Adorn Your Attire with the Moonstone Bracelets


When a girl highlights her ear and neck by wearing a necklace and earrings, just a wristwatch in hand is not enough. A fancy product should be worn on your wrists to make them even more dazzling and attractive. If you are a person who wears ornaments with a purpose, the moonstone bracelet is the best option for you.

Read more to know about moonstone bracelets and the benefits of wearing it. By the end of the article, you will thrive to own such a wonderful piece of jewellery.

The evergreen fashion piece:

Bracelets are never outdated. Ranging from intricately decorated gorgeous bracelets to minimalistic designs for modern days, it has always evolved according to the desires of the people. A grand bracelet will be a perfect piece for your wrists on special occasions. Whereas, the beaded ones will suit for wearing on daily basis.

The other advantage is that not every girl has the perfect taste for finding the right bracelet. Hence, if you know to match your attire with the perfect bracelet, you will stand out in the crowd.

The moonstone design:

Adorning your bracelets with gemstones takes it to another level. With various scientific reasons and benefits behind it, a moonstone bracelet also adds a beautiful touch to your jewellery collection. This semi-precious stone derives its properties from the natural satellite moon.

It looks like a pearl due to its colour. Moonstones have been a part of the Romans and Greeks as their divine gem in historic times. People from that age have been associating moonstones with gods and goddesses. Wearing a moonstone bracelet has various significant benefits for your mind and body.

Some of the advantages of wearing a moonstone bracelet:

  • Once you wear a piece of moonstone in your body, you would feel the stability to maintain the power and emotional turbulences in your mind.
  • It gives you a feel of relaxation and helps you have a good sleep during the nighttime.
  • Moonstone bracelets help you balance your emotions. The term balancing not only means it will shower happiness. It helps you maintain stability whenever your emotions exceed a limit.
  • Biologically speaking, moonstone has the power to promote blood flow properly. It increases the feelings of love and erotism among couples.
  • The calming power of the stone also helps children with hyperactivity to sleep peacefully at night.
  • According to astrology, people with the Cancer sign can acquire the benefits of the moonstone faster than others. This is because the ruling planet of cancer is the moon.
  • It is also believed to be a protection guard for travellers to return safely without accidents or losses.
  • It also lets the digestive system function effectively and maintains hormonal growth. This is possible as moonstone has the properties to purify the blood by removing the toxins in it.

On what occasions can I wear a moonstone bracelet?

  • The milky texture of the moonstone bracelet can be worn for any type of costume and on any occasion.
  • It suits your modern costumes as well your traditional attires.
  • To be precise, for girls, short tops and jeans can be combined with this bracelet worn in the right hand.
  • You can wear it even to the workplace such as offices and hospitals due to its minimalistic design. In this way, it makes your mind stay calm during work stress and heavy pressure.
  • It can be worn during the daytime to bring good vibes around you.
  • The evening parties and dinner outings would be perfect timings to wear the bracelet as the white moonstone looks gorgeous in the moonlight.
  • Even for men, the moonstone bracelet is the best piece to wear.
  • Men can also wear it to workplaces and colleges. Most of the time, it might not be visible above your handcuffs when you are dressed up in formal attire. But the presence of these stones helps you spiritually and biologically.

Where can I get the best collection of moonstone bracelets?

It is indeed hard to find genuine Mondstein Armbänder in the stores nearby. You can dive into the collections available at the online store Kontiko. The collection is small, but it has the best designs that you cannot find it anywhere. Each of the moonstone braceletis handmade in Switzerland.

The quality of the stones is guaranteed to be 100% original moonstones. Here are some designs that you can find on the Kontiko website in the moonstone bracelet section.

Moonstone bracelet Mala: This bracelet has a similar appearance as the Buddhist prayer beads mala. The 5mm moonstones are arranged right next to each other without any space between them. The finishing touch is given with a burgundy red tassel contrast to the milky stones.

Moonstone bracelet with a gold feather: Along with the moonstones, a and platinum-plated and 24k golden nib is added as a highlighting piece. The golden feather gives a modern look and a feel of elevating your mind to the skies.

Moonstone bracelet with gold-plated stars:Wearing the combination of moonstone with stars, makes you feel like having control over the night world in your palms. Stars are never out of fashion and they blend with any costume. This bracelet has a couple of stars between the moonstone pearls. The stars are parallel to each other giving you the choice of wearing them in any way you desire.

Moonstone bracelet with heart:This moonstone bracelet comes with a little rose heart making it look lovely. It is the best design to gift your girlfriend, wife or your dearest ones. If you are a girl, place a bulk order to make it a symbol of your gang by asking every girl to wear it.

Choose your size and order now:

The moonstone bracelets come in two sizes, S and M. You can also find the right way to measure and know your size on the official Kontiko website. You can also wear two moonstone bracelets to make it, even more, a centre of attraction. Visit the website now to view the collections and place your orders before it goes out of stock.


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