Agriculture Minister E.P. Chet Greene: Tropical Storm Philippe caused thousands of dollars in damage


Agriculture Minister E.P. Chet Greene: “Yesterday, in my role as Minister of Agriculture, I toured several farms in our country to get a first-hand understanding of the damage caused by Tropical Storm Philippe.


There have been thousands of dollars in damages caused by this storm and I give my commitment to those farmers that this administration will do whatever we can to get them back on their feet and produce for the people of our great nation.”

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  1. In all civilized countries, the assessment is done by the experts and they do not say “thousands of dollars”, or “millions of dollars”.

    They give a figure, as they should. So much and so much worth of damages, according to the disaster analysts.

    Chet is a guesstimator. And why not?

    Here the PM pulls the figures out of the air. These figures are always flush ( about 10 million). He has a special liking for the number 14. We have grown accustomed to hearing it from him.

    • @ Guesstimator, when you wrote “… the PM pulls the figures out of …”

      I wondered where you were going with this until I read the rest of your sentence 😉


  3. I have fruit trees that didn’t drop a single fruit. The real damage to the agricultural sector is the minister himself. Farmers can’t get basic assistance from the ministry. Cades bay catching dust. Just lip service

    • @ Give me a break
      @ WHARF RAT

      Because your fruit trees, ‘@ Give me a break’, held their fruits does not really mean that others’ fruit trees did so favourably… I had fruit trees (plural) which came down – as in the whole ‘kit and kiboodle’ – some with fruits at various stages, some with blossoms. Some were salvaged because the roots were still in the ground to some degree, others ‘gone a gwassa’. Now I am NOT a large-scale farmer by any stretch of the imagination – merely a backyard gardener.
      I also know of a couple neighbors whose avocado trees were laden prior to the storm and the most of the fruits came down – many were able to be salvaged though, so not a total loss, but definitely some loss. I do believe that some of our farmers (be it crop farmers, livestock or poultry farmers) may very well have suffered some amount of loss – not necessarily catastrophic loss, but loss nonetheles.

      I just wanted to point out, that’s a very broad brush you are painting with there, do be careful!
      We’re all in the same storm, but certainly not all of us are in the same boat – some have yachts, some have schooners, some have cabin cruisers, some have fishing boats, some have dinghies, some have lifeboats, and some are holding on for dear life to their rafts or pieces of floatsam.

      @ WHARF RAT, I know that we have been suffering from the effects of prolonged drought, but I am very certain that there are still some farmers in this country who have crops in the fields… Yeah, very strong likelihood too, that because of the crappy water service from APUA, their yields have been reduced, but I do believe that they are still making market weekly or almost weekly (if the praedial larceny culprits don’t make off with their produce first).
      So for you to say that…
      … places you squarely into the same category of being ‘a liar’, unfortunately, since that statement is simply not true!
      Now it may be argued, that you are not on the level of those you are berating, but since the definition of ‘liar’ is very simply:
      ” a person who tells lies”,
      …you have inadvertently categorized yourself thus.

      So similarly to what I pointed out to our fellow commentator above, be careful of the broad paint brush you’re employing… Old people does say, “watch de brush, mind you no get daub.”

      Perhaps the honourable minister may be grossly exaggerating, as seems the norm with the politicians and politically inclined, but he has a duty as agriculture minister, to make a statement: I daresay that if he did not, he would have been negligent in his duties!
      Whether or not his assessment is factual, quantitative or not, time will most certainly tell!

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