ABWU Calls on PM Browne to Rescind Decision to Increase Fuel Prices at the Pump


The decision by the Gaston Browne Administration to implement an almost overnight increase in fuel prices at the pump, to the tune of approximately 26%, will have a debilitating effect on the cost of living and by extension the standard of living in Antigua and Barbuda.


The Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union contends that such a significant adjustment should not have been made without broad base consultation with a range of stakeholders including the Unions, as this increase is one which directly impacts the pockets of thousands of workers. The implications of these increases as well as the justifications, are matters that should have been ventilated at the consultation table and not dictated via the airwaves.


Moreover, critical adjustments in the cost of living, including fuel price increases directly affect the negotiations and agreements Unions undertake with Employers. As such, the Union considers the Prime Minister’s unilateral approach to this matter as an attack on the wellbeing of working people across Antigua and Barbuda and an insult to the institutions that bargain on their behalf.


Apart from the lack of consultation, the fuel hike by the Gaston Brown Administration is insensitive to the fact that thousands of households in this country continue to struggle with unemployment and underemployment. Additionally, within recent weeks, citizens and especially the working people have seen the cost of goods and services skyrocket without any easement from the Government.


Using the invasion of Ukraine by Russia as the pretext for its inconsiderate decision to raise local fuel prices, the government and particularly the Prime Minister, continues to hedge bets that the people of this country will simply accept the dictates without any form of opposition. However, the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union is calling upon the Prime Minister to rescind that decision, not in part but in whole, and further, to introduce measures that will stem the rising tide in the cost of basic food items that is destroying our already declining standard of living, even as we make every effort to find solid ground coming out of the devastation of the Covid –19 Pandemic.


We wish to emphasise and remind the government that it offered minimal support to the Antiguan and Barbudan workforce throughout the pandemic. Moreover, it should be mindful that the cost



of electricity and water, as well as all other basic items, will inherently be affected by the hike in fuel prices.


Should the Government and Prime Minister ignore this call, then the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union will find other ways to use the power of its membership to put the brakes on the way these matters of State are dealt with.


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  1. Petroleum going up, gas going up, food going up, and overall the whole cost of living going up.

    Because of ABLP’s incompetence, you know what going up next?


    • “The pace of price rises has already hit the highest level since 2008. The rising cost of living has become a central issue in the French presidential election campaign, with promises from candidates to cut taxes and raise wages to tackle it. ” see Inflation and the French election: How serious is the cost of living crisis? 18/03/2022 – 15:02, France24

      Boss what UPP promise you to chat so much ignorance? I gather the ABLP is the reason why the same things are going up globally? I watch CNN and see persons in the US speaking about being impacted by such. BBC the same. Its Gaston (ABLP) fault? He truly is the world boss

        • FREETOWNSON I agree with you completely. Our World Boss Gaston Browne should be using his influence to solve the problems that are popping up all over the world. World Boss the world needs you now more than ever.

      • Gaston’s policies are in LOCKSTEP with Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum’s plan for the GREAT RESET. It’s the WEF’s pre-planned policies that are driving the war in Ukraine, supply chain shortages and global price increases. So if Gaston Browne is following their policies then HE IS THE ONE RESPONSIBLE for our problems in Antigua.

      • As soon as you mentioned that you watch CNN and the BBC, your credibility went straight out the window 🪟 , especially as these two media outlets have been the main protagonists of misinformation in recent times.

        The plandemic (or scamdemic) and the ‘green’ agenda are just 2 things that come to mind in their propaganda discourse …

        • Boss where did I state those are the only medium I use for news? You know I also read AntiguaNewroom? Here I get to read you spouting ignorance and many times being shown a clown (your actions). Yet you seem to get off on the attention

    • Any politician who makes bad policies that hurt the people’s pocketbook, is DOOMED to be kicked to the curb.

      ✅ UPP will benefit in the election from ABLP’s bad policy making.

  2. Lmaoooo ALP

    Y’all still really think that gonna make a difference

    And they rise gas after rising food and everything else just after blaming it on Covid

    Just like if any rain fall they blame that for the roads

    Now war cause gas to go up

    Soooo if nobody can realise Government make no sense and u still vote it’s like watching an abusive relationship hoping he gonna change after he beat you everyday good luck Lmaoo

    What change u really think go happen Lmaoo government is continuous!!

    Come on ppl vote for the change hurry up and think about the future of your country by doing ur elections things and rinse repeat Lmaoo

    If u didn’t learn anything before I doubt u gonna learn anything in the near future

    Vote ppl vote hurry up and give me jokes on how to be someone that don’t learn by mistakes

    Imagine: u pay tax to bring in the oil, to pay tax again to sell it, to charge the buyer the tax to compensate the loss from the same tax that come out they pay month or weekly which covers other tax they have to pay to compensate for other things needed tax which is a whole different tax again. Keep rising rates keep saying they nah generate enough but they nah raise salary but ur country is dilapidated ur infrastructures are poor and then they write up manifestos of performances of moneys they generate which they can’t show in healthcare, security or infrastructure and still fall broke and still say vote for me for a better future

    Lmaoo and nobody up to this day learn from mistakes yet?? And this is the betterment of the people?? Lmaoo yes I hope your correct

  3. Gaston BROWN has a cold, cold heart.
    As I HAVE always said: Gaston BROWNE don’t like black people

  4. The last man that say he is the world boss, do you know where he is?

    Wicked is the man that doesn’t consider the cry of the poor, but continue to oppress the people, when his time comes no one will hear his cry

  5. We boast on economic power house, our economy has grown more than any other country. We blame covid but still government got alot of aid and make alot of money during this plandemic, while the citizens suffer and they choose not to offer no sort of relief, all they were concerned is getting the citizens vaccine like it irradiate poverty, hunger and all things that affect mankind.

  6. Picky head Antiguans not getting paid for services , equipment hired and suppliers to the government. They are being replaced by the Middle- eastern contractors with their support system and also getting paid ahead of local pickie heads. Now with the increase of fuel the local contractors are suffering to the point of bankruptcy.
    Black politicians sell out are we black birth right.

  7. Which party was in governance in Wadadli August 2009? When that same government allowed the market forces to determine fuel prices. Let remind dem hypocrites ABWU etc. As a result A&B government then says that the tax payers must more for gasoline at the pump, diesel, cooking gas of both sizes of cylinders. Interestingly these prices increases came just after the people celebrated carnival of 2009. Just a reminder for all you hypocrites. New prices took effect over the weekend, Motorists now pay, US $4.289 per gal, at the pump up from US$3.54. Diesel now retail at US$4.07. To add insult to injury that same good fu nothing government increases the price for cooking gas with 20 lb cylinder jumping from US$7.84 to US$11.94 and 100lb cylinder was sold at $57.84. Not a drum beat from these hypocrites and now you’ll are talking about rolling back prices. You’ll are nothing but political whores ad liars. You can fool some of these fools but plenty ahwe hab good memories and wouldn’t fall fu you’ll duttie political games. Plenty ahwe are too astute and intelligent. Cuss all you want but all you aren’t good fu nothing hypocrites. Spreading falsehoods and ignorance will not you’ll to return to government. Be honest with the people and have some decency and humility. I for one would never support anyone who are suffering from Amnesia and are hypocrites. FYI: Jamaica Gleaner.com hab the fuel increases of Wadadli and they don’t have in skin in you all filthy political game cause some of you all don’t trust your own mediums. Th

    • Relax!!! Your going to pop a blood vessel. Your a man of age. You shouldn’t let one’s opinion ends up giving you a stroke. Take your pressure pill, have a glass of wine, enjoy the breeze and live your life to the fullest. ANR got you wound up tooooo tight.

      You think Labor Party care about you? If I I’m wrong show me the proof!

      • Why ABLP fight to establish UWI five islands, why did they do the APUA write-off and amnesty in 2014 after winning , why did they make it completely free for children riding the School bus, why did the make it FREE for children to access the Schoolmeal Program, why did they create the youthskills mechanism where students were paid a stipen while learning a skill(upp stopped the stipen), why the gave 20 times(1400 upp to 19thousand plus ABLP) scholarships for Antiguan and Barbudans students?
        If they did care just imagine what would happen

  8. Antigua does not produce any oil people. The western world dictates our livelihood. If the oil price go up on their market it will go up here.

  9. Most people who follows the UPPITES party are bunch of hypocrites spouting ignorance and nonsense. Sadly all ah dem are suffering from Amnesia syndrome. These vindictive and angry people don’t deserve to win one seat in Wadadli until they repent for their actions when they were in government. How can a party who claims that they care for poor people took back lands, stopped helping them with overseas medical bills, fire them from employment, lock them up for a Likkle tampi etc? Now coming back with their deceptions and what is so disgraceful hab a known Con artist, Child molester and a woman killer on their platform spouting foolishness about other’s. These people have no decency and credibility.

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