Additional 2 million gallons of water daily from next month, PM says

Water flowing from pipe against blurred mountain background.

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  1. Look how everyting ah look so sweet all of a sudden! It looks like everyting in the Antiguan garden is looking Rosey 🌹

    Water 💧 running; pay rises incoming; road works programme being pushed; negotiating with unions for better pay and conditions; and lockouts and mandates being eased (for now). I could go on, but you get my drift.

    Is the election going to be announced any day soon? 🤔


    • Roads were been fixed from since 2017 non-stop , all through the Pandemic roads were been fixed- 1st of 5 Reverse Osmosis Plants were ordered and paid for since 2016- the raise of pay will be the second raise since 2014- Government Buildings and Offices were been repaired since 2015 nonstop- So you that don’t seem to live in Antigua just lub chat your chuppit mouth and don’t know sh*t about what’s going on in Antigua

      • Hey Jas, it seems that you don’t like anyone with a different opinion than yours – LIGHTEN UP!!!

        Remember, a good word better than a blink fo a bline horse …

  2. 2 Million Gallons more of water daily, promises, promises, empty promises. I have some ocean front property to sell in All Saints.

  3. The condition of the water need to improve all my white blouse has turn brown I have to be bowling the water to wash my white clothes this is nonsense!!!!!! The water is always brown I move from my previous house because I thought it was the pipe lines there an now it same where I go ppl can’t live like this

  4. Based on what the APUA water officials have reported, more than 33% of the water produced is lost due to leaks in the distribution system. Will generating additional water guarantee that the ppl in Point and Villa will get water? Or, will the water wastage just increase?

  5. The water coming out of the pipes is yellowish brown,
    It’s not clear, crisp, water..
    God knows what that water is doing to antigua people…
    Apua why is the water that color??
    So we must vote for the govt..cause you give us discolored water…

  6. Upp had 10 years. Labor Party has had 38 years. Do the Math. It is very simple arithmetic. Draw your conclusion from that. In this day and age of advancement of technology. For the past two weeks now going on three. No wata tall Dey a Freetown. I want to take a nice shower four day morning, in the evening and any time I feel like it. Tun on the shower. No water a come. Tun on the sink, no water a come and finally flushing me toilet no water in the tank.

    Me havu get water from me cistern to flush me toilet after the functions of nature. Time up.

    I’ll address potworks dam later.

  7. These people are trying hard to convince us that water is coming. But then I am reminded of Robin’s impassioned speech.
    I’ll believe water coming when water reach!

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