ABWU: “Workers have NO confidence in this Government! We deserve better!”


Press Release – “Workers have NO confidence in this Government! We deserve better!”

St. John’s, Antigua — 8 April 2022 — The Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union (ABWU) will celebrate Labour Day 2022 with several activities leading up to May 2 — Labour Day.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Workers have NO confidence in this Government! We deserve better!”

This year’s theme underscores the prevailing sense of abandonment workers have experienced under the Gaston Browne administration, following his relentless attack on the labour movement and workers in general. The Gaston Browne-led government has demonstrated a complete disregard for the workers’ right of choice and their entitled benefits.

Moreover, the Gaston Browne administration has broken its promises to pay outstanding monies due to workers, including those from the Jolly Beach Resort, whom he made a special commitment to pay in February during his Budget Presentation. We wish to remind Prime Minister Gaston Browne and the Hon. Lennox Weston that eight weeks have elapsed since the promise to pay the outstanding severance owed to the Jolly Beach workers.

In addition, the Gaston Browne administration continues to turn a deaf ear to the former employees of Liat and Caribbean Airport Services who were terminated without severance pay.

The uncaring attitude of this government is also demonstrated in its careless handling of the minimum wage review. Despite numerous calls for this review to take place every two years, in keeping with the statutory requirement, the Labour Minister has been intent on delaying the review for the past several years.

Further, with the precipitous increase in the cost of living and the inconsiderate decision by the Gaston Browne administration to increase fuel prices at the pump, workers across this country have been plunged into further economic hardship with no relief in sight, even after suffering from extended periods of unemployment due to the pandemic.

These, amongst other issues, buttress the ABWU’s call for all workers to join its Labour Day March to send a strong message to the Gaston Browne administration that the workers of this country deserve better!

Several other events will take place in the lead-up to Labour Day. These include the following:

Monday 25 April – Opening of Labour Week 2022
Tuesday 26 April – Youth Forum
Wednesday 27 April – Public Lecture
Thursday 28 April – Public Meeting
Sunday 1 May – Church Service
Monday 2 May – Labour Day March/ Beach Activities

As an institution built on unity and resilience, the ABWU is delighted to bring its membership together in these face-to-face events following two years of limited activities due to the Covid –19 Pandemic.

The Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union looks forward to celebrating Labour Day 2022 in recognition of the invaluable contributions of workers, and in defense of the rights of workers from the exploitation and attacks of an uncaring government.

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  1. As a considerate union, why are we not hearing anything from you about self empowerment in order assist in over riding the challenges that we are facing…… As a caring institution for your workers, offer us symposiums, workshops etc and impart techniques that we can use at home to make up from the shortfalls of the govt so that we as workers can be self sufficient

  2. An opposition aligned union says it has no confidence in the ruling government….smooth!!!

  3. Meanwhile a headline story on CNN is as titled below…and please blame Gaston.

    From Pakistan to Peru, soaring food and fuel prices are tipping countries over the edge.

  4. You mean to tell me this government that went through a pandemic and didn’t lay off one public sector worker and even ensured they got paid on time. Unlike the private sector workers that got laid off and some didn’t eve receive their severance. I mean if there is one government that the workers can trust to have their back, it’s this government. But of course, ABWU would take this to the politics that they always play on the backs of workers.

  5. NO UNION anywhere in the world should be supporting anti vaxxers on any level! These people are right wingers, trump supporters, fundamentally opposed to unions! How in god’s name can you call yourselves a worker’s union when you support that???

    Start having a backbone FFS and do something to address the lack of a basic living wage and good working conditions in this country. Start taking effective industrial action, instead of appealing to the lowest level, the anti vaxx movement, who if they ever got power the first thing they would do is abolish unions.
    Where were the unions during the whole pandemic when they should have been demanding sick pay, safe working conditions and stay at home pay?? you people are absolute cowards, and worse, ineffective! Workers, kick out those running the unions and put in leaders who truly have your interests at heart.

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