Africans felt unwelcome in Antigua and were trying to leave, Melford suggests

Surviving passengers/ Photo contributed

In a bizarre explanation about the migrant smuggling scandal, government spokesman Melford Nicholas suggested at a news conference today that the Africans who were offered stay in Antigua did not feel welcome here and wanted to leave.

The Cabinet notes of today suggested further:

Several of the West African migrants reported that there was expressed hostility towards them by angry people who signaled that they wished them to leave their country.

This hostility, the Cabinet agreed, was not the custom in Antigua whose immigrant population is significant in size.

During the period of campaigning, leading up to the January 2023 general elections, the migrants learned that they had been wrongly accused of being impostor voters, and other objectionable accusations had been hurled at them.”

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  1. Here’s another ministerial coward trying to deflect the blame from ABLP’S involvement with this horrific tragedy.

    We now have a government who refuse to admit their collaboration in this duplicitous venture; we have a government that have gone into hiding and still refuse to address the nation; and now Gaston Browne has disappeared.


  2. Milford Empty Barrel makes the most Noise..Stop Running from the real issues at Hand why they were brought here in the first Place.These people were suppose to be investors, Vacationers until their presence all over Antigua like Refugees Prove your Lieing Government Wrong.Tell Us who is responsible for The Human trafficking from Africa to Antigua..These people had no intentions to Remain in Antigua while Only Landing in America was on their mind..What in the Dark Must come to Light. Under the corrupt ABLP its always Bring Shame to Antigua’s Good Name.

  3. Thats a kie from the pits of hell. Jackie had interviewed one of them he said they were told that they would only stay for 2 days and then move on to thier destination she ask him not to call names. But he said we are still here well its almost 2 months now. I think tgey were lied to by authrities i know who but will call no name. Its shameful all this is human trafficking. Its totally inhumane Mr. Melford Antiguans tdidnt treat them in no wrong way. Its who brought tgem here abd didnt live up to their promises treated them badly. You leaders take the blame stop saying its Antiguans you know the truth speak it. Remember what the Bible says. What is done in secret will surely come to light Karma dont play.

  4. I am completely sickened by that response / explanation from Melford.

    Passing the buck on the general population? really dude?

  5. Well maybe if ya’ll didn’t fkn lie about who ya’ll were bringing here Mr. Melford “H” Nicholas. I thought ya’ll said they were rich and affluent tourists. I thought ya’ll said the proper immigration procedures were followed. I thought ya’ll said all of them went back.

  6. The Africans entered Antigua in the dead of the night, Antiguans remained unclear of their purposes for being in Antigua.

    Many of them entered Antigua wearing red T shirts with slogans depicting the next level. Many arrived in Antigua with faked passports, none of them arrived in Antigua with no visas. None of them had addresses in Antigua or sufficient money to pay for accommodation for their stay in Antigua.

    A great number of them claimed that they were intransit visitors, but none of them had visas to support they plan to reach the USA. Therefore inferences are drawn that they had intended to smuggled into the USA. Antigua could not allow itself to be seen to be supporting their illegal intentions.

    It is an absolute cheek for them to suggest that Antiguans were in hospitable towards them, especially as they have demonstrated consistently total
    dishonesty and fraudulent activities that they got up to in Antigua.

    When they arrived in Antigua during out of hours, the chief Immigration officer, the crooked Nigerian employee from the Ministry of Argiculture was on hand to received them.
    The chief Immigration officer affirmed that the crooked Nigerian used government vehicle to taxi some of the so-called refugees.

    The same crooked Nigerian affirmed that Antigua was under populated, which is why the so-called refugees were brought to Antigua. The same crooked Nigerian stated that he and the Prime Minister are tight.

    The so-called refugees changed their intended purposes for being in Antigua to refugees and it was ALP who first engineered that claim, which the so-called refugees have continued to promote.

    To date, Antigua has not been able to identify their true identity, but ALP has given them residence status with the right to work and they have the audacity to say that we have not been hospitable towards them.

    Where did they think they were coming? They are born Antiguans who are struggling and without employment for years and they have illegally entered Antigua and have got employment!

    The actions of those who left Antigua in the dead of the night, it was they choice and not Antigua. Their actions demonstrated their level of crooked behaviour and would stop at nothing in accomplishing their crooked intentions.
    Antiguans should take to the streets and insist on them to be repatriated back to where they come from.

    They could not enter France, UK, Europe, or the USA in the manner they entered Antigua and remained, why should they expect Antigua to be any different.

  7. The Africans have no right to be here because of the way they came. It is very likely that they are Nigerians posing as Cameroonians. Why after escaping death and landing in Antigua are they risking life and limb to enter the US illegally? At what point did they start to think that anyone in Antigua owes them anything? Even in the US they would hear people say they don’t want them around, so the assertion being made is silly. I truly wonder if they would be mad at the US when they catch them and lock them up before deporting them back to Camaroon. If an Antiguan or another Caribbean national for that matter, was in the same situation, we know just how we would be treated. I’m sorry that they died, but it is not on us. They were doing nonsense. If you have $4000 US to pay to go to the USVI, you have enough to stay in a country trying to give your residency and authorization to work and make a life until things get sorted out in your birth country. They want to be in the US and that is the long and short of it.

    • You are so right Antigua first .. when they get to America and Americans are mean to them, will they then leave America for some where else ??? NOT AT ALL because That’s where they want to go is USA .. whether or not Antiguans were nice to them, they were going to leave anyway because their final destination is Antigua .. Milford all of you on that panel this morning should be ashamed

  8. The UPP people are the first to do this the hate the West Africans so much and the even did a demonstration on the street ,with all this our African brothers and sisters felt bad why only them Chinese and so many others are here and they are taken over ur business here why can’t u talk abt them .some people are wicket especially UPP party All the West African know that the UPP are bad People and the hate them and insults them as well wickets UPP party people

    • African brothers, my a**. Let’s not forget it was those West Africans who initially sold us out into slavery.

      The West Africans were heavily into enslavement long before the Europeans and when the Europeans went to Africa the Chiefs and Obas sold the Middle Passage slaves to the Europeans and the Europeans ultimately, enslaved them.

      I defy you to go to any part of West Africa with the promotion of brotherhood and let us see how long you would last. At best you would be robbed and at worse kidnapped.

      • Good you admit you’re a slave , we don’t have that time for negative energies. Y’all should go to school and increase your level of intelligence. Irresponsible fools who can’t even get married cuz of greed and stinginess and fear of responsibility. We not here to influence your political shit ass holes , we have a life and ambitions than y’all crusty frogs with stinky dreads. You should be thankful for the Syrians who make fast food for y’all to eat otherwise y’all be looking like your sick dogs all over the place . Some of these Africans you see are billionaires who don’t find Antigua as a place where humans live. Who even told y’all we are your brothers? We don’t want y’all and we never came here to stay. Middle finger 🖕🏻 to y’all and take a piece of the middle finger to your mama’s. Fucking illeterates . You were born slaves , you live as slaves and y’all die as slaves if y’all don’t realize your mistakes .

        • Wow oh wow, lmao, you all are making the PM mad.
          Yesterday he was seeking sympathy, he must not have gotten enough, so today, he’s lashing out.
          Your style of writing makes it obvious you are not an African. 🤣😂🤣 None of these migrants stranded in Antigua are billionaires — they couldn’t even afford to pay for hotel stays in Antigua, you forget? Is the heat too heavy that’s coming down on you? You’re going to low when you start bringing people’s “mama” in the fight. Nutso, Nutso, Nutso!

        • @Lead Africans Your perceptions of Antigua as a newcomer are interesting. They show a lack of knowledge/understanding of the history of the island or region. Antiguans cook lots of local food at home and at festivals. Local chefs tend to prefer to work in the tourist sector in hotels and high end restaurants where they earn more. Antiguans do not usually go to casual local restaurants to eat out. Local food is most easily found at supermarket delis if you want to find a quick meal. Eating out, persons often prefer something different than what they prepare at home. So, the Syrian eateries (a recent phenomenon) serve fast food. The Middle East has some of the best food in the world. So, we don’t mind those eateries, thanks. Antiguans speak a lot of dialect, yes. But, people are not illiterate. The Queen’s/King’s English is used for official business. I’ve heard that some English speaking Africans and French speaking Africans have been fighting a war for some reason. Perhaps Africans should take their imported languages a little less seriously. Even the Europeans don’t fight each other any longer. True, Antiguans should settle down and get married more, but the reasons they don’t include various socioeconomic factors and legacies from slavery. You should go easy on the insults, learn a bit more, and be more respectful to mothers. I wish you all the best.

      • @antigua4ever Africans sold Africans for how many shillings? That is the lie the white man told you? Yes competition among over 1000 African tribes will have facilitated the European greed of divide and conquer.
        Just remember that the first victims of the transatlantic slave trade was the broken families of the African communities itself before the exploitation that continued in the americas.yes some greedy chiefs participated but there was no gain in that, the stolen Africans from the continent were sold on market street by the European pirates to the european planters fand made slaves for further exploitation on the plantations, yield from which Europe and north America built every single institution and their economies.stop blaming mother Africa who was bruised and raped whiles you loving the invaders.self hate is simply self destructive.

        • @Galil overall your argument is very muddled. I refer you and others with with similar sentiments of Africa being our “Mother” land to study the Ghanian/Nigerian empire.

          Ghanians and Nigerians have a long history of carrying out acts of enslavement long before the Europeans monstrous act of enslavement.

          Allow me to draw your attention to the dangerous nature of Ghanians/ Nigerians and remind you of their wickedness demonstrated by them in Antigua when they got Prince Klass murdered during his endeavourment to liberated Antigua from colonial rulership.

          West Africans are extremely servile people and would not hesitate to sell each other out for their own gains as was demonstrated during the Middle Passage era.

          As a pro Africa supporter you should take a trip to West Africa and I can guarantee it that your views and perspectives on Mother Africa would differ from sentiments.

          I have had the privilege of travelling extensively to West Africa.
          On one of my visit to Nigeria, I was robbed in broad day light in the presence of the local Oba in Badagry.

          There is no law or order in Nigeria. My purpose for visiting Badagry was to visit the Point of No Return, as Badagry was one of the slaveport used to transport slaves for the Middle Passage.

          A so-called tour guide wanted to charge me excessively because of my accent for the canoe ride across the lagoon to commence the walk that the slaves walked to the Point of no Return.

          Once he heard my accent he decided to inflate the fee. I refused to pay the inflated fee, I was ordered off the shores of the lagoon and he refused to refund the fees that was initially paid. I had to turn dark on him to get my money back.

          I have a friend who is a senior government official to whom I narrated my ordeal to and we returned to Badagry, the next day, my friend spoke to the Oba in Yoruba, an apology was made.

          Eventually, I was able to visit the Point of no Return, with a new Guide, but he too wanted more money. Would I visit Nigeria again 🤔… it would not be in a hurry to do so.
          Actually, I was very fortunate that I wasn’t at best kidnapped and at worse murdered.

          Angola, Sirre Leon,The Sengual and Gambia are a little better than Nigeria and Ghana.

          Africa is a huge continent, where in Africa could we call home. Though, majority of Antigua’s slaves were from Ghana, Sirre Leon, Gambia and small portion of Nigerians.
          A few years ago, the Commonwealt Institue London, staged an exhibition in honour and remembrance of Prince Klass.The Ghanian High Commissioner was invited to the event, he has never responded to the invitation and he did not turned up.

          Incidentally, the Ghanians, to this days regards us as “slave babies”, they have forgotten that they had a hand in our enslavement.

          Additionally, no West African country has ever apologise to the Caribbean for their role in our enslavement, but we must turn the other cheek and received them with open hands. I think not!

          • Do these people who keep talking about African brothers and sisters know that many Africans look down on the descendants of slaves and think they are superior. A Nigerian told me that the people who were sold were thieves. I had to tell him that there were and even today many thieves in Africa. It must be an African trait.
            My friend visited Nigeria and the immigration officer held on to his passport and wanted a bribe to return it. My friend had an influential friend he called up who went to the airport to get him his passport. They say Nigeria is the most corrupt country in Africa and many Africans will agree with this.
            They don’t see you as brothers and sisters. Maybe distant cousins. Don’t fool yourselves.

    • That’s right @ Williams, keep putting the blame on the UPP while the world witnesses the political nonsensical arguments from the ABLP supporters … HOW UTTERLY EMBARRASSING FOR CRITICALLY THINKING ANTIGUANS! 😔

  9. So, Gaston Browne, the brightest bulb on God’s earth, was DUPED by Marvelous Mike.
    DUPED by another fake foreign investor, again!
    So, Gaston. Tenman. From the Sideline, Alex, Luther are you going to cancel and retrieve the ten or more Antigua and Barbuda passports that were issued in the now DEFUNCT Antigua Airways deal?
    Blinded by Greed, Gaston Browne will be DUPED again

  10. MP Nicholas probably thinks he is speaking to ABLP supporters only…….lol what an idiotic thing to say about about the population of a tourism driven country.

  11. Just wanting to make the Antiguans and Barbudans people feel like we are responsible for this debacle. So many poor explanation was given at this news conference which raised more questions than answers for the government. The ordinary citizens of Antigua and Barbuda didn’t bring the West Africans here and dump them on the streets. Government knew fully well that they were always going to be a flight risk because they really have no interest in being here. More of this is likely to happen.

  12. Can we use Melford Nicholas Covid19 bracelets on the Africans until the investigation is completed so you can account for them?

  13. This New is completely fake, we have had much love from Antigua people the day we enter the country. We are really great full for all the assistance and love they shown us. Antigua people are very welcoming please you shouldn’t take this message to heart. I’m from Cameroon and I totally disagree to this.

    • @Dashia
      Now you know what Antiguans are dealing with , with this present government. They are liars and thieves. Should you decide to stay in Antigua, remember to never vote for this government so we can help us get rid of them.

  14. The reality is that trying to get to the US by first taking a boat out of Antigua is not unusual. Most Antiguan over 65 years of age who are now American citizen “jumped through the window’, others married an American through a aid arranged marriage. Gone are the days when you arrive in St. Thomas by boat and the immigration gave you 2 weeks to find a job. You could get an extension by going over to Beef Island until you were able to get a job and be bonded.
    Many jump thought the window by taking a place to Puerto Rico and then Resten Airlines on to New York. One would have jumped from St. Thomas to PR and then PR to NY: no passport necessary. Those days are gone. There is a population abroad, larger than the Antigua and Barbuda population whose parents and grandparents jumped through the window.
    While these actions were illegal, they were not facilitated by and Government.
    I find it of interest that no organization in Antigua and Barbuda has confidentially ferreted out does the African say by sitting with the Africans themselves..

  15. Melford, shame on you blaming antiguans the ABLP’s ivolvement in this now catastrophic human trafficking scandal. Shame on you!!!

    And some of you all are wilfully dunce in these comments. UPP was never protesting ‘the Africans’ being here. The protest was against the Gaston browne administration’s shady dealings with the so called Marvelous Mike Press x Antigua Airways venture, that from DAY ONE was, at the very least a clear scam/human trafficking operation to anyone with eyes to see… and at most, likely something much more serious than we even know involving not just “African brothers and sisters” but other precious cargo that landed on VCBIA in the charter flight.

    This shameless Gaston Browne led administration should RESIGN for their involvement. But they have no shame and and now sinking to such low depths blaming the antiguan population for this horrific preventable tragedy.


    • Many people before me have said that this government continually looks down on the indigenous and autochthonous Antiguans @ G S, and Melford’s statement is proof perfect.

      I look forward to the day when Antigua & Barbuda gets a government that truly looks out for our welfare and financial wellbeing – I live in hope!

  16. Africans felt unwelcome in Antigua. I am from Antigua and when visiting. I have that unwelcomed feeling most of the times. I would suck it up and leave at the end of my visit. Why those Africans could not do the same,Melford? They came into Antigua and would use it as a stepping stone to the USA. It is sad it ended tragically. According to your TAP DAWG,this Administration of which you are a part of bares no blame. Antigua has been known to be a Human Trafficking Haven. This is based on past evidence of Syrians trying to get into St.Thomas,USVI from Antigua.

  17. This continues to be an absolute disaster, and has even made headlines here in the US. Smh. This was warned of, vehemently spoken against by many pundits on the thread, and even by those who are not from the nation of Antigua, but have great business interest in the island, but yet still here we are with this absolute nightmare of a situation.smdh. This could have been avoided, but stubbornness is one of the deadliest emotions. Like they say, who can’t hear will feel. This so wrong on so many levels, so wrong, and borderline criminal.

  18. Uncle Mel, me glad when yuh start to talk bwoy,
    But lawd yuh let me dung,
    Me shame o’ yuh soh till all o’
    Me proudness drop a grung.

    Bwoy yuh noh shame? Is soh you come?
    Wid all dem lies in a God face
    Yuh nah ‘fraid light’ning struck you dung?

    Bwoy yuh couldn’t improve yuhself!
    An tap mek gaston fool yuh
    Yuh nah hab a mind a yuh own
    And talk de truth so God can bless yuh!

    Melford Nicholas, how do you view the Antiguan people? Do you see us as imbeciles so we will believe every lie you say? Enquiring minds would like to know.

  19. @Lead Africans… If some of your African friends are billionaires with clean money, why don’t they just apply for economic visas or permanent residence in a first world country through normal legal channels? Or, why not just buy some empty land in a neighbouring African country and build a mansion or village for themselves and their friends? Why not ask the African Union for some land to resettle in a willing country with lots of room? Your story is a little hard to believe. Antiguans don’t hate you. They are just upset about the way things were done. So, you should try not to take it personally.

  20. I am from Barbados and spent a month in Antigua recently. While in Antigua I made it my business to meet as many of the Cameroonians as much as possible. Saw those in Jolly Harbor and all over St Johns. Sadly, the sentiments of most Antiguans I asked about how they feel about them was unnerving and unkind. 4500 Antiguans live in Canada.

    It was no different to hearing a presenter on Observer Radio speaking of Sir Gary Sobers not having done anything for cricket and that Bajans are arrogant. My belief that a few vocal angry selfish Antiguans are not reflective of the whole population.

    What many Antiguans seem not to understand, they like Barbados is a month or two away from poverty if war breaks out between Russia an NATO, for tourism will dry up.

    Antiguans should really eat humble pie and understand many Africans are their DNA cousins. As a person who has visited the African continent 3 times and have seen the poverty first hand I can sympathize with the Cameroonians seeking greener pastures. 3900 Antiguans live in England.

    Never forget, if not for slavery and your ancestors surviving the middle passage, you could be in Africa smelling hell or a King.

    I met some of the Cameroonians who are university students, and even a 21 year old whose family sold property to raise the plane fare for her to seek an opportunity to help support her family back home. Desperate persons will do anything to survive.

    Again, I say to Antiguans put the bloody politics aside ever mindful, the country is very vulnerable to collapse. Approximately 19,000 Antiguans live in the USA thanks to managed migration.

    Show some damn compassion to fellow humans for it’s Cameroonians today, and tomorrow it could be Antiguans. Politicians destroy countries not citizens!

    Feel free to attack my opinion without attacking person.

    • How many of the people you spoke with were really Antiguans by birth. Antigua is more foriegners than Antiguans. Would you be able to tell the difference between an Antiguans and a Jamaican living in Antigua? And as you said ” a few angry selfish Antiguans does not represent the entire population,” then why are you addressing the entire population by saying “put the bloody politics away, show some damn compassion?” Direct your comment to the few “angry selfish” ones. The rest of us don’t need any advise from a Bajan!

      • @Offended, I can attest that I am 100% Antiguan. In 1967 I and other Antiguans of my generation stood in our school yard and sung our National Anthem and we sung it heartedly, we watched the lowering of the British flag and the rising of our flag that I am extremely proud of.

        I recall, vividly picking cotton and stacking cane at Popehead Estate to build my Mothrtland, Antigua . I will never surrender my sovereignty and assumed another. I was born an Antiguan and I will die as one.

        Antiguans have long been resilient people, we saw off the colonials without going to physical war with them. Therfore, I agree with you, Antiguans don’t need no lecture from Bajans or any other nationals on what is acceptable or non acceptable to us. The Bajan who engaged with Cameroonians should have ascertain from them their real purpose for coming to Antigua, additionally the Bajan should petition the Bajan government to take them off of our hands.

        Gaston Browne Migrants entered Antigua like thives in the night whilst Antiguans were asleep, no tangible explanation was offered to us from ALP and we supposed to be ok with that?

        Within less than four weeks of them being on the island they were doing what they do best fraud. To date the fraudster haven’t been brought before the courts, has ALP endorsed one law for them and one law for Antiguans who would have been brought before the courts and we should be ok with that? I think not.

        They want us to respect them, they are on our soil, therefore they should learn to respect us, which includes abiding by our laws.

        When I travel to the US, Europe, Africa,other parts of the Caribbean, firstly, I am an Antiguan and I am committed not caused embarrassment to myself and shame to my country
        I am respectful of the host laws and traditions.

        Many of those Africans arrived in Antigua in red t shirts with slogans depicting ALP and some running around with red flags and promoting the next level! They flagrantly demonstrated to citizens of Antigua a gross lack of respect.

    • @Funny Money…Ghana Often

      A…do some research into former Ambassador Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao.
      She was removed as the African Union Ambassador to the United States because of how she was exposing the European Government’s and their stronghold on the African continent and its people.

      B…Yes, there are settlements in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Ethiopia(Sheshamane) to name a few where Africans from the diaspora have returned to and are thriving to some degree. However, the trials and tribulations regarding these settlements are well documented.

      C…using the conflict in Cameroon, as an example why are the Cameroonians(French and British Citizens) fighting each other, killing each other to appease their European Masters.
      BTW – do most Cameroonians see themselves as BLACK PEOPLE, as the majority of Antiguans, Barbudans & REDONDANS do, or do they see themselves as FRENCH or BRITISH CITIZENS?

      I have met many individuals from present day Africa, and very few are interested in the plights of BLACK PEOPLE in the West, whether these BLACK PEOPLE are from the Americas or the Caribbean. If, and when they do, it’s with an ulterior motive powered by superiority.

      I am quite sure, that you are familiar with many of the Pan African, Black Power Movements, the Rastafarian Community’s which were harassed, abused and maligned by Our Governments in the Caribbean(read the Dominica Dread Act. Also look into the harassment by the ALP – Antigua Labour Party Government towards the ACLM – Afro Caribbean Liberation Movement).
      Now can you please direct me to any information, reguarding any MOVEMENTS out of Africa, that did the same works as their counterparts in the west.

      What this present saga in Antigua has shown is the same Governments which were vehemently opposed to these Pan African Movements have now come to their senses about the economical values and importance of reestablishing the TRIANGULAR TRADE ROUTE. The problem is how they’re going about it, especially the Gaston Browne led ABLP Government leaves much to be desired.

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

    • @Funny. Money
      Please ask Ms Mia Motley to take these Africans. This would be real compassion to these fellow human beings.

  21. Antigua first -I like how you put it. Firstly I blame the government for causing this fiasco in the first place. However, as you stated they are not only here but they are also working illegally and unlike other nationalities a blind eye is turned on that. They do not have to hide as our Caribbean brothers and sisters while working illegally. They are working In Resturant , in people homes , with vendors, on farms and no immigrant, no Labour department, no social security and education levy are scooping down these business. They are given jobs with companies that normally require police records and other background information and again a blind eye. They are accepted overwhelmingly by the general population. Even our Caribbean brothers and sisters that were not given this preferencial treatment are assisting them. So it is a poor statement for Melford Nicholas to say that they are leaving because they do not feel wanted. Churches have opened doors and are providing them with food shelter and clothing.
    Melford the Gastón Brown led administration made a mess , with the Antigua Airways. Until you guys come clean on that, which is not going anywhere you will be a factor or accused and fingers will continue to be pointed in your direction. Yes this boat tragedy have fingers pointing on our beautiful Antigua in a negative way.
    I do not subscribe either that you have blood on your hands. UPP this is a cheap political punch. I think you should continue pushing for an investigation into the Antigua Airways matter. However our African brothers and sisters are also hell bent on going to the USA mainland. Those that are left here most will not stop trying. So our defense force, police and general public needs to be on the lookout and report any sightings of these illegal movements.
    I can see the Haitians and to a lesser extent the Cubans drowning at sea in this manner. However these brothers and sisters have been receiving preferential treatment in Antigua and Barbuda and should not be risking their lives like this. They are completely out of harm’s way if they are fleeing from war.
    I am suggesting again that the government, the clergy and some key stakeholders hold a forum with these Africans. They are not hiding, they are living in fairly large groups and Antigua is a small place. So I am also calling on the authorities to do this quickly. If not this is going to surely continue and we will have more disasters.
    They go to the airport and try to purchase tickets to the USA and Canada and other countries that require Visa for entry. When disallowed that get upset and blaming the agents for disallowing them. They are accusing us a keeping them hostage by not allowing them to go on boats loads to the US Virgin Islands .
    So we a dealing with people of a completely different mindset and culture.
    Gastón it is because you don’t listen that put Antigua in this mess . That at this stage, our country and people is looking to rebuild and rebound this issue is taking center, left, right, back and front stage. Our cabinet briefing was entirely about this issue. Our education , our infrastructure, our entire life is now enfolded with this African fiasco. Again, I will not go as far as to say blood is on your hand . However I will say that you have dragged Antigua’s name to a low and there should have consequences, political and otherwise. Several members of your briefing yesterday by virtue of not standing up for Antigua ( Antigua laws ) . Should also pay a price to include Job losses and answering questions to a commission of inquiry.

    • How many of the people you spoke with were really Antiguans by birth. Antigua is more foriegners than Antiguans. Would you be able to tell the difference between an Antiguans and a Jamaican living in Antigua? And as you said ” a few angry selfish Antiguans does not represent the entire population,” then why are you addressing the entire population by saying “put the bloody politics away, show some damn compassion?” Direct your comment to the few “angry selfish” ones. The rest of us don’t need any advise from a Bajan!

    • @Frankly Speaking…how quickly the Nattering Nabobs and hypocrites forget the plight of the Rastafari(man, woman & children). The said ones who were shouting from every mountain in the Caribbean, WE ARE AFRICANS! WE ARE AFRICANS! WE WANNA GO HOME.

      Where were the churches, where were the Government Agencies to assist them?

      Yeah, that god which many serve could just as well be spelt #MAMMON, for as night turns to day, and you read and hear what they say.
      The phrase “charity begins at home” is useless and meaningless to many AFRICANS born and bred right under the noses, of our Quasi INDEPENDENT NATIONS in the Caribbean.

      BTW – have Dominica repealed the DREAD ACT? To this day, I haven’t heard a peep out of most conscientious, well educated Caribbean Africans(please correct me, if I am wrong).

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

  22. I am very ashamed and bumbfounded. And i feel the same too. When i see Antiguaians open and extended welcome to other races such as China and the serians but the Africans the publicly and verbally dash out a not welcome attitude to them if i was one of them i would have swim to leave here too. Just like Jesus he went to his own and his own recieve him not

    • Michael Scott Do not be an ass.
      No one asked the Africans to leave. Antiguans are hospitable to them.
      So, stop spreading propaganda and stop being political

  23. Most of you will not be here today or among the living without migrations. Your ancestors migrated from north east Africa through the congo and niger delta to today’s west Africa. Same gene pool as the Africans but the mangoes has been so bruised due to the slave trade just can’t even recognize the tree from which they came from. you will not be here if your ancestors didn’t survive the middle passage, over 2 million stolen Africans and not slaves were drowned. They were Africans first, remnants of ancient Egypt ,Hebrews and cushites. See yourself in the mirror, you from the same stock not you think you are English, french or dutch? Do you even consider yourself a carib or from one of the Indian tribes like taino, hatuey… Be black and proud about your rich heritage and embrace it and your ppl .we are all in the same journey , we are still migrating and surviving to bring forth the future generations.
    #Hue Man

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