Activities You Can Bond With Your Family


Family time doesn’t always have to be boring. It can be filled with adventure, fun and all sorts of activities. If you’re looking for a few things you can do together to ensure your bond over some good laughs, here are some great ideas:

Bocce ball

There’s nothing quite like playing a game to bring your family together. With Bocce balls, the old and the young can play together as the players can be divided into two teams of up to 4 players. Having the best bocce set will allow you to have a regulated court. While that is recommended, it is still possible to play in an open space, it just makes it more difficult to keep the balls within the court. Enjoy a bit of competition with a fusion of golf and bowling to bring out some good laughs and make remarkable memories with your loved ones.

Movie night

Bring out the popcorn, the snacks and dim the lights, because it’s time for a movie night. Bonding doesn’t have to mean that you interact together, but some of the most memorable moments can involve doing some sort of activity together, even if it’s watching a movie. Having a weekly movie night where the genre chose is horror or comedy is bound to get you all huddled together or falling off the couch with laughter. These moments, along with fighting over the popcorn will ensure you have a great time.


Whether it’s in your back yard or a trip in the wild, camping can be a great experience. You can decide to disconnect from the virtual world, have a barbecue, gaze at the stars and group around a bonfire with roasted marshmallows. To top off the night, you’ll set up the tents and hit the sack experiencing camping altogether as a family. Doesn’t that sound like quite the bonding experience?

Baking and eating

Being surrounded by food always ensures that everyone will have a good time. Combine the family in the baking process and make competitions to see who makes the coolest cookie or the most creative muffin decoration to get everyone excited. The best thing is that it’s not just about having fun, but once you’re done, you all get to eat the delicious things you’ve baked and enjoyed every bite.

Game night

On days when the weather isn’t so good and you’d rather enjoy a night in, it’s time to get the board games out and get competitive. Every week you can mix up the game from playing cards to building blocks or any board games you have at home. You can order some pizza and prepare some light snacks and you’ll be having a great night in. Just don’t take the game too personally and remember that you’re only there to have fun.

It’s really important to make time for the family, but when it’s filled with fun activities, it won’t be such a burden. Make a list of games, movies, and places you’d like to visit and you’ll guarantee that your entire family will have some quality bonding time.

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