African visitors call for protection from the Antigua Government


Letter written by representative of African Community from Cameroon 

We the Africans present here in Antigua, we are not happy being here but due to the situation back home (civil War) which led to over 8000thousand killed, and human rights violation comprises tortures, humiliation etc has cause us to leave the country for our security.

We plead with the government of Antigua and Barbuda to grant us protection.

May be the government should look for a way out for us to leave Antigua but not returning to Africa most of us loss everything before embarking on this journey of survivor through the Antigua air line which was the only way for us to leave Africa some of us loss  everything since we have no families back home, no house etc because of the current situation since 08 to 09 years now.

When we hear of the Antigua air line we said it was God arrangements for the youths our lives is in danger if we are being deported some of us will directly be killed, jailed.

I pray the Antigua and Barbuda government and it’s Caribbean associates grant us access with a document that may back us up as refugees to any port of entry and exit within the Caribbean territories.


DIE or JAILED !!!!😭😭😭😭

We are the leaders of tomorrow to bring hope to our country again after the dictator regime of Paul Biya and it minister

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  1. It is regrettable and very painful that the much touted Antigua Airways was allegedly involved, knowingly or unknowingly in the trafficking of people from the African continent while we all thought that bonafide tourists and business people were coming here. It is so distressing that Antigua has found itself caught up in this dilemma which the government is now forced to address.

    • @Audley Phillip

      “Human trafficking is the trade of humans for the purpose of forced labour, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others.”

      Are YOU using these visitors for forced labour, sexual slavery or sexual exploitation?? Do tell so the police can arrest YOU if this is what YOU are doing!

  2. Absolutely correct! For whatever reason these African refugees were brought into the Antigua & Barbuda by Gaston Browne’s ABLP government and they have been left to hang out and dry on the streets.


    There is a lot more to this story than we are being told. It stinks!!!

    Africans in Antigua, if you want to resolve this issue, go and demonstrate outside of Gaston Browne’s yard … NOW!

  3. Why is this the story now coming out after the talking season? Why the anti-Government led news agencies were politicizing this as Africans come in to vote? News reporters and agencies and social media networks are destroying the core of our world. This is irresponsible of the powers that be. I guess you, or they have an agenda.

  4. Let the Government of Antigua help Cameroonians because of the civil war people are dieing everyday in cameroon ,some are sleeping in the forest in order to be safe ,it’s everywhere on social media u can check the Amba crisis and u will see videos and pictures

  5. VISITORS??? How does this work? when I visit any other country immigration usually ask what’s the reason for my visit? a time-line is then stamp in my passport, if everything checks out and I meet the requirements. Did anything of this sort happen here? Wow! Now just like the big countries people are seeking asylum in Wadadli, by begging the Government please not to send them back.

  6. They need to write to their corresponding EMBASSIES, and ALL INTERNATIONAL MEDIA HOUSES — BBC, CNN, TEKEMUNDO, CBS, Al-Jazeera etc, and report the truth, of their trip to Antigua, Barbuda and REDONDA through the ABLP Government.
    This is an ticking 💣TIME BOMB ready to EXPLODE all over Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA like shit from heaven.

    There MUST be NON-STOP PICKETTING by all until an ENQUIRY like that of BLOOM COOPER is conducted regarding Antigua Airways and those CHARTER FLIGHTS to ANTIGUA.

    Are you #MERCENARIES?
    Are you REFUGEES?
    Are you Bare feet TOURISTS?
    Are you TERRORISTS?

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards.

  7. So if they were here because they are refugees why wasn’t Antiguans told that ??? Why did Gaston out of his mouth lie to the Antiguan people over and over on his radio show saying this is bettering the tourism in our country ..

    We were lied to, so now we will not help and they need to be deported .. they also were not let in by immigration as refugees .. they came as visitors and we were lied to over and over ..

    The government needs to realize you canNOT use Antiguans and take them for fools .. WE WILL STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS!!!! They need to go to a country that can afford them. Antigua can barely take care of Antiguans and we have no money in the budget for Antiguans never mind to rescue anyone else …


    IF THEY ARE SO POOOR HOW DID THEY END UP HERE .. how did government vehicles pick them up from the. Airport ..: the government and Gaston had a plan for these people yet they lied to Antigua


    • Yes Lenny H, Antiguans were lied to, but the biggest mystery is that we all knew that Gaston Browne was being economical with the truth, but yet we still voted for his duplicity. How?

      Do Antiguans really enjoy the lies and humiliation behaviour from our politicians? Seems so …

      • @ brixtonian
        You are right.. people will only treat us how we allow.. Antiguans allow a lot by the government so they will continue to take us for fools

  8. but but but UPP said they came in to VOTE! How now the letter is stating something different? No 4 billion in the belly of the plane they arrived on??? (GASP) Where is the FBI to arrest GB as touted by UPP camp?

    • “…Where is the FBI to arrest GB as touted by the UPP camp?”

      Give it time @ Hmmmmmmm. International security bodies don’t just dive into possible criminal activities, they will be observing the current situation in Antigua, also collating and collecting data before embarking on any actions (If any). Simple really!


  9. Antigua is full and already overrun with refugees! They should have applied to a neighboring African country. Antigua is much poorer than Cameroon, so we can’t afford to take in more refugees. Antiguans are already starving under this useless ALP government.

  10. Wow…unfortunate. Its hoped that compassion is shown for the 100 or less persons to stay. Today, its the Africans tomprrow it may be Antiguans needing to flee should the CBI and tourism fail.

    Hope Antiguans understand life is a cycle

    • It’s a bit difficult to have compassion for people who come into Antigua under very questionable circumstances and not long after arrival credible bank sources are saying that ATM machines were/are being hacked and also the Treasury. Bank clients are being advised to keep track of their accounts and credit card transactions and billing…not quite the desired resume’ this struggling island needs with people now calling themselves refugees!
      The reasons why these people are here appear to be very murky and as @Brixtonian has said go and demonstrate outside the PM’s yard. He needs to be picking up the tab for the accommodation and a charter back home…fraudulent travel documents are not going to be accepted in this part of the world and it is highly unlikely any genuine travel visas will be issued.

  11. Assuming they stay and get Antigua and Barbuda passports.
    They can bring in lots of foreign investments through lottery and online scams which can be turned into legal businesses in Sntigua. Alan Standford for example
    Some will take away jobs from Antiguans
    They can damage the passport reputation going to UK, Canada and USA.
    They will take away yall men and women
    With over 300 refugees, Antigua cannot support itself plus them in a crisis

    On the contrary:
    Based on the news,
    They are refugees, black people running from war.
    They are likely to die or tortured if they return
    Some of them have lost everything, most places are abandoned
    To deport 300 African refugees via an airline back to a crisis state would attract the attention of BBC, CNN and others
    Their resources soon will run out and they will be hungry.

  12. ANR is a real joke. Who wrote this letter? Can you confirm their identity? How do we know this person has any affiliation to the African visitors? Anyvosy can write anything amd email it in!

  13. I don’t think you have civil war in Cameroon.
    Those people do the same in France.
    Antiguese people must be careful.

  14. So the government lied to the nation, when they told us it was wealthy tourists coming to antigua and to open an air link to the African continent.
    It is now pelucid that these people were mere pawns in the effort to get the cargo into Antigua.

    While people were focusing on the passengers, nobody was studying what was in the cargo bay.
    Perhaps it was all the campaign parafanalia from marvelous Mike printery and the campaign money.

    • Why do you think that Max Fernández and the likes of Colin James have gone so quiet on this matter @Cool Ruler?


  15. You will get no sympathy from me. We too need protection from this government.

    You all know that the way you came here was dishonest and you have forced yourselves onto the people of Antigua and Barbuda who have enough problems already.

    Your next plan is to play refugee and support the government to plant you onto the voters list and affect the elections going forward. If you were in your own country you would never let any one of us do that kind of thing.

    Go back home. If you really want to come, come on your own and then we will think about it. But for now. Go back home. We here are catching our royal arse under this Dog we have in power. We don’t need any more headache from allyuh.

    Go hwarme.

  16. Do we have a section of immigration that deals with refugees? They should interview the Africans and try to ascertain the truth. It is not impossible that refugees heard about the new airline and saw it as a way out. It would be inhumane to send people back to a warzone. They have every right to try to get out. “The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” We should not deny people the opportunity to move to a new location in dangerous life or death situations. Perhaps they could be distributed among the different islands so as not to burden any one county’s economy. Perhaps they could get jobs in the agricultural sector where they can contribute to our country’s food security while prices are trending upwards. In return, they could have food to eat and be paid enough for housing etc.

  17. Sorry this happened to them but let us take a moment to recognize that they knew from the beginning they were refugees. We were told they were tourists. Let that sink in.

  18. Somehow, the truth will out. All kinds of immigration laws and protocols were broken, yet Ms Yearwood claims otherwise. They could not declare a place of residence, they had one -way tickets, they were not allowed checked luggage and arrived here in the dead of night. Stedroy Benjamin, Gaston Browne, Chet Green and Max Fernandez need to come clean here. Where is the Banjo guy? Heard he fled the scene. This is dirty and the ALP government in in the middle of it all if not the orchestrators. Then again, ALP and scandals are synonymous.

    • I hear you @Watching, I have been saying that Ms Yearwood is not fit for purpose and should have sacked years ago.

      However, the links with her Ministerial father – at the time – made it nigh impossible to remove her from this Immigration Department post.


  19. Africans we the people of this country are not mad at you for me personally when our own CARICOM brothers are sisters enter this country they have been treated as dogs discriminated, labeled and call all sorts of derogatory names they also had to have x amount of monies b4 they would offer landing rights on top of that they couldn’t work or operate their trade ( hair, nail tec) without proper n legal documentation they would be treated unfairly especially in the work place work permit would cost much more than what they would be working for. So how are you excited to come here in this little country n be treated high above our CARICOM brothers and sisters? when we where told you are all here and give landing rights as visitors/ tours.
    What form of protection you guys need? If your country couldn’t provides protection for you how is it your expecting us to do so n from who n what?

    I wasn’t aware of WAR in Africa

  20. These people are human beings who have most likely been tricked by some Agent/entity in Africa who probably took a lot of money from them and had them believe that there was onward travel out of Antigua to various destinations! Basically, they have paid and been left high and dry with no such travel arrangements!! This is happening to human beings all over the world fleeing their war torn or poverty stricken countries to save their lives/ their families lives, hope for a better future!! Walk a mile in another man’s shoes before you judge these people! Have compassion! Show kindness and be gracious for these are our brothers and sisters! In the world we live in, how do we know what the future holds for us! Our Government must conclude to take responsibility and address this situation and assist these people’s plight without further delay, anything less would be heartless!

  21. again, an initiative of such propensity, that excluded the powerful Nigerian Government and the support of President Buhari was not kosher.
    please make a quick decision for all the refugees including those from the middle east… the source of their problems is England and France.

  22. Last night I had a one on one talk with one of them . The supermarket was crowded so I did not get to ask personal questions. However I spoke to the brother about his well-being and found out that he was hungry and is thankful for the kindness of the Antiguans he met. He said to me that he would like to work to feed himself. He would do anything to support himself. I asked his education and he said he was a university computer student. Honestly I am very sorry for them. I do believe they are here seeking a better life. So what do we do as a nation to help these African brothers and sisters. I think that as decent people we should find a way to help them and save Antiguas good name. We are short of Labour. If we don’t help them to survive they will be forced into criminals activities .
    How do we help them financially- The money must come from Gaston Brown, Chet Greene , Max Fernández , the Chief immigration officers accounts. We also need to have a thorough investigation into the whole fiasco.
    We cannot leave it up to chance that they will be absorbed into society. They also need proper accommodations , take proper showers and be thought proper hygiene.
    The government has to come clean. Must! This coming clean will most likely lead to resignation of the Administration. Gastón Browne you and your administration are not bigger and more important than Antigua. All pointers are headed straight to you and your government.
    I know it is hard to give up on power but power is not yours but God’s. The Governor General must take charge of this situation. Sir Rodney if you do not stand up for Antigua, stand up for humanity, then you to will soon have to resign or be forced out of office.
    This is a very very very serious matter and it is not going to do the Ostrich.

    • I’m curious @Frankly Speaking, did you enquire about the circumstances of how the Africans were informed by the Antiguan government to come here in the first instance?

      How were they persuaded and what was the incentive(s)?

  23. I read what I just posted to my wife and she is concerned that we do not have in the opposition the capability of running government. We are from ABLP background but have voted for the UPP. I am a Frank talker. So there are lots of people who think that the inexperience UPP administration might not be able to Run our government. My wife is one of the most educated and brilliant Antiguan but unassuming. If you remove Gaston Browne today she can easily do much better job both economically, diplomatically , with honesty, integrity and professionalism. So I asked her can you run or assist to run Antigua. Her response – I am not in the position and I did not run for political office.
    So hear me well Antigua – if those that are elected are not experience or do not have the capability to full handle the government. We have enough Antiguans and Barbudas that can and will If called upon to assist and to advise. Let me name a few – I particularly adore Joan Underwood. Then we have people like D.Gisel Issac and Harrol Lovell. We have lots of Civil servants and lots of people from both sides of the political divide. We need people that are going to be honest. The political directorate consult with us their employers and we move forward. We do not need anymore after we elect people to run our affairs, they become our bosses. Dictatorial !

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