AG’s Press Statement On Body Of Woman Found Today


Office of the Attorney General Press Statement

As the Attorney General, I extend my deepest and heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones of the deceased.

This tragic and senseless loss of life has undoubtedly left a profound void and has cast a pall of grief over our community. We share in their sorrow and stand with them during this extraordinarily difficult time.

We have received reports confirming that the victim’s child has been safely delivered to the All Saints police station.

The safety and well-being of the child are our immediate priorities, and we are ensuring that the child is receiving the necessary care and support in the aftermath of this horrific event.


To the citizens of this community and the nation at large, I want to assure you that this grievous act of violence will not go unanswered.

The full force and resources of all our law enforcement agencies have been mobilized and are actively working to investigate and resolve this matter.

This is not just a crime against an individual; it is a crime against us all. It is an affront to our shared values of safety, peace, and justice.

We understand the fear and outrage that such a crime evokes.

Therefore, I am committed to ensuring that no stone will be left unturned in our pursuit of justice.

Our law enforcement agencies are employing every available resource and expertise to identify, apprehend, and prosecute the individual or individuals responsible for this heinous act.

The diligence, determination, and resolve of our dedicated officers and investigators are unwavering, and they will work tirelessly until justice is served.

In moments like these, it is crucial that we come together as a community. We must support one another, remain vigilant, and provide any information that may aid in the investigation.


If you have any knowledge or have witnessed any suspicious activities related to this case, I urge you to come forward. Your cooperation is invaluable and can significantly aid in bringing the perpetrator to justice.

We are also reviewing and reinforcing our security measures to prevent such tragedies in the future.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges we face in ensuring public safety, and it strengthens our resolve to implement more robust and effective crime prevention strategies.

I also want to commend the quick actions of the officers at the All Saints police station and all first responders who have shown exemplary dedication and professionalism in the face of such a tragic situation.

Their commitment to protecting and serving our community is commendable and deserves our utmost respect and gratitude.

In closing, I reiterate my deepest sympathy to the family of the victim.


Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

The entire law enforcement community stands in solidarity with you, and we will not rest until justice is achieved.

This is a promise to you and to the community that we will uphold the principles of justice and ensure that the perpetrators of this crime are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Thank you.






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  1. Hope this not going as many other cases more cold than a glacial.

    R.I.P little angel..maybe for some of yours was not enough to leave you bounce and more bounce through your shortly existence. The road is full of all the wicked the mankind can provide and your daily steps was surrounded for some good people who want to be there for you and your kid…if is true a heaven exist,God call you in a unexpected way.

  2. All of a sudden he has much to say. Is he seeking relevance or is it because of the victim’s nationality? Where was he for Manny James and the others who were murdered? It seems very much like electioneering and he’s knocking on the doors of the Hispanic community. That’s a death that should not have happened, like Manny’s, so stop thumping your chest.

  3. I want to know, if making public at this time, are there any obvious injuries? Was it gun shot or stabbing or hit by a car?

    I would like to provide a profile, whether it was a crime committed by someone she knows (of passion) or a robbery went wrong.

    Please provide me with the most basic of information.

  4. U boy a str8 stupidness tht all ayu a chat no wah she should a be mi sissa mi wouldnt wait on the law mi know mi would a find out a who an show them mi na mek joke with my family kill she an lef she youth side a crazy man boi ppl know who to mess with

  5. Who wrote this crap? Surely there must be someone in that Ministry who can write a sensible and literate press statement.
    If you read this and were not aware that a young lady”s body had been found murdered, this abstract statement would have had you at sea wondering what is this all this about. But words, words and more words and no action. That seems to be all we need.



    Victim’s child has been delivered ‘safely’ at the ‘…All Saints Police Station’ [Paragraph 3].
    The genesis: (a) ‘…Extending sympathy:
    Re-assuring citizenry that perpetrator/s would be brought to justice.’


    When a ‘Police officer:

    (i) ‘ …Residing at Cassada Gardens;
    (ii) …Driving along the ‘…Jonas Public Road;
    (iii) …After 11.00 PM at night;
    (iv) …Being the only person to come upon on a ‘2-Year-old Toddler;
    (v) …Rightly took custody;
    (vi) …Then journeyed to/or back to ‘All Saints Police Station:
    (vii) … Made a report of the ‘Found Child:
    (vii) …Then reportedly made ‘Posting of the Found Toddler on Social Media,’

    these are saying to the ‘…Professional Criminal Investigator,’ this is the ‘…Prime Murder Suspect.’

    The Police officer, ought to be ‘…IMMEDIATELY’ detained and ‘…EXTENSIVELY QUESTIONED.’

    Without ‘Sophistication,’ Criminal Suspects are capable of:

    (a) ‘Murdering a victim at one place:
    (b) Transport the body for disposal at another place.’

    This is only the ‘…Extension of a Crime Scene.’

    If a ‘Toddler’ is not to be killed, it is easy to drop that ‘Toddler’ off at an area where such ‘Toddler’ could easily be seen.

    Still, ‘Murderers,’ may not need to do so.

    Simply drive to the ‘…Nearest Police Station,’ and report to some ‘…DUNCE ELEMENTS:’

    ‘…I just met this ‘Child’ walking along ‘…Long Bay Public Road.’

    Likened to a ‘…Bottle of English Harbor Rum,’ they just ‘…Gulp it down.’

  7. Based on the AG’s statement expect political interference in the matter.

    The Commissioner of Police should be the only office tasked to deliver such reassurance.

    The police failed to lodge charges of rape and impregnation of a minor. The police ought to have known when the teenager was visible in the community with said child.

    In the real world doctors, clinic aids, family members etc are also culpable for not immediately reporting such a crime to the authority. Know that this is also an offense..

    AG the public still awaits all the reports you commissioned using similar language.
    The man that was brutally beaten in Barbuda by the police.
    The African human smuggling saga, where 13 perished.
    The man killed by law enforcement after a routine traffic stop. And
    When will charges be laid against the former Chief Magistrate?
    AG we can see you…..

  8. @Pompey, your latter, makes sense.

    It would be standard procedure to eliminate the person bringing the child as a suspect. That may be done by questioning the person and confirming time-line.

    Investigators should have an open mind and do not conclude unless gut feelings (from good experience) or evidence point them that such person is not a suspect.

    Such is normal, and should be normal in any investigation.

    I urgently need/want to know if there are visible signs of manner of death? Gunshot wounds or knife stab/cut or car accident/hit and run?

  9. the person(s) who did this no matter what you do, you can try flee the country, but you won’t live comfortably, you will be huanted for life. there are lots of cameras along the way to fig tree drive so we will find you.

    and to those of you women and men that think hurting people is fun.. just know karma is a real thing and when bad things start happening to you it’s a result of your deeds and the way you treat people. this young lady will not fest in peace.

  10. The Police Force is a job that comes with lots of responsibilities. Those so employed should be self disciplined with moral and ethical behaviour.
    More so the highest ranks. I will never be able to understand how someone can publicly criticised and organisation that they headed. And this is more than critising, this is public ridiculing. DUNCE ELEMENTS
    As a former top Cop, if you have any advice or suggestion why not simply make a call and give that advice
    Surely the Police will look at all angles, including, I say again all angles. That should be basic.
    What can happen if that officer is innocent and suffers harassment is that other persons may be reluctant to report anything to the Police.
    Finally, why would you want to refer to the Police as DUNCE ELEMENTS. You once was the head. So is it okay to refer to you as former HEAD DUNCE ELEMENTS

  11. the person(s) who did this no matter what you do, you can try flee the country, but you won’t live comfortably, you will be haunted for life. there are lots of cameras along the way to fig tree drive so we will find you.

    and to those of you women and men that think hurting people is fun.. just know karma is a real thing and when bad things start happening to you it’s a result of your deeds and the way you treat people. this young lady will not rest in peace.

  12. Mr. Francis a homicide is being investigated and you should know (I tend to forget you are not a sane individual) Police withhold evidence to help determine whether suspects they catch are guilty. If a suspect possesses nonpublic information about a crime, police reason, it is likely that he/she either committed it or knows who did. And a suspect’s knowledge of nonpublic information can be used against him in court.

    Please either seek psychiatric help immediately or continue to attempt to hustle your insurance provider out of millions of dollars to live the fantasy life you so desperately crave.

  13. Oh now he has a press conference? Cutie Benjamin you are a washed up, outdated ,incompetent failure. Not too long ago you were heralding Antigua and Barbuda as the,”safest,” in the OECS. You should be ashamed to show your face now,after you were silent for so many crimes.
    Cutie Benjamin, Atley Rodney need to resign,now. No one, except the politicians who have security, feel safe in the,”safest” place in the OECS.

  14. That fat rass Benjamin can’t even find the right people who killed Nigel Christian who was investigating fraud but think he can find this killer? Or maybe he doesn’t want to find Nigel Christian’s killer because they don’t want the truth to come out.

    Add all the other murders that haven’t been solved to the mix. Useless system we have here. They only protect themselves while we are left to fend for ourselves.

    Dem nar get fu me vote

  15. @Ron/BJ, I do think that people exist in Antigua, a lot, who will never accept vital information from trained persons. That is a major problem in Antigua and Barbuda. Telling them to seek experts advise, is like telling them you no longer have a job.

    So, you can only come on this platform and hope that people will listen and force those to listen or that future leaders will hear and listen, when they take over. Hopefully soon.

    It is time those people with the advanced knowledge be placed in the appropriate positions.

  16. @I know I know nothing, it really would be awesome for you to confirm your true name so I can respectfully address you by your last name. The way you do others here. When addressing you want my English to be perfect and I want to address you correctly. Please post it, thanks sir.

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