AG not surprised that injunction into Barbuda Land Act amendment failed


Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin said he anticipated the court would rule in the government’s favor in a recent injunctive relief case brought by Barbudans.

“In the very beginning I stated in my opinion it is frivolous and without merit”, he said.

The Barbudans argued the passage of the Crown Lands (Regulation) (Amendment) Act 2018 and the Barbuda (Amendment) Act 2018 amounted to contravention of their constitutional right for protection against deprivation on property.

They had appealed to the court to prevent the government from using lands in Barbuda under reliance on the new laws until the constitutional matter is heard by the courts.

High Court Judge, Rita Joseph-Olivetti ruled there was not sufficient evidence to move the court for such a grave remedy as an interim injunction since the applicants cited no specifics acts done or threatened by the government.

She also said if the applicants succeed in the constitutional challenge damages would be an adequate remedy.

The Attorney General said the government is of the firm opinion “that we are unitary state and the lands in Barbuda are vested in the Governor General on behalf of the people of Antigua & Barbuda.”

Speaking concerning the constitutional challenge to the amendments he told state media, “I believe that at the end of the day at least the law will be made clear”.

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  1. Everyday these people are fooled by Trevor Walker, McKenzie Frank, Devorn Warner, Ronnie Beazer about government want to theif their land. Not one of them are utilizing the land to the benefit of Barbudans. Every week they go to treasury to ask money to pay council workers and the land sits there with no economic development. Bpm should check FB to see who’s cursing about none payments of wages and salary. But interestingly it’s the people who’s incharge of council right now made it so over the years. Never allowed proper development to happened hence easing the burden from council. The persons who are encouraging Barbudans to fight for land are well off. Their children already went to university paid from Barbuda lands. Doesn’t the less fortunate Barbudans who don’t own a businesses wants their children to go university too? Don’t they want to go shop by fancy and Lincoln wondering when council gonna pay? Barbudans open your mind and see who is making money in Barbuda. On Fridays and months end they don’t have none to worry about. They already have it made. These council memebers are making money left and right. They have built condos, open cook shops, bought boats to do commercial fishing. Council hardly pay but a council member has opened a cook shop. Where are Barbudans getting money to by your food. You don’t pay them but still want a profit from them. Smh. Open your eyes Barbudans.

  2. All lands in Barbuda was originally vested in the crown (HRH QE2) on behalf of the people of Barbuda. It was agreed at Lancaster House that it would depart the UK system as such.why should it now be amended and vested in the Governor General on behalf of “All” people in “Antigua & Barbuda”?. GOAB turned it’s back on Barbuda after independence in its greedy pursuit to get rich all by it’s self which has now proven to be detrimental to Antigua as it has no other option but to go begging and borrowing money from all kinds of unsavory nations and still there are no advancements in the quality of posterior wipe for the general public. Barbuda was never part of Antigua in the first place, and it was not even listed in the UK National Slave Colony register. It was the Codringtons deceitful manipulation and acts of greed to claim more compensation for their private Island by having it included as a dependency to Antigua in 1860 or there about’s after slavery became non profitable. All this rubbish about the Island being rented out for one fat sheep a year is total bull**** There was a published article in the Slave owners Gazette UK that caused uproar and public disapproval by other slave owners of the time both in Parliament and on the streets that the codringtons paid no taxes like Antiguan or British slave owners and escaped fees by claiming the Island as their own private estate. This accusatory fact was never challenged by the British Crown who swept it under the carpet because the Codringtons were making them lots of money and keeping the country’s dominant hold on the trade which in effect set of a chain of violence around the world including Africa . They built and bought their mansion houses here in the UK with the slave money and paid the British Treasury taxes on those properties and assets. In 1807 The Abolition of Slave Trade Act came into force, so legally and going by the Oxford English Dictionary of the meaning of ” Slave Trade” the acquiring,keeping, buying,selling, and trading in slaves should have ended on this date and every former slave alive and born on or after this date was a free person and if the Crown wants to argue about acquisition of “crown land” i don’t believe they have a solid foundation to stand on in their own right and neither do the Codringtons as they abandoned the island after getting their money. Maybe Barbudan’s should have adopted the same mentality as Anguilla?. This whole land issue should be taken right back to the British Government for the major part it played in this deceit.

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