AG Says Barbuda Senator Stays


The Attorney General Steadroy Cutie Benjamin has said that and Senator Nedd remains a resident on Barbuda.

Cabinet reviewed the claim by the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) that Senator Knacyntar Nedd is not a resident of Barbuda and, therefore, her appointment as a Senator should be withdrawn.

According to the government, she is enrolled in the University of the West Indies (Antigua), travels to Barbuda frequently where she remains for periods of time, and continues to provide services to many persons in Barbuda.

“The Cabinet rejected the BPM assertion as it relates to Senator Nedd; the Honourable Senator remains in the Senate,” it said.



  1. According to what I have read in another article.She has not lived on Barbuda for some time now.The University of the West Indies Antigua, just opened last month.So what Cabinet is saying.Does not mak

    • Take the time and read the mentioned constitution, because it defines no time limit in terms of Barbudan’s losing inhabitant status. Try and also remember that for some years now we have had UWI open campus option offering persons the option of in part doing a degree program at University Center. Think you may recall D Giselle Isaac pointing out she used to teach there.

  2. The AG has been wrong many times in the pass

    This is just another instance where he is giving bad advice.

  3. Is it up to the AG to make this decision alone?, Or are there legal clauses in the appointment that says different?.

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