Accumulation of used cars may be environmental time bomb warn experts


International experts have warned that the unrestricted importation of used cars will take a toll on the country’s environment in the long run.

The last decade has seen an unprecedented number of these vehicles being imported particularly from Japan.

While the number of vehicles can be seen as a sign of development, the environmental impact cannot be ignored according to development specialist Enock Musara.

“It is a fact that these cars are not wanted elsewhere, that alone should tell us something and we should act in light of such sentiments from other countries who have banned the cars,” he said.

His views are supported by Shamiso Mutisi, an environmental lawyer with the Environmental Law Association based in Zimbabwe.

The experts argue that most of the used cars coming into the country are old and have less efficient engines, with aging technology compared to newer vehicles.

As a result, used cars cause more air pollution than new cars.
They told the Sunday News that not only do these old vehicles emit higher amounts of greenhouse toxins in the atmosphere, they also emit huge amounts of harmful gases such as sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides.

According to the experts, they come with high mileage and outdated technology which makes them susceptible to break down, with most of the vehicles not lasting more than five years after being bought.

Repairing these gray imports as the imported cars are sometimes referred to, has proved difficult for many second-hand car owners and this has led to thousands of used imported cars lying idle in backyards, scrap yards, driveways and roadsides.


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  1. I guess the car dealers in Antigua needs to make car prices affordable… They get all these concessions from the govt and still car prices are sky high… What they expect the poor man or woman to do… Some of us cannot afford a new one, so there’s the next best thing… Also, I cannot see if u buy a car from at least 2008 coming forward how much of these games and so on they talking about they will emit… Anything with an engine emits some form of gas… Mek de new ones cheaper so we can buy local and emit our own new gases… Chupitniss…

  2. Although I may agree, used cars are not the only factor that cause air pollution. Personally, the accumulation of used cars is a environmental time bomb to our streets. It is too congested.

  3. Trying to ROB THE AVERAGE MAN by charging “house and land” prices is an ECONOMIC TIME BOMB!!! These dealerships can whine and complain all they want, the people are glad to have an AFFORDABLE OPTION when it comes to purchasing a vehicle.

  4. Thanks to the environment specialist. These old cars are out dated. They create more harm than good for the environment. My dear citizens and friends let’s forget about self and think about others and our environment. Buy a new car. you can also buy a new car on line. I purchased two new ones.

  5. The new cars coming to this island are manufactured to a very poor standard,they even have less emissions control or restrictions than that of the used cars imported from the Japanese market.A lot of the New cars we get in Antigua are coming from a third world country,not Japan.(Mexico and India).
    Let people buy what they are able to afford.

  6. If everyone got a new car instead of the used one the car dealers would make more money but what will happen in the long run when all the New cars are old. A new car and a used car in Antigua.s condition has the same life span.

  7. ive seen people have these same used for over 10 years…looking just as good as the day it was imported…with them lies talking bout mechanics here have trouble to repair them and they dont last longer than 5 years…if u buy a new car and na tek care a um it will not last for more than 5 years the so call new cars they selling here cheap and light like foil paper and rotten if too much dew fall on them. the cars for japan even though they are not new are of a much higher quality than some of these so call new cars they want push down people’s throat. the car dealers here can go the the us president next to try get him to say importing use cars are bad…in them wicked self. look how it a bun them cause people have an option not to buy from them.

  8. I am just wondering since when the New Car dealera suddenly become so interested in our environment that they went to get specialist to show how the used cars will damage our environment? Please! The Antiguan market does not have any real specification for new cars and hence our new cars are just made to 3rd world standards. The used car coming out of Japan are still at a higher spec than many of the new cars that come here. I had a used car from the USA in the nineties which was a 1988 Accura and some of the features i had on that car, i dont have on my current 2010 vehicle, which is 22 years younger. Did the experts review the US, Canadian, European and Japanese specs and compare to what we get here as new? Many of those used vehicles last a lifetime here, some are over 20yrs old since arrival.

    Even the tires we get here last about 6 months and has no warrantly for mileage. Thats why people are buying the used tires out of the US as well. I hope the experts do a real review because their assessment appears to be a paid commercial.

  9. You car dealers can jump high of swing low. We the avarage working class people and single mothers like myself have an option now. We dont have to buckle to you and buy ur overprice recondotion cars that ya talking about.

  10. New cars requires new roads!!

    It makes no common sense to purchase a new car in ANTIGUA. The roads are jacked up, which means that shortly after buying a new car, it starts riding like an old one before 5 years. BUY USED, AND SPEND WISELY!!!!

  11. I wanted to comment but I changed my mind. I think we should have an open debate about the subject. Although I am not an environmental specialist I think ….

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