Acting PM of Antigua and Barbuda Speaks Out Against Violence Targeting Journalists


Acting Prime Minister Steadroy Benjamin delivered a resolute message against acts of violence targeting journalists in Antigua, Barbuda, and the wider Caribbean.

Speaking at the Caribbean Broadcasting Union’s 54th Annual General Assembly, Benjamin emphasized the unacceptable nature of such attacks.

Referring to the firebombing of Dominican journalist Carlisle Jno Baptiste’s vehicle and a recent deadly attack on journalists in Haiti, Benjamin urged media professionals to unite against these threats.

He condemned violence against journalists and highlighted the need for solidarity, urging journalists to perceive an attack on one as an attack on all.

The Assembly included discussions on defamation protection and freedom of speech.

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  1. Trupz cutie!
    Quite a few journalists have been victimized by what they say in media!
    Does the name Nikki Phoenix ring a bell!
    The hypocrisy that you and your government displays make me want to puke!!

    • Well said Sandra, and the fact that you’ve mentioned the investigative journalist Nikki Phoenix as well, highlights the out and out hypocrisy from the Attorney General, who doesn’t even talk about the VITRIOL and MISOGYNISTIC comments from government officials, that then in turn it triggers some of the most awful comments (including terrible tirades from ANR commentariats) I’ve ever heard against an well educated woman.

      Again, well highlighted @ Sandra 👍🏾

    • @Sandra:The reason they all attacked Nikki.She does asked pertinent questions.She asks tough questions and does not backed down.She is very courageous without fear.I applaud her for her efforts.I do not care if she is from Guyana and not Antigua.

  2. I’d rather hear the Cutie says he is committed to ending all forms of corruption in Government across the Caribbean especially in the public sector beginning with law enforcement by solving crimes and reducing crimes committed by politicians.
    Why waste time insult people delivering a resolute message against acts of violence targeting journalists in Antigua, Barbuda, and the wider Caribbean; when you are enabler to, are part and parcel of a corrupt regime which inspires these type of attacks.
    Cutie you put out this offensive BS knowing that as an ethically deprived UWI graduate, you find nothing wrong with that statement; and your fellow alumni’s are too timid to publicly disagree.
    Among the few things that Antigua and Barbuda politics have in common is the use of the intransitive verb “Resolute” Can there be another verb or adjective?
    Is this the new “clearly pellucid”?

    Like the Barbudans politicians who are “resolute” about protecting their Constitution rights.
    Cutie who sits with an authoritarian figure as his master, and is now resolute in protecting free speech.
    Cutie Brahmin I don’t need to tell you where to shuv that shit

  3. Nigel Benjamin was not just attacked, and say another day like the journalist; he was kidnapped and murdered.
    Common Steadroy! the young men in custody fear for their lives. They know who the true perpetrators are; but if they disclose the details they too will be in mortal danger.
    Be resolute about solving the Murder of Nigel Benjamin, and give these in custody free passage in protection. That would be resolute

  4. @ Sandra clarke
    You are so right.
    This issue goes to the heart of a democratic society.
    Where was Cutie as AG when Nikki Phoenix has been pilfered by the corrupt government messenger Max, and derided by the “three paycheck no show jobs” crumb snatchers; as well as one of the economic migrants who calls themselves expats with questionable background piling on?
    “The crumb snatchers” have taken a break and are on vacation for this one

  5. Minister Benjamin’s call is so hypocritical so say the least. And it comes soon after Minister Melford Nicholas announcement that the government is looking to put legislation in place to address defamatory material on social media platform, which is a nice way of saying censoring the likes of this very media company that we are openly express our opinions on and others. I just wrote a piece on it.

    • Now these devilish ABLP politicians want to try and curtail Antiguans FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

      Remember, many Caribbean soldiers fought and died in TWO WORLD WARS for this fundamental right to be upheld.

      It seems that Melford Nicholas and his ilk, prefer it that the taxpaying public just shut dem mout’ and sat back and suffered from their disastrous policies and manifesto promises. Never!

      I recall when Gassssston Browne came into office, he silenced many singers and calypsonians, because he didn’t like their brilliant political rhyming lyrics; and now they want to curtail FREEDOM OF SPEECH for the rest of us!


      I’m looking forward to reading your piece @ Audley.

  6. @Audley Phillip
    I hope you are not surprised.

    This is the norm for this lowlife who gas his people in the streets expressing their objection to vaccines.

    He threatens public servants with jail time if they stay home rather than taking the vaccine.

    Cutie makes useless announcements wanting to sound like statesmen; and come off as clownish hypocrite.

  7. These politicians need to look up the word shame!
    Growing our parents use to ask us all the the time if we don’t have any shame?
    I certainly know what shame is
    Cause I grew up being familiar with it..
    Cutie and dem have no shame!!

  8. Away Tenman and Sidelines Dey.Garne with their master,on vacation.If Labor gives them chit to eat they would gladly eat um.

    • @Black Man they say if you have nothing good to say {to you), don’t hence feck off. Anyone who considers Nikka a journalist need more help than can be provided regionally. All of her collogues consider her an awful person

  9. @Tenman
    It’s very interesting that Cutie “Mr.Resolute” and waddle like a duck Benjamin is considering introducing a law to punish people who they think are offensive on the internet.
    Interesting that law excludes Gaston his colleagues and supporters being able to besmirch others character on his radio station.
    With this lending law, what Antigua and Barbuda needs is a
    Geoffrey Fieger who is an American attorney based in Southfield, Michigan but resides in Anguilla for the winter months. Geoffrey legal services are available to defend “Hammer” free of charge. (Go find out more)
    The Nepo babies from UWI, Monroe and Southwest who are members leaches and pariahs clubs, both on island in the UK and North America will say they love Antigua; but are too greedily hustling for the dollar and would never lift a professional finger to make Antigua and Barbuda a better place.
    They are looking forward to this new law to loot the Antigua and Barbuda people with legal fees to defend them against an egregious assault in their free speech rights.

    • @Winston Southwell – Why you upp supporters and or ABLP opposers so lie? I heard the speech by Melford and no law has even been drafted. What he stated was there needs to be public consultation on such because we can all agree there needs to be controls. Winston Derrick, up his last days also argued for said controls. Take the time and you would see in places like the US facebook has been forced to put in controls. You consider A&B the wild wild west where anything goes? Come on man I am all for a discussion but lets have a honest one

  10. And those people in Antigua consider you to be what? I have nothing good to say about you. For you would see evil being done and defend your Dawg. All in the name of a few dollars,worth crumbs from the table.

  11. @Black Man not sure if your comment is meant for me. Assuming it is, since you enjoy making false aspersions let me follow suit. Just because GB or one of his male ministers took your woman, don’t mean you have to keep crying about it forever. Let it go, she has moved on. She was probably not meant for you. Yes she says you were not man enough, but find sufficient self confidence to prove her wrong. Then again she is probably right

  12. @Tenman,
    UPP lover, and ABLP hater in not. I have lots of criticism for both UPP and BPM, but neither are in the decision making processes at this time.

    I’m for good government period.

    I oppose the lack of good government under Gaston’s stewardship.
    I cringe at the fact that the country is buried in a culture mediocrity, and there are many such as yourself, a Midwestern alumni who should know better.
    We are a country where the Nepo Babies defend the corrupt system, and hold tight to an outdated set of colonial administrative practices, policies and systems.
    Those systems, procedures and policies are manipulated and give them unfair advantage.
    The Nepo Babies don’t have to waste productive hours standing on line for governmental services for they have political connections.
    The monied elites are the same; the system works very efficiently for them.
    We compare ourselves to the rest of the OECS. That’s a false equivalent. They don’t have the beaches to attract the tourists who we have made our bread and butter.
    If we did not mismanage tourism, having run by Nepo Babies for 60 years we would not be dependent on CIP.
    You heard the speech, I didn’t but my this Government pattern is that they put out feelers and if they don’t get push back, the implementation can be assured.
    The control Facebook put in place was not by choice, it was a result of civil organizations that forced Congressional hearings, and Facebook was threatened with hundred of million in fines forced them to put in place controls not for adults but for kids. The EU regulators were even much harder on Facebook. That’s why they hired Nicholas Cleg for head of the UK liberal party who speaks French to be their lobbyist.
    Maybe not in Antigua and Barbuda most 17 year olds know how to hide their identity. Will Gaston go to a foreign entity like China to unmasked who is cussing him.
    Will any US tech company honor Gaston’s request to unmask people who cuss him out ?
    What is the nature of the proposed consultation? Like the one the Police is asking for which they refer to as limited. Carrying it on the internet portal is that consultation?
    At the end of the day Cutie is a failure as an AG, who deserve being besmirched.
    I am making a distinction between broader policy issues and what you consider lies.
    Antiguans are being marginalized in their own country.
    Simple things such as the yearly remittance from the Dyaspora which should be among a raft of data issued by the Government Accountability is not known or discussed
    For MP Weston admitted the CIP was intended to be short term we are now dependent on it like medical care.
    I’m interested in policy issues not personalities unless they make themselves part of the bureaucracy that continues to marginalize our people.

    • @Winston Southwell the problem is you. You create falsehoods like you posted to this thread yet claim you hate corruption. Boss look in the mirror. We can’t properly have a honest discussion if you go out of your way to share and sell false information. The speech by Melford can easily be found on the ABS youtube page Honestly your last post logic reminds me of how the US Whitehouse, under bush 2, fooled itself into the rational it used to invade Iraq.

  13. @Tennan
    Hold on to your interpretation even though I write “is considering introducing a law to punish people”. The operative word “considering” Keep hanging to my statement which you characterize as being false.
    What is false about a statement when the idea is being floated to the public.
    As usual the very people who supports institutional corruption, uses projection to defend themselves. Nothing else matters anymore.
    There is nothing false in my statement. Maybe it’s a failure to understand when I explain Melford statement was a red herring for What’s to come.
    Of course “the Bread Crumbs snatchers” modus operandi; when they think they have a gacha moment they work it to the bones.
    This has nothing to do with Facebook or Bush. It has to do with an administration who thrives and survives on a population with the political philosophy:“keep them begging and needy, keep them uneducated and poor, keep them uninformed and keep the outdated colonial policies in place; so they can use the NepoBabies and Crumb Snachers to spread propaganda and keep them in charge.
    That is the fundamental principle that I argue.
    The Red, The Blue and the BPM are failing its people, and that’s the issue.

  14. @Tenman
    Further, you claim I create falsehoods
    and your proof is a video link.
    Are we addressing the same subject?
    My thread covers a number of subjects about public policy and corruption.
    Now, if you want to complain that I fat shame Cutie Benjamin, and it was upsetting you. Yes that was not nice; I’ll accept.
    If you intended to bicker with me ridicule his “resolute” I find it comical
    I didn’t know Cutie joined the BPM for they are always use the word “resolute” about holding on to the lands in Barbuda.
    Maybe it adds gravitas to their game
    As usual you attempt to turn the table on your opponent with “you people” and “look in the mirror”.
    Since you use the Facebook and George Bush examples, I’ll continue with US references and examples
    I see you are using the Donald Trump playbook; when he is in trouble and he can’t defend his position he lies and insults, in his attempt to turn the table.
    He is not the first and neither are you. It’s an ABLP tradition.
    You afford me the opportunity to
    recognize there are such things as the Antiguan “MAGA” Make Antigua Great Again. who shares the characteristics of the American MAGA
    Tenman you have given me an idea: In the future I’ll definitely look at how the Antiguan MAGAs are failing its people.

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