LISTEN:ABWU Vows to Pursue LIAT Severance Matter



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  1. Why is he addressing Browne alone, even when Antigua was not the major shareholder, and this happened during the UPP tenure. His address should be to Barbados primarily and the other shateholders, who all have an obligation to settle the matter.

    • Follow de Leader..
      If not an Aitline FERRY will Do
      LIAT Ltd Connecting BOAT Too. .
      Where is Mr Antigua ” Crump”
      WHO? Pull up de STUMPs,????
      Motleys Time to Hump. .
      Who Can’t Swim Dive..
      UpGrade u HardDrive..
      ✈️ 🛩 🛬 💺 🛫

  2. Gaston Creative Enrichment Scheme Browne don’t give a damn about the citizens. His pockets full, bank accounts loaded and when he finally get kick out of power, he will have a happy life to live out. Look how much money, property and silent shareholder of many companies he have. All done on the down low. He owes a huge thank you to all those who voted for him. Hope the same voters got good kickbacks for doing so other than the usual “gifts” for your votes.

    Even though his record with all the banks he was involved with crashed, his involvement with FTX and Samuel Bankman-Fried (who’s headquartered operations were allowed here even though a license wasn’t granted) and the Antigua Airways which we all knew was a scam Nigerians (later “admitted they were duped”. What a joke and making themselves look like thorough idiots), you all still voted for that don’t give a shit about anyone but himself thief.

    And only Roosevelt Skerritt from Dominica want to go in with him. No surprise there either as he was involved with the trafficking and kidnapping of Mehul Choksi.

    Can you imagine the Minister of Finance claiming he had no knowledge of the status of the business license for FTX to have their headquarters up and running here? He, Gaston, the Minister of Finance and the PM of our country had no clue what was going on. What he doing on his watch is my question. He not working for us, only his personal financial gain.

  3. “ABWU Vows to Pursue LIAT Severance Matter” is just political grandstanding. For all intent and purposes LIAT operations are similar to Antigua Airlines. A political plow for fools and their money. LIAT is not a commercially viable operation. Other airlines have moved into its market and is eating LIAT’s lunch. The actions being taken is simply money down the drain.
    Unless there are things ABWU knows that we the public don’t know; when the LIAT assets are liquidated; just like in the Allan Stanford’s bankruptcy, most of the money will be the Liquidators.
    There is nothing THERE-THERE. Stop fooling your members AND THE PUBLIC

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