Active COVID-19 Cases Drop From 14 to Four – Hurst


Chief of Staff Lionel ‘Max’ Hurst says  only four persons are being treated for the Covid-19 disease.

The Covid-19 dashboard released by the Ministry of Health yesterday said 14 patients were still active.

Hurst explained that since the publication of the results, the 14 persons have been recently re-tested and 6 have been declared free of the virus.

He did not explain how 14 minus 6 equaled to 4. The ABS reporter who questioned him on the matter did not question the math.

The government says since the opening of the borders on June 1, 2020, more than 4,000 visitors have landed at the V.C. Bird International Airport.

Of that number, only 20 persons arriving on US carriers have been tested positive; that would translate into 0.002% of US arrivals have been infected persons.

A statement from Cabinete said, “the decision to open is fully justified, the Cabinet determined. As more airlines begin bringing more tourists to Antigua, the steady trickle of jobs within the hotel sector will increase and those who were laid-off will find themselves back to work.”




  1. Mr. Hurst spoke of persons who required medical treatment being at 4. The reporter then confused this to mean active was 4. Mr. Hurst probably not hearing the question properly responded yes. Think we all know not all covid active persons require medical attention.

  2. Of the 4,000+ arrivals, how many total PASSENGERS were tested?
    This information has never been disclosed.
    FYI- Not the # of tests administered ( as some people are tested multiple times).
    Not if they were a national or a tourist.

    • You do realize that persons who present a covid 19 negative test and who show no symptoms will not be tested locally?

  3. Lionel Hurst doesn’t have to waste and energy “trying to fool” residents of Antigua because…….

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