After three years of COVID-19, surveillance and vaccination key to ending pandemic in the Americas

As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its third year in the Region of the Americas, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Director, Dr. Jarbas Barbosa, has called on countries to strengthen surveillance and bridge gaps in vaccination coverage to end the emergency and better prepare for future health crises.

Over the past three years, the Americas had over 190.3 million COVID-19 cases and over 2.9 million deaths, accounting for 25% and 43% of the global total respectively.

“The pandemic underscored that no country or organization in the world was fully prepared for the impact of this pandemic,” Dr Barbosa said during a media briefing today. This includes the Americas, which is a region “marked by inequities.”

Today, incidence rates are 20-30 times lower than a year ago, but “while we are not totally out of the woods, we are in a much better place,” he added.

The PAHO Director highlighted the key role PAHO played in helping countries get to this place. This includes building and strengthening the COVID-19 Genomic Surveillance Regional Network, which is key to tracking the evolution of the virus, as well as monitoring for other pathogens with pandemic potential, including avian flu. Over the past three years, the network has facilitated the uploading of more than 580,000 sequences from Latin America and the Caribbean into global databases.

Dr. Barbosa also highlighted the role PAHO played in getting COVID-19 vaccine shots into arms “mobilizing over 160 million doses through COVAX and helping the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean roll out more than 1.3 billion vaccine doses in less than two years.”

Despite these achievements, Dr. Barbosa warned that “COVID-19 is still with us and the virus has yet to settle into a predictable pattern.”

“Throughout the last month, we have seen more than 1.5 million new cases and 17,000 deaths,” the PAHO Director said. “We cannot be complacent.”

Dr. Barbosa warned that while testing rates have dropped, it is crucial that countries maintain and continue to strengthen surveillance as the SARS-CoV-2 virus “can evolve and adapt quickly”.

Reaching the 30% of people who have yet to receive their COVID-19 primary series of COVID-19 vaccine, is also key to “preparing ourselves for any new wave of infection or new variant of concern.”

While the Region has experienced a variety of setbacks throughout the pandemic that have “revealed or exacerbated weaknesses in our health systems”, including in the detection and treatment of diseases such as TB and HIV, in the testing and treatment of non-communicable diseases; and in declining rates for routine vaccination, we now have a unique opportunity to “place health at the center of the Sustainable Development Agenda.”

“We must focus on recovering losses and on rebuilding resilient health systems that work for everyone, as well as being better prepared for future health threats,” the PAHO Director said.

“As I begin my tenure, a primary focus is to help countries of the Americas move past the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“PAHO stands ready to support our countries in the Americas, to learn from and apply the lessons we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.”


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  1. Where is the count on Vax – een deaths? They’re still trying to push their fraudulent narrative. The data are clear and people have awakened to the BS –The life insurance companies data of the excess deaths are incontrovertible.

  2. “” Despite these achievements, Dr. Barbosa warned that “COVID-19 is still with us and the virus has yet to settle into a predictable pattern.” “”……

    “” “Throughout the last month, we have seen more than 1.5 million new cases and 17,000 deaths,” the PAHO Director said. “We cannot be complacent.” “”

    I love it when they contradict the headline after gaslighting.

    This is just a bold face lie and not held up by the “SCieNce”. Lockdowns did not work, vaccines barely worked and what little help they did stopped after 3 months post injection.

    Anyone still pushing these solutions is biased actor and clearly working for interests outside of public safety. It’s time the Caribbean disconnect itself from American dominated organizations.

  3. After three years of pushing their poisons for profit, idiots like him still pushing this big pharma narrative. Explain how why cruise ships had to quarantine at sea because all aboard caught COVID AND they all had to be vaxxed and up to date on all their boosters before they could even set foot on the cruise ship. They had to show proof of all their poisonous jabs and boosters yet, yet they all caught COVID. Look how many died on the cruise ship from being poisoned just so they could go on a cruise.

    And here we are again with morons like him telling people to take the poison. Look at Uganda where 6% or less of the entire population got the poison jab only because big pharma refused to give them the formula or sell it for less and now COVID is an endemic now. Just like a regular cold or flu. Herding immunity happened in Uganda and that’s why they now have no issues.

    I am not supporting big Pharma nor will I inject any poison in my body. There are a lot of articles online you can read for yourself. It’s all about choice. Your body, you do what you want with it. You will not force me to take it, my body, my choice.

  4. Why are these so called Organizations still pushing vaccines, THEY DON’T F’ING WORK and are dangerous. I know why, they’re trying to justify, and keep their jobs, crooked bastards.

  5. All health bodies, internationally and locally, PHO, WHO, CDC, FDA have lost the confidence of most of the world. They lied about the virus, Birx stated that the masking, social distancing and lockdowns were all made up.
    This is what the Nazis did in World War 2; scare the hell out of people and you can enslave them . The mainstream media continues to ignore the disturbing increase in deaths in jabbed countries and young,fit athletes dropping dead of heart attacks, because Big Pharma pays them billions.
    My God! What people will do for a few dollaes more!
    This idiot is just picking up where Etienne left off.
    Don’t buy their lies folks. Stay the hell away from their useless poisons.

    – 96% “Vaccinated”
    – 17% Excess deaths
    – 21% decline in births
    – 94% “Unvaccinated”
    – 0% Excess deaths
    – 0% decline in births

    Dr Fauci went on TV and finally admitted that injecting things into your blood cannot protect you from COVID because it is not a blood disease. It’s a respiratory virus.

  7. The only pandemic there is, is people being killed by these injections. Where are the mortality figures for Antigua?

  8. I see some of these headlines and don’t even bother to read the article. I only read the comments to see where the minds of the people are. All these so called health bodies around the world continue to play around with the lives of the living natural man and woman. They have reduced us to play things by fooling us into thinking that they control everything around us including the air that we breathe. There is a reason that they have to continue with their story..its all they got. Just as with everything in life, there is a time and place..they refuse to allow things to return to the natural course that once was..they are power drunk..but..your number is up. Leave the natural man and woman alone!!

  9. 🥱💉🥱💉🥱💉🥱💉🥱💉 is any right thinking person still taking these DANGEROUS life threatening injections?

    If they are, have they been living under a rock, or had some sort of lobotomy? 🤯

    MUST BE …!

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