3 billion doses later AstraZeneca to withdraw Covid-19 vaccine


BBC- After more than three billion doses, the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid vaccine is being withdrawn.

AstraZeneca said it was “incredibly proud” of the vaccine, but it had made a commercial decision.

It said the rise of new coronavirus variants meant demand had shifted to the newer updated vaccines.

Its vaccine was estimated to have saved millions of lives during the pandemic, but also caused rare, and sometimes fatal, blood clots.

In the race to lift the world out of pandemic lockdowns, the Covid vaccine was developed by scientists at the University of Oxford in record time. A process that normally takes 10 years was accelerated down to about 10 months.

In November 2020, it was heralded as “a vaccine for the world” as it was far cheaper and easier to store than other Covid vaccines. The pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca had agreed to manufacture it en masse.

Initially, it was the cornerstone of the UK’s plans to vaccinate our way out of lockdown.

“The truth is it made an enormous difference, it was what lifted us out of the catastrophe that was unfolding at the time, combined with the other vaccine from Pfizer,” said Prof Adam Finn, from the University of Bristol.

However, its reputation was dented as unusual blood clots emerged as a rare side effect of the vaccine, and the UK turned to alternatives.

In a statement, AstraZeneca said: “According to independent estimates, over 6.5 million lives were saved in the first year of use alone.

“Our efforts have been recognised by governments around the world and are widely regarded as being a critical component of ending the global pandemic.”

It said the development of new vaccines that more closely match the mutated forms of Covid that are now circulating meant there was a “surplus of available updated vaccines”, leading to a “decline in demand” for its vaccine which is “no longer being manufactured or supplied”.

Prof Finn added: “I think the withdrawal of the vaccine simply reflects it’s no longer useful.

“It’s turned out that this virus is very agile and it’s evolved away from the original vaccines, so they have in a sense become irrelevant and only the reformulated vaccines are likely to be being used now.”

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  1. No jab! No job! No jab!! No job!!! Gaston Brown you %$#@%%^$###, for the love of money you kill off Antiguans. You know the amount of persons affected by blood clots after they took that vaccine? I praying for you, you, you, you that probably took water injection you %%%//=÷÷×@@><&&*^^

  2. Well well well. They finally admitted it. So the question is how compromised are our immune systems after the vaccine.

  3. I spoke about the issues with AstraZeneca 3-4 years ago when the opposing medical voices were SILENCED by the legacy and main stream media.

    I mentioned blood clotting, Pericarditis and Myocarditis to name just a few of the serious adverse reactions from AstraZeneca.

    Our Health Minister Molwyn Joseph continued to persuade Antiguans to take it, even though Denmark and the UK had banned it.

    Joseph must be held accountable …

  4. “That dog won’t hunt” as Herman Cain would say. It was a farse that has tarnished the vaccine industry. We no longer TRUST you.

  5. … and it starts with Molwyn ‘AstraZeneca’ Joseph immediate resignation.


  6. What the grudges say abouted? Where are those reputable-lodg3 membera doctors traitors of mankind ???? Where are you infamous cowards criminals???. You born for a shining wombs or your ill fate illumination bring you to next level???.

  7. none of the government ministers took the vaccine, just like that fraud J.Truth that was speaking out against it then pretended he took it.

  8. Alot of all yuh mskunt get fucd from those vaccines. It’s a good thing I didn’t took any!!

  9. This is an indictment against Gaston Browne and his Cabinet. They hastily mandated an untested, unproven drug motivated by money. I have said before, our death rate here, as with every country who mass jabbed their people. Why are we running out of places to bury our dead? Why have turbo cancers been inflicting the young?
    There were doctors on our airways promoting this thing, claiming efficacy and safety and for what?
    We who stood our ground, paid a price, endured ridicule, were called all kinds of things, because we put HEALTH before cars, jeeps, houses and jobs. Kudos to one and all.
    I wish you well.

  10. I took this vaccine twice and encouraged my wife, daughter, sons , sister and mother to take it. Right now I feel so guilty.

  11. @ Watching, it wasn’t only our doctors, politicians, pharmacists, and the Health Minister Molwyn Joseph.

    Never forget those religious leaders (from all denominations) across Antigua, that prompted and promoted the so-called vaccine mandates.

    Some of their comments towards those who didn’t want to partake with these trials were vilified by them … and where are these LOUD voices now?

    Probably busy now burying the dead!!!

  12. I take no pleasure in saying that I told you so. I knew this day would come. And likewise I hope the day comes when PM Gaston Browne and Molwyn Joseph are held accountable, for the tyrannical manner they acted. Threatening people with their jobs if they didn’t take the jab.

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