Activist Mary John charged for sending false messages via an electronic system



Mary John is accused of sending false messages via an electronic system.


The charge resulted from John falsely accusing a woman on social media of being involved in the murder of Jane Finch in October, 2021.


Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh set John’s bail at $10,000 with a cash component of $2,500 and several other conditions.


The committal date is March 24, 2022.

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  1. Cmon Turks Lee – this is 2022. Time for you to stop the ridiculous and annoying antics. You don´t care about people. You care about publicity. The spotlight seems to be your new of choice. Are you buddies with Eli Fuller?

    • This comment sweet me bad, Eli and Mary john like 2 peas in a pod, addicted to seeing themselves on social media 😂


        Whenever the news reports ‘…COMMITTAL’ know this is one to be:

        (a) ‘…Tried on Indictment by the DPP:

        (b) …Tried by Judge and Jury:


        ‘…Fine of EC$500, 000 or 7 Years Imprisonment or ‘BOTH’ (Fine and Confine).
        Really and truly, aint nothing ‘Sweet’ about this.
        [Section 4: Electronic Crimes Act: No. 14 of 2013].

        • She was charge by the Police. So why the person whom it is alleged by Gaston A. Browne forged his signature. No charges were ever brought against that so called Forger of the Prime Minister’s signature. If like that Forger,Mary John was a Comrade all would be forgiven and or forgotten. To be a COMRADE IN ANTIGUA AT THIS TIME,YOU COULD DO NO WRONGS.THIEF FROM THE PEOPLE AND TURNED A BLIND EYE.

  2. Karma is a …….. Ain’t it MJ. Ya lub post ppl pic on social media tek wha ya get. If I was that young lady I would also sue tf outta u not even ya surgeon brother coudda help u when me done wid u

  3. “Ebery day fu de tief, but one day fu de owner!”

    Mary John will now get a taste of what she has been doing to people for years without consequences. She has made some of the most slanderous posts about people and never faced any penalty. In addition, she sued Cliff Williams for making certain statements about her and the Court ruled in her favour. Now, it’s her turn. I hope that at the conclusion of the criminal trial the virtual complainant sues her and make her pay heavily.

    In addition, she has this nasty habit of harassing people who are simply going about their business trying to make a living. One day, it is going to get ugly!

  4. I have no real interest in what she has to say, neither do I make use of her favourite platform but I am slightly concerned when the government can arrest people for saying something that they deem untrue. Are we becoming like a certain red Asian country now? Will the politicians be held to the same standard, especially when spreading unsubstantiated ‘facts’? Like her or not let’s look at the real issue because tomorrow it could be any one of us. In my non-legal opinion this is a civil matter but one can only speak from the facts that are presented.

    • Government has nothing to do with this! This woman have a habit of slandering people’s name! Bout time some action is taken against her!

    • @Slightly Concerned. There is a law called the Electronic Crimes Act that criminalizes certain acts. This law is not unique to Antigua: ALL CARICOM states, the USA, Europe, and just about every country on earth has a version of this law. Speech might be free, but freedom comes with responsibility. Certain forms of speech have ALWAYS been criminal, for example sedition. You can’t just say anything about anyone and expect to simply pay money. Sometimes, a day or two in the slammer is warranted. So leave the politicians out of this. People need to understand that their choices have consequences.

        • Gaston Brown nah nutting fu do with this attention whore she bitch she lub post shit about people now she got pay the price. Ah well I’m sure it pocket change for her brother😃

  5. Serve her right, I wish it comes with Jail time and she spend a few years in jail and stay out of people business. She and Eli are not activist but public by Nuisances and need to be taught a serious lesson.

    • Stand with her how? Talk is cheap! (well not in MJ’s case). You encourage her and hype her up whenever she makes her incessant salacious posts on Facebook instead of encouraging her to be responsible and fact-check her “news”. Now that she has to FACE THE MUSIC, you are saying that you stand with her??? With “friends” like you, who needs enemies? You should have encouraged her to nip her dirty ways in the bud, but you gladly welcomed it.

  6. People of Antigua: When you spit into the air it would fall back into your faces.Today,it is Mary John for what ever the reasons.Tomorrow,it could be Mary and or John from the Ghettos.You never know with the Police when they would come after you small fries, for doing and or saying something.By the way,could someone tell me why the Police and some Political Leaders in Antigua hate Mary John?

    • If u think ah police and politrikians alone hate MJ well tap where tf ya dey. always sticking her nose inna ppl business then when she get she nenne cuss out cry on social media. Karma is a b…….

  7. Implicating someone in a crime is SERIOUS!!! Not something to be taken lightly. How would this nosey heffa like it for someone to poke a camera in her face and expose her every Move??? Pretending to work for TMZ does not translate to being an “activist”. A real idle busy body loafter and enabler. Hope she learns a lesson

    • she is the author of Drama and Neargah Bizniz. Luckily she has a well-known doctor in her family, so she will be fine.

  8. One simple question, will those who shared Mary John’s initial post be charged as well, since, they too would’ve circulated #false #information?

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