Adrea Hughes’ Soul Cries – Where Are Their Voices Now?

Members of Corporate Antigua presented a home to the off springs and father of the late Andrea Hughes. Thirty-two year old Andrea Hughes died on March 30, 2014, after being hit by a vehicle while walking near Cedar Grove, leaving behind nine children

by Rawlston Pompey

This commentary is not for the fainthearted. Researching for this commentary, the quotes contained herein are the chilling words of a distraught and grieving partner/father ‘Dane Hamilton.’  In a common law union that reportedly produced three sets of twins and offspring numbering nine, the only ‘humbug’ for the family of ‘Andrea Hughes’ and partner, was ‘Poverty’ and living conditions that speak to ‘Squalidity.’ Yet the family of eleven survived on what meager means was accessible to them.



There appears to be no end in sight when ‘Injustice’ may not be seen as the lot of the ‘Poor and Downtrodden.’ The citizens have reasonably high expectations of those charged with the administration of justice to show manifestations that justice is dispensed within a reasonable time, fairly and justly. Such have been the ‘Harbored Expectations’ of an aggrieved ‘Dane Hamilton,’ partner and father of seven children, now being ‘mothered and fathered by him, following the tragic loss of ‘Andrea Hughes’ [April 30, 2014]. Though she has been long gone, not only has her demise continues to occupy the living memory of her nine children and partner, but also many people in the wider society.


Confusion seemed to reign over the ‘Judicial Outcome’ of; (i) ‘…A duly conducted Coroner’s Inquisition; (ii) …Granting of a ‘Stay Order,’ consequent upon an application for ‘Judicial Review.’ While there has been a prolonged closure to the ‘Tragic Death of Andrea Hughes,’ it may still be said that it may not necessarily have been due to an inefficient Court system. It begs the question what ‘Judicial officer’ shall ignore the ‘Founding Constitution Principle’that states; ‘…People of Antigua and Barbuda recognize that the law symbolizes the ‘Public Conscience.’ Given the apparent unconfirmed ‘Stay Order Claim,’ curious and concerned citizens beseech those with judicial knowledge to so confirm and inform.


The discussion focuses on (i) ‘…Tragic traffic accident that saw a female pedestrian ran over and likened to mongoose, left bleeding profusely at the side of the road until good Samaritan motorists sent by ‘Divine Spirit’ to render assistance; (ii) …Provision of wooden dwelling house, disguisedly intended to ‘Pervert the Course of Justice; (iii) …Verdict of a Coroner’s Jury; (iv) …Impediment to the administration of justice and (v) …Inordinate delay in bringing closure’ to a case, this nation has been watching for the past seven (7) years [2014 – 2021].


From professional knowledge and practical experience, this appeared not to be consistent with that normally obtains in ‘Coroner’s Inquisition.’ That which was said to have prompted the application for a ‘Stay Order’ appeared not to have been disclosed to the media. As readily acceptable this may have been, in all respects, and to all intents and purposes, this not only lacked merit, but may also have been calculatedly conjured with deception. In situation like this, the objective has often been to misinform and mislead an unsuspecting public. Lest it might be unreasonably inferenced, attorneys known or unknown and involved in the instant case, shall not be considered among those with a depraved disposition.


An application reportedly made to the ‘High Court of Justice’ was said to have placed restrictions on the Police from initiating action geared toward the institution of criminal proceedings against the identifiable motorist. It reeks of ‘Absolute Nonsense’ that the ‘High Court of Justice,’ shall place restrictions upon these agencies to adversely affect their responsibilities in protecting the society, and in the instant Case, the safety of all road users and by extension, members of the wider society. Thus, if this does not require ‘Judicial Examination,’ then it might be fair to say that the ‘Odebrecht Corruption Scandal’ and alleged ‘Forgery of the Prime Minister’s signature’ needs no ‘inquiry and criminal investigation.


From professional ‘Knowledge and Experience,’ this appeared not to be consistent with that normally obtains in ‘Coroner’s Inquisition.’ That which was said to have prompted the application for a ‘Stay Order’ was the word ‘Guilty.’ As factual this may have been accepted by media personnel and reported for public information, in all respects, and to all intents and purposes, this not only lacked truth and merit, but may also have been ‘Deceptively Conjured’ to mislead an unsuspecting media.


Incidentally, her demise came not as the result of ‘Visitation of God,’ but under tragic circumstances. The harrowing account speaks to her being mowed down by a motor vehicle on the ‘Weatherill’s’ main public road under cover of darkness.’ An apparent frightened male motorist was said to have fled the scene, but reportedly returned later after informing relatives of the tragic accident. For the thirty-two-year-old deceased ‘Andrea Hughes,’ though life may have been an uphill struggle, she appeared to have shown great resilience and a ‘Spirit of Perseverance,’ strengthened by a will to live. Though faced with adversities socially and financially, it was evident that in her relatively short-life span, she had not shirked parental responsibility of their ‘eleven-member family.’


Except for the close relatives, they were virtually unknown until tragedy struck and ‘Cruise Tourism Association (CTA) President and General Manager of Bryson’s Shipping, Nathan Dundas,’ reasonably inferred to have been sent by someone, other than ‘God,’ in rendering social assistance to the bereaved. Reminiscing his relationship with his deceased partner, ‘Andrea Hughes 32,’ media personnel quoted him as saying; (a) ‘…Since she died, I have to work harder; (b) …I have to go to work and take care of bills and still make sure they have food, clothes and shoes’ [Observer: August 23, 2017].


In tragic circumstances, bringing comfort to the bereaved is one thing, but extending their grief is another. This may have been the experiences of the offspring and common law partner of ‘Andrea Hughes’ who was tragically killed in a traffic accident some seven years ago [April 30, 2014]. When transparency of closure was not judicially or prosecutorally known or publicized, likened to her distraught family, law-abiding citizens continue to ask; ‘…If such is not Justice delayed and justice denied, then what is? Today, not only the collective voices of her children been heard querying, but also her restless Soul cries, ‘…Where are their voices now?’


The two deeply concerned citizens that have been constantly and stridently made their voices heard were; (i) ‘…Prominent businessman Sir George Ryan KCN; and (ii) …Well-known social justice activist and ‘Voice of the People,’ James ‘Tanny’ Rose.’ The former’s involvement with the provision of a dwelling house was reportedly due to a ‘Peculiar Courtship’ initiated by ‘President of the Antigua and Barbuda Cruise Tourism Association, Nathan Dundas.’ He was reportedly persuaded by the apparent glib talking ‘Nathan Dundas’ to partner him in a particular venture. Such was to render assistance to the nine children left to grieve and struggle, following the tragic death of their mother and provider ‘Andrea Hughes.’  


The undisputed facts are; (i) ‘…The deceased ‘Andrea Hughes’ was said to be virtually unknow to persons of whatever position or capacity, concerned or associated with the operations of; (i) ‘…George W. Bennett Bryson Group of Companies; (ii) …She was also not known to, or by Nathan Dundas, then ‘General Manger of Bryson’s Shipping;(iii) …Not only had he vested interests, but reportedly had shareholdings in that Group of companies; (iv) Patrick Ryan was identified as the Chairman of said Group of Companies [Observer: January 24, 2021]; (v)The driver found by a ‘Coroner’s Jury’ to be culpable for the death of ‘Andrea Hughes was Mark Ryan; (vi) …He was said to be the son of the Chairman of the Group of Companies.’


With clearly no relations between both deceased ‘Andrea Hughes and Nathan Dundas,’ her partner ‘Dane Hamilton,’father of seven of the nine children, baring ulterior motive, it begs the question; ‘…What may have prompted ‘Nathan Dundas’ to embark upon such initiative almost immediately after the shocking fatal traffic accident? Even with the gesture in providing new dwelling, a despondent partner retorted; (a) ‘…I have to be mother and father to them; (b)‘…Because they have their money and their business, we are too small for them to deal with us; and (c) …The guy still on the road and still driving; (d) …Everyday he is in Cedar Grove playing tennis on the court; and (e)…The kids see him every day’ [Observer: August 23, 2017].


A news portal reported identified practicing attorney ‘Hugh Marshall Jr,’ had mounted a legal challenge to the ‘…Findings and publication of the Inquest Report in August last year’ [Observer: August 23, 2017]. As local news portal reported that a ‘High Court Stay Order’ remains in place to prevent the Police from bringing criminal proceedings against ‘Mark Ryan,’ the motorist then under investigation in the fatal case [Observer: August 23, 2017]. Following a ‘Coroner’s Inquisition,’ a ‘Coroner’s Jury’ reportedly-found him ‘Culpable of the death of ‘Andrea Hughes’ appeared to have been ‘Shrouded Deeply in Secrecy.’


Most citizens scripturally know that ‘Sin is a disgrace to a nation.’ Conversely, a citizenry that acknowledges the ‘Supremacy of God’ [CO: 1981] knows that ‘Righteousness exalts a nation.’ The Scripture edifies that ‘Justice not only exalts nations,’ but also indulgence in sin make nations miserable’ [KJV: Proverbs 14: 34]. Relate ‘Justice and Injustice’ to people, both have brought miseries to the indigent.  From a recent conversation with ‘Christian Assembly Ministries Pastor, Paul Andrew,’ he provided a profound ‘Biblical Perspective.’ He was firm in the belief and conviction that there can be no ‘Righteous nation without justice for its people’ [April 22, 2021].


Though not from the pulpit, to those that were not ‘hedonistic, eccentric or egoistic,’ the religious leader was in fact preaching the ‘Gospel Truth.’ Relate the concept ‘Justice’ to grieving children of ‘Andrea Hughes,’ none may deny that ‘Justice’ has not only been ‘Elusive’ to them, but also caused despondency and despair to members in every strata of society. Frequently a heart is caused to throb uncontrollably. It aches and pains. As they mourn and grieve. Their miseries are multi-fold and were known to have been caused by a handful of depraved professionals that invariably seize opportunities to ‘deceive, exploit and fleece’ the unsuspecting. Thus, those ‘Affluently-Awash,’ for reasons of running afoul of the law, called upon the opportunists to be counseled, are as much victims of their own folly.


It was widely known that some people thrive on the innocence and intellect of those considered inferior to theirs. Not infrequently a few practitioners have brought the ‘Noble Legal Profession’ into disrepute. Invariably, they are allowed to continue in practices starved of honesty and truth. There have not only been suggestions, but also within professional knowledge that a very small minority of members of the legal fraternity were ‘Anything, but Straight.’ This minority was often seen displaying conduct consistent with the shape of a ‘Cork Screw.’


While a noble-minded and well-intended ‘Chief Justice, Her Ladyship, Dame Justice Dame Janice Pereira’ has been promoting the jurisdictional Courts as the ‘Bastion of Hope,’ many people have now come to the inescapable realization that these have done nothing more than replacing ‘Hope with Hopelessness.’  Interestingly, ‘Cork or Screw,’ that which shall be commended has been the ‘female attorney’ said to be currently under inquisition of the ‘Antigua and Barbuda Bar Council.’ Some aggrieved ‘Barbudan Client,’ may either breathe a sigh of relief, or forced to cause visitation of the ‘Judiciary’ upon the unscrupulous. This has been the experiences of many clients who would have seen their attorneys caused the straightness of an arrow to be shaped like a ‘Cork Screw.’ Then there are those that opportunistically and religiously abuse the process of the Courts.


Framers knew that some citizens and some authorities may do the unthinkable. Consequently, they inserted a clause that imposes a duty, an obligation and responsibility upon all persons to show undivided ‘Allegiance,’ while subjecting the ‘State,’ its institutional machinery, agencies and agents to its ‘Obedience.’ Even as the ‘Constitution Order’ [1981] provides no person or authority in fettering Judges in performance of their judicial functions, with a deep sense of urgency, there are very serious questions to be addressed, either by the ‘Judicial and Legal Services Commission,’ or by the ‘Chief Justice Dame Janice Pereira.’


While the Constitution provides guarantees and protection of certain ‘Fundamental Rights’ of the individual. In fact, as it relates to the ‘Law,’ this is what the people of ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ proclaimed in the ‘Constitution,’ widely accepted by the citizenry and its institutions, including the Judiciary and its Courts as the ‘Supreme Law’ of the nation [CO: 1981: Section 2]. Not only shall every law-abiding citizen recognize and respect the ‘Rule of Law,’ also hold in high esteem, and in those charged with responsibility for the administration of justice, shall give good reasons that citizens will hold high expectations’ that they will do so ‘Expeditiously, Fairly and Justly.’ Through this medium, ‘Her Ladyship’ shall know that within the Judiciary’ and in some Court Registry, ‘…All Is Not Well’ [Trevor King: Social commentator ‘King Zachary’].


Guided by professional criminal investigative skills and practice, that which is contained herein, speaks to ‘Facts’ thatbear no contention. Lest it might be unreasonably inferenced, attorneys known or unknown and involved in the instant case, shall not be considered among practitioners of any discipline, with a disposition that speaks to depravity. Though publicly known and considered useful to the discussion, there shall be no imputation of improper motive as to how the matter of her tragic demise has been or being handled. However, if ever it was felt that ‘Corn was thrown, no fowl is called’ [Robert Nestor ‘Bob’ Marley].


Endeavoring to unearth ‘Documentary Evidence’ that the ‘High Court of Justice’ had ordered restrictions upon the Police from so doing, has proved futile. Incidentally, the Police themselves were not au fait that such an order was in fact made, let alone exists. However, it has often been said that if something smells ‘Fishy,’ then it has to be ‘Fish.’ That which appeared most intriguing, if not cagey, was the news portal report that further states; ‘…Marshall did not state what’s next for the case, just to confirm that the Court Order still has effect’ [Observer News: August 23, 2017]. Some legal luminaries contended that certain courses of action may have been orchestrated to ‘Impede’ the administration or ‘Defeat’ the ends of justice.


That which bears irrefutable truths, is that there are two governmental agencies that ‘Cannot be Fettered,’ neither by the Executive nor the ‘Judiciary.’ A Case on point is that of ‘…Commissioner of Police and Attorney General v Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin’ [JCPC” 2011/0083]. These agencies are; (i) …The Police Department in its enforcement of the ‘Criminal Law’ in bringing perpetrators of crime to justice’ [Sections 22 & 23] Police Act: Chapter 330]; and (ii) …The holder of the office of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)’ [CO: 1981: Section 88]. In the performance of their respective assigned ‘Statutory and Constitutional Duties;’ (i) ‘…Investigative; and (ii) …Prosecutorial.’ Likened to the ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP),’ the Police are subject to ‘Judicial Review’ for enforcement already done, and not for contemplated enforcement of the ‘Criminal Law.’


Incidental to the death of ‘Andrea Hughes,’ a ‘Coroner’s Inquisition’ held by ‘Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh,’ then acting in the capacity of ‘District Coroner’ heard from the ‘Foreman of the five-member Jury,’ attributed ‘Culpability’ in their ‘Verdict,’ to the driver ‘Mark Ryan’ [2016]. In such case no exercisable powers of arrest and institution of criminal proceedings reside with Law enforcement. Such power of arrest resides only with the Coroner [Section Coroners Act: Chapter 105], while the institution of criminal proceedings by indictment is the sole function of the ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).’


In respect to such inquisition, the Coroner shall, at the first sitting of the Inquest, examine on Oath touching the death of all persons who under their evidence respecting the facts and all persons having knowledge of the facts whom he/she thinks it expedient to examine’ [Coroners Act: Section 25 (1)].  The law states; ‘…After hearing the evidence the Jury shall give their verdict. They shall certify it by an inquisition in writing, setting forth, as far as such particulars have been proved to them ; (i) …Who the deceased was; (ii) …How; (iii) …When; and (iv) …Where the deceased came by his/her death; (v) …If he/she came by death by (vi) …Murder; (vii) Manslaughter; (viii) …The persons, if any, the Jury find to have been ‘Guilty’ of such Murder or Manslaughter, or of being accessories before the fact of such murder/manslaughter’ [Coroners Act: Section 25 (4)].


Procedurally, the law mandates that; ‘…A person against whom a ‘Coroner’s Jury’ have found a verdict of; (a) ‘…Murder; (b) …Manslaughter; and (c) …Infanticide,’ shall be entitled to have from the person having for the time being the custody of the of the Inquisition or of the Depositions of the witnesses at the Inquest, copies thereof’ [Section 36: Coroners Act: Chapter 105]. Guided by specific courses of action, and in contemplation of further courses of action, the law expressly provides that; ‘…All Inquisitions and records of proceedings at any Inquest shall be transmitted to the ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) within seven days at the latest after the Inquest is closed’ [Section 46].


The law has made it sufficiently clear that ‘…Where a Coroner’s Inquisition charges any person with; (a) ‘…Murder; (b) …Manslaughter; or (c) …Infanticide,’ the Coroner shall, if the person is at large issue his ‘Warrant’ for his apprehension and committal to prison, or, if he be already in Prison, the Coroner shall issue a ‘Warrant of Detainer’ addressed to the ‘Keeper of the Prison’ in which the accused is confined’ [Section 33: Coroners Act; Chapter 105].


On the ‘Night of Tragedy,’ Tuesday April 29, 2014, when ‘Cedar Grove resident Andrea Hughes 32 set foot on the Weatherill’s public road, she had not the slightest idea, that it would have been her last walk on that particular road or other roads in her community. It was not only the night that tragedy had struck, but also the last time she would have been actually called ‘Mother’ by her nine children. That had been that last day the children who comprised ‘three sets of twins’ then ranged from ‘age 5 to 12 years’ had seen her [ABS TV: June 2014]. Medical evidence suggested that the traffic accident victim ‘Andrea Hughes,’ succumbed to bodily injuries sustained [April 30, 2014].


As tragedy struck, her common law partner ‘Dane Hamilton’ was not only left to continue the struggle, but also to provide for their ‘Sustenance and Survivability’ and for ‘Criminal Justice.’ That which speaks to their parental commitment and will in providing for these children, was that four of the children were reported to have been students at the ‘Princess Margaret Secondary School (PMSS).’ Three others were said to have been students at the Cedar Grove Primary School’ [Web Page: Rotary Club: Antigua and Barbuda].


Even after seven years, the ‘Deafening Silence’ and unending judicial closure through possible institution of criminal proceedings against ‘Mark Ryan’ deemed culpable for the death of the deceased, continues to provoke controversial discussions and widespread speculation that the matter may have been laid to rest following the provision of a home to her common law husband Dane Hamilton’ and their nine semi-orphaned children. That which is also known is that it has been causing tremendous anxieties in the life of her offspring and a watchful citizenry.


Moved by the tragedy and awareness of conditions of ‘Indigence and Squalidity,’ facing the children of the deceased ‘Andrea Hughes,’ research revealed that ‘Sir George Ryan’ was influenced by ‘Nathan Dundas’ to put his humanity and resources where they were most urgently needed. Conversely, social justice advocate, ‘James ‘Tanny’ Rose,’ moved by compassion of the plight of the children and the insensitivity, inconsistency and tardy attitude shown by law enforcement, was most consistent with his voice. Likened to the rest of the citizens, he had chosen not to relent in expressing hope that ‘Criminal Justice’ shall be visited upon the ‘Coroner Jury-found Culpable Driver Mark Ryan.’ Incidentally, seven years later, Justice’ have been evasive, while the advocate’s voice and pleadings have not been heard.


Interestingly, the person behind the ‘Dwelling-House Venture’ was President of the ‘Antigua and Barbuda Cruise Tourism Association (ABCTA)’ and General Manager of ‘Bryson’s Shipping, Nathan Dundas (deceased)’ [Observer: January 24, 2021]. From a professional investigative perspective, it may or may not have been coincidental of the involvement of ‘Nathan Dundas,’ then ‘General Manager of Bryson’s Shipping,’ under the Chairmanship of ‘Patrick Ryan.’ These enterprises are clearly not social organizations, that often provide needful social services to the poor, destitute and desperate. Instead, they were widely known as profit-making enterprises with elbow-pounding to share negligible portions of their profits.


It may also have been coincidental that he had been so moved that ‘Mark Ryan’ had been unfortunately involved in a most deadly accident that resulted in the tragic loss of life. However, coincidental or not, ‘Nathan Dundas’ in his either voluntary or spur of the moment initiative was lauded for his humanitarian gesture. In a ‘Rotary Club-published statement it was highlighted that; ‘…What began as a passionate plea in April [2014] by ‘Cruise Tourism Association (CTA) ‘President Nathan Dundas’ for a plot of land to place the house being built by ‘Mr. George Ryan and Ryan Group of Companies’ has resulted in not only a house, but a home for the family’ [Web Page: Rotary Club; September 6, 2014].


Given ‘Nathan Dundas’ ‘Unique Relationship’ with these enterprises and identifiable Chairpersons, it was obvious that likened to a ‘Laser-Guided Missile,’ his role was to target; (a) ‘…Certain prominent persons; (b) …Entities; and (c) …Carefully selected members of the corporate community.’ A criminal tribunal looking at the evidence contained in the ‘Depositions’ from the ‘Coroner’s Inquest’ and properly directing itself, could have reasonably inferred that his relationship with certain companies and the voluntary provision of a dwelling house to the children of the deceased, speak not only to an attempt at deflecting from the ‘Tragic Accident,’ but also conspiratorially designed to ‘Obstruct Justice.’He seemed to have been successful in doing so for the ‘last seven (7) years.’


Guided by professional investigative practice, to all intents and purposes, very carefully inserted among these, were two ‘Particular Companies;’ (i) ‘…Antigua and Barbuda Cruise Tourism Association (ABCA); and (ii) …Staff of Bryson’s Shipping’ [Web Page: Rotary Club: September 6, 2014]. In fact, neither ‘Nathan Dundas’ nor associated ‘Group of companies’ were known for ‘Social Activism.’ In spite of the family’s conditions of squalidity, recognized only after the tragic demise of ‘Andrea Hughes,’ the elven -member family was said to have been competing for space with ‘rodents and pestering crawling insects’ pitilessly for many years.


There have always been public concerns over appeals for public funds without transparency and public accountability. Seemingly, in a tragedy, these are waved. The apparent very ‘Carefully Targeted’ persons, non-governmental and corporate citizens included; (i) ‘…Sir George Ryan KCN: (ii) …Social activist and self-styled ‘Minister of Help’Eugene Humphrey; (iii) …Rotary Club President Lorraine Joseph Brazier; (iv) …Central Planning Housing Authority (CHAPA) Accountant Pretzel Joseph (deceased); (v) …Central Board of Health (CBH); (vi) …Antigua Public Utilities Authorities (APUA) Electricity and Water Divisions; (vii) …Romeo Plumbing; (viii) …Belmont Clinic; (ix) …Ewart Harney; (x) …Gigi Industries; (xi) …First Domestic Industry Company Limited; (xii) …SHAADE Distributors Limited; and (xiii) …Antiguans in the Diaspora- Miami and New York’ [Web Page: Rotary Club].


It was not clear what may have influenced then ‘General Manager of Bryson’s Shipping, Nathan Dundas’ in embarking upon such venture. However, reasonable inferences may have been drawn that he may have been prompted by the ‘Tragic Traffic Accident’ that has ‘left 9 motherless-children.’ By seeking to appease the minds of the aggrieved, a ‘cost-free and fully furnished dwelling house’ appeared to have been the best option. Even so, it was a venture that appeared ‘Reek of Deception.’ For instance, there was clear deceit in wooing the participation of the unsuspecting. This clearly was designed to deflect attention from the ‘Gravity of the Tragedy.’


The person or persons who were responsible for the provision of the dwelling house to the bereaved and semi-orphaned children, appeared to have skillfully and successfully ‘Created the Illusions’ not only of genuine concern for their welfare, but also the ‘Condition of Squalidity’ in which they existed. Consequent upon which, the unsuspecting not only appeared to have been hoodwinked, but also moved to generously, substantially and meaningfully contributed of; (a) …Their time; (b) …Cash or kind; and (c) …Patronage and Presence,’ toward an apparent well-schemed venture.Moreover, an astute criminal investigator looking at the circumstances and non- relationship and non-appeal to ‘Nathan Dundas’ for assistance, may very well have been considering that the venture was a disguised attempt to ‘Pervert the Course of Justice.’


From a professional investigative perspective, there was absolutely no doubt, that initiator of the venture ‘Nathan Dundas’ (deceased), had spun a ‘Web of Deception’ upon those contributed to the initiative. Carefully planned and cleverly executed, they may have been given the impression that the heart-wrenching act to the children of the deceased ‘Andrea Hughes,’ came from his heart. All appeared to have been unsuspectingly duped. Not least among them were; (i) ‘…His Excellency, Governor General Sir Rodney Errey Lawrence Williams KCN, GCMG; (ii) Member of Parliament Maria Vanessa Bird-Browne; (iii) …A representative of parliamentary colleague ‘Charles ‘Max’ Fernandez’ wife Jill Fernandez; (iv) …Sir George Ryan; and (v) …Bishop Charlesworth Browne.’


They were all attended the ‘House Presentation Ceremony.’ Some spoke to the humanitarian gesture of General Manager of Bryson’s Shipping, ‘Nathan Dundas.’ Some cut ribbons and some offered blessings. Speaking at the ‘Momentous Occasion’ Governor General, His Excellency, ‘Sir Rodney Errey Williams GCMG, MBBS,’ with all sincerity, speaks to ‘Mixed Feelings.’ He said; ‘…I am here with mixed feelings because this family suffered a loss; …We empathize with you; …I am also happy on the other hand that we have people in our community and our nation that have come forward to give real assistance to the family.’


Member of Parliament, ‘Maria Vanessa Bird-Browne’ reportedly expressed her delight. She said that she was ‘…delighted to lend a helping hand and ‘pleased to be donating a dining room set and $1, 500 towards purchasing of groceries for the home.’ Then there were blessings by ‘Bishop Charlesworth Browne’ followed by the handing over the estimated ‘over EC$145,000.00, ‘42×25’ wooden two bed room, living/dining room, communal bath room and fully-furnished wooden dwelling-house and completely fenced property [Rotary Web Page: September 6, 2014].


Remembering the deceased, General Manager of ‘Bryson’s Shipping’ and shareholding partner in the ‘Group of companies,’ ‘Nathan Dundas’ that ‘Chairman of the G.E.O Bennett Bryson’s Group of Companies Patrick Ryan,’ described the deceased ‘Nathan Dundas,’ as; (i) ‘…General Manager; (ii) …Shareholder; and (iii) …One of our colleagues’ [Observer: January 25, 2021]. Even with his humanitarian deed and ‘Goodwill Gesture,’ that which now matters and begs for ‘Judicial Closure,’ is the tragic death of ‘Andrea Hughes’ of which a Coroner’s Inquisition’ has attributed ‘Culpability’ to the motorist ‘Mark Ryan.’ Criminal investigators might wish to ascertain if, and at which financial institutions ‘Escrow Accounts’ may have been established and who might be the beneficiaries. ***

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  1. This is the normal bobol that goes on here in Antigua. Corruption from the very top down to the bottom.

    We will never advance so long as this bullshit continues.

  2. Now that I have been reminded of this injustice, I no longer have an appetite for breakfast. It’s an uneasy feeling.

  3. Pompey, this is just another link in the chain of the #Deadli #Dadli #Connection which anchors the Nation’s law and order power yachts.

    …nothing, as in #no #thing
    …’tis, the only thing
    …that, happens by mistake.
    …all others are by design, default, destiny
    …as, time is left in its wake

  4. Let this unfortunate situation be a message and wake up call to all Antiguans and Barbudans that Justice is for some and not for all. If you belong to the UNTOUCHABLES then you will never have to face the consequences of your actions in this lifetime. Thankfully the Righteous Judge will one day reveal all. Eschathological Justice is the real justice.

    Let us continue to keep the cry for justice for ANDREA HUGHES at the forefront of our society. Whether or not you have ties to the Lodge or the OES, actions have CONSEQUENCES!

    No wonder the people heavily rejected the CCJ. If we can´t trust our local judicial system enough, why bother with the CCJ

  5. Black lives only seem to matter when caucasians are perpetrating the inhumanity.

    Mr Pompey was there any known contribution financial or kind made to Mr Hamilton directly from the Mark Ryan’s family?

    The media in Antigua is far from the first world media. The journalist must move fast to properly prepare themselves in whatever the subject they are seeking information on and move away from being the PR machinery that they have become.

    I have long been of the opinion that reading and listening to Observer has become more of a tradition rather than an experience to learn.

  6. When the media is efficient as in the infancy of Observer they would ask better questions and stick to issues until they are properly disposed of additionally similarly to this article the media would prepare special documentary series chronicling a specific issue this keeping it on the proverbial front burner.

    Thank you Mr Pompey you did the work all the media has to do is narrate. But what is next for the Andrea Hughes injustice?

  7. Good that they have some place to live. Now what about bringing MARK RYAN before the court??
    Where are the Faithful Nationals and the “activists” who echoed justice for Nigel Christian?

    Her 9 children, her partner, family and society deserve much better than this

  8. This is indeed our justice system.

    These are also the manoeuvres of which lawyers may even be most proud. While the 9 children struggle along without their mother.
    Payment trumps empathy I guess.

    The culpable person seems to be young. He will eventually ketch his royal, may be 3 decades from now or it may be his own children who get the effects. But no relative of his can prevent him from receiving his own karma. Life isn’t a game, though the wealthy and powers may be make it appear so.

    I do not usually get through Mr. Pompey’s writings but this one I read every word.

    Guess the lesson is don’t be poor or you no better than dog in our system and society.

  9. Rawlston Pompey, no nobody has the time to read your long winded stories. People are tuned out after two paragraphs. And to think that most of what you write is not understood by most people. Contribute sense, short and to the point.

  10. My condolences to the family.
    I have some questions about the case.
    How many hit and run or similar deaths are being on trial and sentence to prison.
    What is the time of the hit and run?
    What is miss Andrea Hughes doing so late on the weatherill road ?
    What prompt her to go to town on foot rather then asking neighbors for a ride ?.
    Who is looking after the children when she leave the house?.
    Whatever she went to town to get can not be available in the village shop? Or borrow from neighbor?.
    Most of the villagers from ceder grove use the frair’s hill road to hitch a ride ..they usually stand up in the corner outside the obeze supermarket under the light/ lampost/ bustop..why choose a road that has no street light ( hardly) up to now .
    This is mind boggling.
    As a mother and a woman I will not leave my house when the dark/ night set in on foot.
    Condolences to the family

  11. @JP: If you cannot and do not comprehend. That which you read. That is your damn business,not mine.By the way,always speak for yourself.Keep up the good work Pompey.It reminds me of the CaribArena days.

  12. Some people in Antigua and Barbuda can break the law and get away with it while poor and the less fortunate go before the court and ends up in prison. Why have a law and not enforce it? Justice for Andrea Hughes.

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