ADOMS Building expected to generate enough rental income to repay loan


Cabinet Notes:

The ADOMS Building on Factory Road is now complete and will soon have paying tenants assigned to it.


The occupants will provide sufficient rental income to meet the cost of repaying the loans and the overruns that characterized several construction projects inherited by the current administration in 2014.


The Treasury Building at the top of St. Mary’s Street was another.


One official was accused of deliberately delaying the construction and inflating the cost on each of the projects assigned to him by the previous administration.


He has since returned to his own country.

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  1. Where is the Audit Report.That was done on the ADOMS Building in 2020.When would we the taxpayers see that report.Which was done by the man from one of the Windward Islands.After all it costs a bundle.Is it because the Report pointed towards the Ministry of Finance in a negative way.

    • @Lynne
      People like you always like to give credit for UPP ideas and projects. Have a look at the audit report for the building and see who is responsible for the costs overrun. Maybe labour, while in power, will show us that they can construct anything from start to finish to benefit Antiguans, without funds disappearing.

    • Lynne You like to give credit to labour for UPP projects. All the cost overruns for the ADOMS building are the fault of labour because they let their people be unaccountable for taxpayer’s money. As one former labour minister said, every body a thief.

  2. Will government be renting?
    As not sure any private businesses are moving to rent somewhere new in the covid economic landscape.

  3. LYNNE I expected a comment like yours i.e., giving Prime Minister Gaston Browne credit for the ADOMS building and referring to him as a GENIUS, from FROM THE SIDELINE. However, you beat him to it. Why don’t you give the originator of the idea for the ADOMS building the credit?

  4. The building had cost overruns of over 20 million dollars. It was a project that was supervised by the ministry of finance headed by the PM.
    According to the ministry the rental income is sufficient to cover the loan for the building and somebody suggest the PM is a genius. Help us Lord.


    The only Person deserve CREDIT is Hon.Gaston Browne and also The ABLP. Tabor how the hell can you credit anyone else ? UPP squandered soooo much money on this building. The ENORMOUS cost OVERRUNS. I am surprised that PERSONS from UPP not in1735. Tabor I hope you realize that you are the ONLY Person defending UPP for Their OUTLANDISH spending. Shame on you Tabor. Now I realize that you are fighting for a SENATE seat which will NEVER happen. TABOR wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late. SHAME ,SHAME ,SHAME Charles Tabor.

  6. @ LYNNE
    Lynne …You hit the nail on the head…I cannot wrap my head around how Tabor can defend the UPP. Lynne you’re also correct that Tabor can never see the WRONG DOINGS of the UPP. Something is wrong with my Friend Tabor. Tabor knows better than what He is portraying.

  7. Where is Miss. KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR on the SNAKE PIT ? Hope Knight change His format on the radio.It is not working.It is damaging the UPP. Knight stop CUSSING on the radio and talk on current issues. You have DAMAGED OBSERVER RADIO and UPP. Now you realize that you will never get your SENATE seat hope you will change. If I was the Manager of Observer Radio I would have FIRED KNIGHT a long time ago. Hope Observer will take this serious before Observer will be BANKRUPTED in 2021. Just FREE ADVICE.

    Whimpel…..I do hope that Observer Radio is OK financially We need an Opposition Radio in Antigua. I believe that Observer will survive because Observer is Bank rolled by The Ryan Family and They have deep pockets . I agree with you that Observer need a change in Management and format. VOICE OF THE PEOPLE and THE SNAKE PIT would not be sustainable.

  9. I always look forward to the following Persons comments..

    MR.POMPER ( Have not heard for a while)
    MR.KNIGHT and Others.
    Some of the comments I agree with. I do hope that I will still see more SPIRITED comments going forward.

  10. AUGUSTINE you have missed two of the main commentors FROM THE SIDELINE and TENMAN. Just a correction the name is POMPEY and not POMPER. Yes, the constructive comments will continue.

  11. @TABOR

    I am also looking forward to total respect for each other contributions in 2021. You Guys can DISAGREE RESPECTFULLY.

  12. Editor of ANR: In the first paragraph.The word “soon” is used.Is soon the same as the 12th of never.Just asking.

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