ACB Thames Street branch closes due to possible COVID-19 exposure


The Management of the Antigua Commercial Bank has announced that one of their branches will remain closed today Wednesday.

This decision has been made as a precautionary measure as a staff member has possibly been exposed to the virus.

During this period the Bank will move to have the entire building sanitized. Customer transactions can continue at the Village Walk branch, online and at the ATMs.

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  1. Some nations wait too late to act and thus allow the situation to get out of control.
    Need to be proactive in these times. May need to move to a general lockdown of the nation instead of having these piecemeal effects.
    The virus is on a rampage around the world. Vaccine or no vaccine….covid-19 shows no sign of slowing down.
    I reiterate again….this is just a test run for BIGGER WORRIES to come. We ain’t seen anything yet !

    The world is on a downward spiral…out of control….with no sign of reverse. Stuck in destruction gear.
    All because we are greedy, selfish, evil in heart… reaping the consequences of our wicked ways. It will only get much worse before the Master of the universe steps in.
    I say again: God will NEVER force His will on mankind. He made us free moral beings. Gave us the choice between GOOD & EVIL. Encourage us to select good…..but we prefer evil. Now we see the results. God will never force us to follow His way. That would make us robots. You just cannot force someone to love you. That definitely would not be love at all.
    Yet….there is hope for all who want to turn and make that change.
    Realize that we are not living in normal times. These are SERIOUS DAYS. Consider what have brought us to this point…and also consider what can bring us out of this calamity. ONLY THE CREATOR CAN !



    • I really wonder what type of person you are…sounds like these are just the convenient words for the occasion…But deep down….hmmmm

  2. Mr. PM, Antigua needs trip this covid spread in the bud now by locking down for 3 weeks. We do not want to get out of hand like St. Lucia and St. Vincent. Lockdown now and kill the virus before it becomes uncontrollable.

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