Accident Affects Water Supply To Northern Part Of Island


A vehicular accident that took place last night, Friday July 10th, resulted in the destruction of a major pump at the APUA Cassada Gardens Booster Station.

Water services to customers in the northern portion of the island have been affected.
An assessment of the damage has been carried out today, Saturday July 11th when it was determined that the damage was extensive and affected machinery and the alignment of the system both inside and outside of the booster station.

Efforts are underway to re-establish operation at the booster station and
alternate arrangements are being explored to supply water to the affected areas.
The affected areas include: Cassada Gardens #4-#7, Cedar Valley, Cedar Valley Gardens, Cedar Valley
Springs, Mount Pleasant, Langfords, Blue Waters, Crosbies, Marble Hill, Marble Road, Trade Winds,
Halcyon Heights, McKinnons, northern section of Friars Hill Road, Anchorage Road, Paradise View and
surrounding areas.

The APUA Water Business Unit solicits the patience and understanding of its customers in the affected
areas as work continues to restore service.



  1. Was there another accident some place else? The pipes are dry in a number of communities that should have had water, based on APUA’s published schedule.

    In a real country, Robin Yearwood would have had to resign based on his non-performance as the person in charge of APUA. In stead, in this dolly-house country of ours, he’s rewarded with a knighthood.

    APUA published a schedule for water, and the very next day the schedule was obsolete. Since the publishing of the schedule, my neighborhood has never received water on the scheduled day. The whole thing is just a joke. I’m waiting like a loaded gun for any politician to come across my gate to ask for my vote

  2. “Waiting like a loaded gun for any politician to come across my gate to ask for my vote.” Really Dadliman, you are obviously hallucinating and delusional, exaggerating your own grand importance in the overall scheme of things. Wake up! Rest down the chalice and try, even with mere words, to build up ‘Dadli’, man!

  3. Equally serious though, I hope that the person(s) responsible for the accident will be made to pay for the cost to repair the damages he/she/they caused. The persons should also make restitution to all the families in the affected areas for the pain and suffering and inconvenience occasioned.!

  4. Accident somewhere else? No water for straight 2 weeks!!! Why some areas treated as priority while in others poor people are left to suffer! Tired of the face saving bs excuses. No deadbeat politician can come smile in my face at election time.

    It’s 2020 & we have to protest or beg for BASIC necessities like water, proper healthcare, social services etc. Mosquitoes still rampant in areas with no fogging. The only good thing about Covid is that it’s exposing y’all.

  5. Northern side are the money people. Those pipes will be dealt with expeditiously. If was a poor area then they would say they don’t have the necessary tools to fix

  6. The booster pump shown… can’t believe we’re still using such obsolete equipment. Come on guys, use the internet…

  7. I strongly suspect that this so called accident last Friday, has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that some residents of UPPER GAMBLES have not had a drop of APUA supplied WATER for seven(7)consecutive days now!!!!!!!!!!

  8. There are places in this Economic Power House without potable water for over 3 weeks now.I wondered if it is because of this accident. LMAO. ECONOMIC POWER,POOR HOUSE.

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