Accounts Clerk Admits To Stealing Close To 200k From Anchorage Inn


Althea Dinard, a former accounts clerk at Anchorage Inn, has pleaded guilty in High Court yesterday to the accusation of embezzling $181,578.31 from her place of employment, the Anchorage Inn, some time between June 6th 2008 and May 3rd 2013.

Justice Stanley John therefore asked the jury, who had been empanelled, to return a verdict of guilty in the matter.

Dinard was remanded to prison pending sentencing on Thursday 12th December.

An employee, who had replaced Dinard back in 2013 after she was dismissed as supervisor in the accounts department, found the inconsistencies and alerted management.

The police were also alerted and they conducted a probe which lead to the arrest and charge of embezzlement on Dinard.



  1. @ Hmmmmm
    No. The question is, is she related to the crooked businessman or men and the MP who collude to rob the school children, teachers and nurses of much needed funds by ripping off the customs department – and then try to murder the investigating customs officer by shooting him six times???

    I don’t know if she is related, but Janice and this woman never stole school children lunch money can you say the same about the people you are enabling?

    • Ok. But the question is: have you forgiven your daddy? Forgiveness will give you peace-of-mind and free you from the hurt and pain. Try it and you will see.

  2. Where is JANICE SAMUEL…Is Her court case finish ? Someone please enlighten me. I have not heard Her on the Snakepit for a while . Have the Snakepit crew abandon Janice Samuel ?

  3. “What is done in the dark will eventually come to light so be careful what you hide, it may cost you more than you were willing to lose.”

  4. There is a Serpent among us.” Those were the words uttered by an Adventist pastor, when a young man from Potters, a server, decided to pilfer the church offering.
    When you are cursed; nothing good shall follow thee. I am from Potters and I would like to know that Peson.

    I found the above on Our Prime Minister facebook page

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