Accident Victim Is 21-Year-Old Roman Hill Resident


Kiyodie T.D. Osborne, 21yr old of Roman Hill is the country’s third road death for 2019.

The allegations are that a white Honda Fit motor car R4037, driven by 21yr old Annik Lawrence of Grays Farm was travelling from West to East on Sir Sydney Wallings Highway at a fast speed when the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle reportedly collided with a light green Nissan Urvan C14001 and a white Honda Accord A52140 which were travelling in the opposite direction and spun out of control and collided into a concrete fence on the northern side of the road.

Three of the five occupants of motor car R4037 were thrown from the vehicle; namely the driver Annik Lawrence, Kiyodie Osborne and 19yr old Cliffe Thomas of Johnsons. Osborne was pronounced dead on the spot by a medical doctor around 3:44am. The other occupants complained of pain about their bodies and were taken to msjmc for medical treatment. The incident occurred shortly after midnight on Friday.

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  1. Melchisedec
    June 11, 2019 at 10:08 pm
    I have two possible solution to curve the speeding problem.

    1 All vehicles be calibrated to suit the speed limit before licensing.

    (i) Anyone who tampers with the calibration forfeit their driver’s license permanently.

    (ii) Anyone who forfeited their driver’s license and found driving again fines to exceed $20k or 10 years plus in prison.

    This must be understood to mean once you are speeding the possibility exist that a life can be taken.

    Suggestion 2
    Any driver may purchase a purpose built software with a camera which is mounted on the dash board.

    The information is stored on the hard drive of the camera and also sent directly to a processing mainframe at a police station.

    This vehicle is calibrated to the speed limit. The camera records any vehicle that passes the calibrated vehicle.

    When the person pays the fine the driver who made the report is rewarded with 50% of the fine.

    The complete kit is at the expense of the driver and not the government.

    This system could also be used to capture persons using cell phones while driving.

    As many driver as possible can be on the program. Once the payment is timely it can easily be passive income.
    This is not rocket science either cameras are available and software can be written. The will to curve the problem is the problem.

    I am outside the box looking in.

    • Hmmm please stay out of box please ….if the world was ran on emotions then we think like what u explaining

  2. I hear you…. you are entitled to your opinion and your suggestion however the root of the problem is the fact that the police attached to the traffic department are and have been inadequately delivering over the years. If their presence were consistently felt both day and night residents would feel the need to obey the traffic laws……

  3. My strategy is to increase the drivers license age limit to a more adult matured level. Driving is a responsibility. There are not that much young adults who execute that responsibility. Some may, but when we see majority of these horrific accidents and their ages are revealed that says another thing. There’s no way this person can be driving within 40 miles (64km ) and this is the result. The driver was not adhering to the spped limit! There is a reason for the speed limit!!Our country has lost another young one!!! This is to protect them and our society! I’m crying out to the Authority for this change!!


      The accident has more to do with the ‘…Manner of Driving,’ than anything else. Such crying shall be directed at those that drive ‘…Recklessly; …Dangerously and Carelessly.’

      The deceased was not the driver though.

      Ironically, he reportedly called himself ‘…Unruly Dan.’

      The harsh realities of life are, ‘…all Unruliness and all Dan man’ now ended. Now families are left to grieve and mourn his loss.

      How about ‘…crying out to the rest’ that still believes that the only thing about speed is, ‘…it thrills?’


    Nah Melchie Boy!

    These suggestions seemed geared toward ‘…Punishing the Innocent for the Reckless Guilty.’

    Well, if you honestly feel that which you have suggested are the solutions to ‘curbing’ speed and accidents,’ to see if it would work ‘personally’ for you as an individual driver, you may wish to;

    (a) Roll out the first such calibrated and equipped vehicle;

    (b) …Display and demonstrate at the North Sound Vehicular Race Track; and then

    (c) …Collaborate with the;

    (i) …Parliamentarians or Law makers;

    (ii) ‘…New and Used Car Dealers;

    (iii) …Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board (ABTB); and

    (iv) …The Traffic Commissioner.’

    Not sure you would be so inclined, but if it is to be seen as ‘…effectively worthwhile,’ it might be worth a personal trial.

    • @ Mr Pompey
      These concepts are already in use in several different countries.

      The technology is already available.

      The results are excellent.

      Antigua a tiny island would be excellent and inexpensive to implement.

      The innocent die in traffic accidents due to speeding also.

  5. I extend my condolences to the decease’s family… I think a very serious /message should be sent to drivers who are caught driving with excessive speed. Many times the passenger(s) usually get the worst from these vehicular accidents and the driver get the least of the impact….. in my view the law should stipulate that in addition to a revocation of the driver’s license, a 50% deduction of their income should be done for perhaps 3 to 5 yrs and from it, 30% goes to the victim or victim’s family and the remaining 20% goes to the govt treasury

  6. Other than speeding.Could there have been other factors that caused this accident.I am just asking not suggesting anything.

  7. Now his mother is left with a BLEEDING HEART & WOUNDED LIFE. She will never be the same.

    Have mercy.

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