Air Peace announces flight to Antigua and Barbuda


Business Day – Air Peace, West and Central Africa’s largest airline, is set to resume Kaduna operations on October 23, 2023. 

This is as the foremost airline has also announced another special flight to Antigua and Barbuda on October 30, 2023. 

This information is contained in a news release issued on Friday, October 13, 2023, by Stanley Olisa, the airline’s Spokesperson, who disclosed that Air Peace has perfected plans to return to Kaduna on the said date. 

Olisa stated that the Kaduna route has been inactive since March 2022 due to security concerns but the airline is delighted to be resuming connectivity to the city after the 19 months hiatus.“Kaduna flight schedules are now live on the Air Peace website, and tickets are selling already. 

We are happy to be resuming connectivity to the city and members of the flying public can visit or our mobile app to book”, the Spokesperson added. 


Similarly, the leading airline, which reported an impressive 98 percent schedule reliability and 87 percent on-time performance in its Flight Performance Report for September, is gearing up for its second special Business Trip to the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda in partnership with Tour Brokers International. 

to Olisa, the trip is targeted at business owners, high-level executives, investors, and individuals with high net worth looking to explore investment opportunities in the two-island nation as well as tourists. 

“We are partnering with Tour Brokers International which is offering a comprehensive package deal that includes ticket prices and hotel accommodation. 

It is a five-day trip. Departure from Lagos is on October 30 to return on November 5, 2023”, Olisa said. 

It can be recalled that the airline made history in August 2023 as the first Nigerian airline to fly direct to Antigua and Barbuda.


Air Peace leads Nigeria’s aviation industry with a growing network of twenty domestic routes, 8 regional and 5 international destinations, and boasts of an increasing modern aircraft fleet, including 5 brand new Embraer 195-E2s plus a recent firm order for 5 brand new E175s.




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  1. “This information is contained in a news release issued on Friday, October 13, 2023, by Stanley Olisa, the airline’s Spokesperson” which offers an interesting tone, style genre conventions that are shaped by its purpose, polital culture, and expectation; no different from Max Hurst’s.
    As the Antiguan audiance wearily look at Africans, who they have been offered up to be the saviours of LIAT; is this just eye wash?
    The buyout of LIAT now seems to be on the back burner while Air Peaceand Tour Brokers International (Nigeria) look for business owners, high-level executives, investors, and individuals with high net worth looking to explore investment opportunities. Has any of those business oppurtunities been offered to the CARICOM community?
    As we continue this farce; per the Cabinet spokesperson LIAT 2020 flying across the Caribbean is 6 weeks away.
    Let the countdown begin!!

  2. Let’s hope they don’t leave another 12 people behind in Antigua like they did last time during Carnival. Never heard anything further on those 12 people.

  3. It appears as though NERO has declined to be the spokesperson on this occasion. He wants to distance himself from those who will be unaccounted-for on the return flight. As long as money is involved, he is an easy target. Inspite of what happened previously he’s still forging ahead like he’s wearing blinkers. The benefits are in sight.

  4. When AG Benjamin was asked to consider removing the Crown as head of State. He demured with “This is not the time” Of course not. He has to get his knighthood first.
    Throughout his career has recklessly indulging the childish arrogance; while flattering the confident ignorance of his drastically miseducated political base.
    Over the years, the Constituency he has created is a situation in which the kids really might soon be running the roos.
    Once the Knighthood is granted to Steadroy Benjamin, Antiguans and Barbudans can look foward to pledgeing allegiance to our Constitution rather than one such individual who lives comfortably on our stolen wages and call himself King.

  5. It is all in the plan. They say Antigua is underpopulated and needs voters. What happened to the rest from the first batch on Independence Day last year. Now another batch is coming just in time for independence. Is someone being paid to bring Africans here?

  6. Since when it is the business of an Airline to be categorizing it’s passengers. All the airline suppose to be doing is marketing it flights and try to come as full as possible. So the reason for going to the length of explaining the type of passengers is just to try fool the Antiguan public. The first disastrous flight came here last independence. The entire of Antigua should go to the VC Bird airport and say not again. In fact every able body man , woman and child should be picketing the office of the PM, and the GG . Mr.GG if you did nothing before sir, as the son of a great Antiguan you need to stand up on this African issue. Sir.Rodney you cannot continue to sit idling by and see GB destroy the Antigua Labour Party, your father legacy, your Legacy and the name of Antigua with this African saga.
    This is so stupid and every time it dies down , this government foolishly goes shamelessly right back. Time for an inquiry- first time I am joining and asking for one.

  7. I don’t understand why Gaston Browne isn’t already on remand pending prosecution on charges of human trsfficking There is clearly ample evidence to support probable cause to arrest and bring charges against him.

  8. Most of you guys talk out ignorance and fixated prejudice on Nigeria or anything Africa.
    I would like to remind you that we may have bad government but despite that,there have been successful private business men who have recorded success in business locally and internationally and I dear say that Nigeria is the most difficult place to run an airline business with success.
    There’s nothing special about Antigua and Barbuda for airpeace,or even for the larger Caribbean region.
    Some honest business men in Nigeria can buy off the island nations,we may have some issues as a nation and some Nigerians can be dishonest and unpatriotic but not airpeace.
    Don’t think of yourself so highly because your island nation is not among the important places Nigerians prefer to travel to.

    • @victor. So what you are saying is that Antiguans should be gracious that Nigerians are doing business with a low life island like a Antigua?

      Bwoi even that in itself sounds so damn pompous and full of elitism. 😆. You have to be kidding and have the nerve to come on here and defend corruption. The first flight that came here to Antigua was a bogus flight disguised as “rich tourist” coming to invest all the while dumping $1000 refugee’s on our soil, and here you are acting like Antiguans should be so preveledge to have the ” great air peace” do business with us lowly folks. 😂

      I think you should wheel and come again on what you just try to insinuate,cause you are off your rockers to even infer that air Peace is some great business entity that Antiguans should be so happy and privileged to have on their shores…

      BWOI PLEASE 🥺.. 😂😆😂

  9. What is this idiot’s obsession with Nigeria? I tell you, it all has to do with the inaugural flight here and the contents of that cargo.
    Can an airline just fly here without going through certain procedures? This clown knows his days are numbered and wants to dropp Antigua and Barbuda so far down a deep pit, by the time we figure the extent of the damage he caused, he’d be long gone.
    I agree with the suggestion that ALL able bodies citizens organize ourselves in the largest protest in Antiguan and Barbudan history. Next, we insist that Gaston Browne and Shamu Benjamin resign.
    How stupid can this guy be?

  10. All I will say is: a leopard can try to hide its spots to deceive its preys, but it can never conceal its predatory ways.

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