Adult men allegedly gang raped young girl



The Cabinet was informed of the rape of a young girl by a group of adult males.

All the agencies of the Government within the social protection systems have been activated to address the needs of the victim.


The issue of prosecution is outside of the remit of the Executive arm of Government.


The appropriate agency is conducting a full investigation.

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  1. Smh all a them who gang rape her should be put to death,I Kno wat it feels like to be rape by one person let alone a whole gang,an the memories an horrifying nightmare it left you with,this is so heart breaking this makes me hate men more

    • Please say some men because we are all not the same. And I would like to apologize for what you had to endure. As a son, brother and father my heart goes out to you and your family. I pray you find peace and please don’t blame yourself for what someone else did.

    • Yes Smh, you do know what it’s like to be raped by one person but the difference is you loved it. And I would imagine if you got gang raped you would thoroughly enjoy yourself and even go back for seconds. In fact you might even enjoy being gang raped by a bunch a woman with some big strap ons.

  2. This piece is extremely ,,,lacking,as is most of your articles.
    Take the time to investigate a story,,then present it to the reading audience.

  3. When the accused is underage the law requires the name to be withheld but for these grown worthless men who performed this callous and shameful act, put their names in the news as alleged. With this the media wouldn’t be libelous. The same way the victim is embarrassed let them be embarrassed also. This would deter others from committing such acts.

    • Really now? and what if the name that is put out there is in fact innocent what you going to say. Sorry for calling you a rapist. Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty.

      • Well said cuz sometimes these young girls lie to get away from certain things when their parents find out. The law here is full of crop. You havent done any propee investigation but yall done want lock up man anddd send them a court fu wah. Do a proper investigation and source some sort a evidence. Not cuz i am minor i can report to police that this guy rape me. Them go believe. Arrest me and go further. Thats bull shit. Some of them young girls love man since them a 12.

  4. This is absolutely wotless for for this to happen again in this country 23 yrs I haven’t copulation I am fine have some self control hope the aggressors face full force of the law #keepchildren safe

  5. So you all do not remember Sam?

    A lot of unprosecuted rapists of yesteryear in leadership positions and in the police force…

    Do you still think we are civilized?

  6. Avatar photo Your Predator friendly laws in Antigua allows grown ass men 30s 50s or whatever to legally have sex with 16 year old girls. Last I checked 15 comes before 16 and not one damn person have a problem with that . The whole damn place is sick

    Why not Active yourselves to update the laws

  7. IF this is true, those bastards need to be casturated, one ball at a time, and their penis shortened to one inch. IF they are found guilty, the death penalty should be applied, maybe even a public hanging. This crap has got to stop. Sickos and misfits have no place in society, and that includes “convicted” child molestors and pedophiles.

  8. This is incredibly heart breaking. I hope she receives the help she requires to overcome this. Also, it is past time for Antigua to create a sex offender list so that we can identify these perpetrators. People need to stop shielding criminals and start protecting victims, because the victims will have to live with this trauma for the rest of their lives.

  9. I honestly think More of these kind activities are happening,but not yet come to light.those who are involved should be jail at hard labour…

  10. Please bring justice to this rape vctim. Rape is not ok. Not even God makes one to do anything against their will. I will keep track of this story. Everyone who reads it should. No time for pointing fingers and saying who is dis n dat now in leadership position….. consequence(s) for this alleged rape, if true, should be as certain as the investigating results given to us. More importantly, since the past cannot changed, closure to the alleged who be the greatest present…… literally.

  11. If this is true. It is a matter for the Police,not the damn Cabinet. Let the Police do their work. This should not go the way of that Customs Broker who forged the signature of the Prime Minister. To this day no one has been charge and or arrested. The Cabinet is not a Law Enforcement Organization. In my opinion,you are a lawless,insider trading of information to your family members and your concubines, of a CABINET. Let Law Enforcement do their damn work.

  12. This usually affects the individual for life. It will also affects those around them. That is why they should be only one punishment which is death.

  13. Find those garbage gangsters then drop them together on a tiny deserted island, the smaller the better, without any food/water/supply. They don’t deserve anything better.

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