Top Soil Valued At $18,000 Stolen In Roman Hill


Police say they are investigating the theft of 18 truck loads of top soil valued at EC $18,000.

The larceny occurred at a plot of land Roman Hill sometime between August and sometime earlier this month.

Lloyd Warner of Swetes tells police that he got permission from a resident in the area to store the top soil on a plot of land, however only a small amount of the soil was left when checks were made.

Evidence of tire marks on the land indicated that a backhoe tractor and other vehicles were used to steal the top soil.



  1. No youth was involved in this crime…..but they are watching and will replicate similar acts within their scope…..

    And adults wonder what’s going on with the youths of today……

    The youths of our society are perfectly fine they are doing what youths should do mirror society…’s a vicious cycle the youths today are the adults of tomorrow.

    Open your eyes people think think think and stop the reflex attitude…..

  2. Is this a joke?Was it intended to be a joke?Top soil,top soil,really.Was there any gold in this top soil?I hope you do find your top soil.LOL

  3. I heard about people stealing sand from the beach but stealing dirt. A sign that the economy is failing. Stealing dirt (topsoil) to survived.

  4. No wonder it was stolen,why should top soil cost so much anyway.The greedy world system takes everything God created and turn it into a money grabbing affair. Its dam Dirt,not Gold..Hope the police do not waste to much time on this.

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