in the presence of the town Oba I was robbed , the Oba said nothing nor did nothing to stop the robbey.

    It remains unclear why GB and his administration are hell bent on “building bridges” with an unscrupulous corrupt country. But what is most worrying is why Antiguans continue allowing themselves to be gullible, nieve and shortsighted.

    Antiguans, Barbudans, wake up and say NO to Olabanjo and ALP deception. Nothing good will come from their new scheme, its a facades.

    • @Antiguan4ever.
      There is a proverb that says: “A Word To The Wise Is Enough”. How true. Another local saying goes: “Who Won’t Hear Will Feel”. Again, how true. What you have said is abundantly clear but I fear it will fall on deaf ears to them who should supposedly know better. The chief cheerleader of this administration and who sings out-of-tune songs to our Marvelous Leader is now cock-a-hoop at the prospect of obtaining a piece of land in Nigeria and of course a seemingly Nigerian has jumped in right on cue to offer to help him realize his wish. (Lord, what fools these mortals be!). I received a scam letter from a Nigerian female which am unable to post here that would make either an alert person laugh until they cry or a gullible one cry until they fall sleep when they discover their bank account has been emptied. Any idea why Antigua and Barbuda have been force-fed Nigerians of late? It would be interesting to know.

    • @antigua forever. Keep Speaking that truth sir,keep speaking that truth. I hear you, and I hope many others wake up and realize that this Government is not what will get us out of this state Antigua is in, I do hope.

  16. Mr. Prime Minister or Minister Melford Nicholas, if you happen to read this comment, here are some suggestions.
    The general public needs to be made aware and put inline with the vision of this gateway to Africa. Many of us have a negative perception of what live in Africa, in particular Nigeria is all about. The same way many in the develop world have a negative perception of live in our Twin Island Paradise until they pay is a visit. Actually when living in Germany in the late 70s I have to say that I’m from Africa, cause saying Antigua make no sense. It’s better I say I’m Jamaican, Trinidadian or Barbadian.
    I would therefore suggest that ABS start carrying some programs to familiarize us with what live in Nigeria in particular really is all about. It will create greater acceptance of these people when they arrive here. Since many of our youth are studying in China we now have a much better en greater appreciation of the Chinese and their culture. And many were amazed to see how developed China really is. Over here we are more exposed to the west developed world such as North America,USA & CANADA, and Europe. But the world is bigger than these two continents.
    And Africa has so much to offer. So Mr. PM don’t you alone live and see the dream but share it in vision to all of us, so we too can live it.

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