AG says DPP offered to resign on Friday but it was decided otherwise


Attorney General Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin says been explaining why a decision was taken for the Director of Public Prosecutions to go on special leave instead of resigning.

Benjamin has also been explaining moves to confirm an acting DPP to replace Anthony Armstrong who has been found guilty of misconduct by the General Legal Council in Jamaica.

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  1. If the man offered to resign. Why you Bloated Man did not accept it? Is it because you had a similar issue in Antigua.Where you were rewarded to be in that position of Attorney General.That matter of yours,did see a Lady sent to Prison.I am glad that Lady from Switzerland got her money,from the sale of her property at Jolly Beach.It only took about 3 years after such sale.She had to bring the matter to the High Court.Sets of gangsters and thieves of that GBLP.(GANSTER BROWNE LABOR PARTY).

  2. He ran to your office to rind you, that this matter is simular to the situation you found yourself in some time ago with the passport.
    Am sure he reminded you, that he had your back then and fought with Vere Browne, not to bring charges against you, so he expect you will also have his back.

  3. My opinion is that they came down hard on the police officer, so they need to do the same for this man.

    Appeal decision my foot.

    He sign the document knowing the man in prison in the US. In prison on drug conviction

    This isn’t the first find he find himself in a questionable situation.

    He needs to leave the post, get his life in order then move on.

    If we hard on the police officer the other day, then he can’t get special treatment

  4. He offered to resign? Hell with that!!!! Fire his ass!!!!! No pension. No severance. No nothing!!!! Jus get outta here!!!!!

  5. What is a special leave, where can it be found in the best labour code in the world?

    Is the special leave with the people’s money or without? Will the people pay him for a year for doing nothing? What about the perks that comes with the job?

    Who made the decision that he should not resign?

    Based on the evidence in the judgment, really what nonsense am I am hearing?

  6. Here we have yet another example of many reasons why our country is in the state of corruption. The current DPP Antony Armstrong has been found guilty of professional misconduct. Yet the members of our current government specifically Cutie Benjamin, AG, has given Anthony Armstrong special leave, a pass in other words, instead of firing him immediately. How can we as a nation prosper and thrive when we have this type of behaviour at the top? Honesty, integrity and transparency should be tantamount. All forms of corruption in all places especially governmental positions needs to be weeded out. Continued corruption from the top will only follow all the way down the chain of command and continue to destroy our nation. We as a nation need to stop accepting and tolerating these types of behaviours and events? There is no integrity at all. This is the type of leadership that should not be tolerated. We have another who skirted paying taxes on a Rolls Royce vehicle and now that same person has been knighted. Is this the type of person who should be knighted? I highly doubt a regular person would have been given such honours for something so dishonest.

    Recently we had a member of the police force caught red handed stealing. That officer should have been fired on the spot. Apparently she was given a free pass. Again, if the leaders and the top and those who are responsible for upholding the laws are guilty of stealing, how are we as a county supposed to ever go forward. How it is acceptable for someone to be a police member who goes after thieves as part of their job also be a thief? When XPZ was burned down, we had yet another police officer who was caught stealing money from a safe. Instead of him being fired, he was given a free pass too. Is this what we want for our country, our home to become a nation of thieves?

    We as a people need to stand together against any and all criminal, corrupt and dishonest behavior regardless of position. It’s time we stand up to the government and tell it they work for us not the other way around.

    We should be standing up for our country like our Canadian brothers and sisters against government corruption and overreach. We depend heavily on tourism and what has been going on the last two years is pure financial suicide. Forcing vaccines on us against our basic human rights and our constitutional rights. We should be advised, educated and given a choice whether we take the vaccine or not. It is our body not anyone else’s.

    We have an election coming up. Vote for the person who will lead our nation in a positive light. If we continue voting for individuals who we already know to be corrupt, then we have no one to blame but ourselves for the results.

    Only together as one will Antigua ever start moving in a positive direction.

    Go Canada

    Let’s go Antigua

    • @Antiguan Patriot…We all #dream and yes, #dreams do come through, but for the most part once we wake up, we either can’t remember them, they’re confusing, traumatic, and makes no sense.
      I admire and love your #dream, but as the saying goes, “wah dun gone bad a marning, nar kum gud a nite.”
      Well maybe, in one of those realms which we port to, once we’re in #Dream #Mode this Utopian society developed by our Nation will be emulated around the World.

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