Aflak breaks silence on controversial carnival banners


The man who sourced the carnival decorations now at the center of a national controversy says he never intended to highlight any aspect of gay-pride.

“There was no effort on my part to represent anything other than the colour and splendor of carnival and to try as best as possible to get in the short period of time I was asked to source the material,” Paul Aflak told Observer Radio this morning.

The banners which some people say represented the flag of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender movement were taken down on Sunday shortly after they were installed.

The carnival minister Paul Chet Greene blamed “the contractor” for not following directives in representing the colours of the national flag.

However, Aflak told the radio station that the minister is mistaken since he never had any conversation with him.

“The idea that the national flag colours were to be used was in a different conversation that I never had with the minister because it was never discussed with the minister. It was discussed with the festivals commission for the upcoming celebrations for independence,” he revealed.

The businessman noted that the colours used were that of those used in festivals commission logo.

“That is not the symbol of gay-pride and that is not what we are trying to represent whatsoever. It is to represent festivity in the island and to cheer up the city,” he said.

“We tried our best to get something that looked festive that we could get in a short period of time that matched the logos of Antigua’s carnival” he added.

The flags have been a source of controversy since they were installed with members of the LGBT community condemning their removal as an act of homophobia.

Others praised the decision of the minister who said the banners did not represent Antigua’s carnival.

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  1. Antiguans are the best if u all can bring down u own so smh wat else next all u see is red and blue nun go change if we keep it up

  2. The word of God says if the blind is leading the blind they both will fall in a ditch tow can’t walk except they agree. God made male and female in the beginning and he is the still the ae God yesterday today and for ever. God destroy a whole city Sodom and gomarrah because of the nonsense of these people. Remember the word of God he is the same yesterday today and forever people watch God.

  3. The word of God also says though shall not commit adultery, though shall not fornicate, love your never as you would love yourself and I’m quite sure lots of Antiguans know all the commandments. Where is the uproar and outcry when these sins are being committed or is being gay the only sin your bible condemns? Where is the uproar when an 11 year old gets raped by her father and a 34 year old is sleeping with a 14 year old. Big men sleeping with little girls, people hurting each other!!! Pls Antigua get your priority straight and stop using your language to hide your obvious homophobic culture!!!! And for the record it was not just members of the LGBT community who were appalled by Antiguans reaction to the flag because they just thought and assumed it represented the gay colours – a lot of Antiguans took to Facebook to voice few disappointment on how intolerant and backward we still are!!!!!

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