Accused murderer who died mysteriously seven years ago is finally laid to rest


A man who died seven years ago, while on remand for murder at Her Majesty’s Prison, was finally buried today.

Trevor Dion Thomas aka “Ticks” is the alleged gunman who shot and killed gas pump attendant, Dorothy Prince.

The killing occurred as Thomas, Omari Phillip, Police Constable Gideon Jackson and Former Defense Force Soldier, Timorie Elliot committed robbery at Dee’s Service Station on February 17, 2012.

Uncertainty surrounding the cause of Thomas’ death and other legal issues prevented authorities from issuing a warrant to bury his body all these years.

The body was kept in storage at the privately owned, Straffies Funeral Home.

“I’m very happy that finally the day has come when he is buried”, Managing Director, Elizabeth Saunders told state media.

No family members or friends were reportedly present at St. John’s Public Cemetery for the burial of the dead prisoner.

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  1. One of the mess ups of the UPP finally solved and the tax payers will have to foot the bill. Don’t tell us how much that is. I rather have the government spend my money on yet another FREE CONCERT.
    But those supporters will have nothing to say about this bill that they left behind

    • The UPP government took 2 of the 7 years to unsolve this murder and the ABLP government took 5 to solved it. It seem that the ABLP government is no different.

    • Listen, it so not matter when the crime was committed it affected all of us whether we a supporters of a political organisation or not. If this had happend under another political organisation, this will still have ro be done because cause of death not solved. Do you travel outside of Antigua/Barbuda or do you even have cable TV and even watch for e.g.Law and Order, CSI etc and see they got to investigate cause of death and sometimes they return to the burial site of the grave and take out the body and reaxmine it again????????
      Do you think death and crime asks you hey who do you vote for and decides whether to pass you by or get you? Come on man, your are slave not yet emancipated, when you are emancipated then you are no longer a slave.

  2. Good thing he dies or he would have been a free man today given the rate at which the ALP releasing dangerous murderers back out on the streets.
    The ALP took five years to sort out this 7 year mess so I don’t know why are you celebrating failure and incompetence.

  3. He didn’t die “mysteriously”
    Autopsy revealed it was a heart attack
    Meanwhile, according to Ecclesiastes chapter 12:
    13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

    14 For God shall bring EVERY work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

  4. After much wanting.
    Why wast the family present?
    Why wasn’t there a clergy man?
    Why wasn’t it a regular coffin ?
    Is ticks really in that box. ?
    Was the body sold to a medical University in an attempt to assertain his death?
    Will the toxocology report be made public ?

    Will we every find out what really killed ticks. ?

  5. Who paid this seven year storage bill to Straffies? This is unheard of anywhere in the world and when the international press finds out, we will be the laughing stock of the whole world. This is a tragedy. Why wasn’t a clergy person there? All of the Jesus boys had no time? It’s time to practise what they preach. Shame. This is a total disgrace.

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