ABWU Calls on Government to Pay Jolly Beach Workers

Jolly beach staff in union meeting September 2020


The Gaston Browne Administration has once again failed to prioritise the wellbeing of the former Jolly Beach Resort employees, who have been pleading for their outstanding severance for almost two years.

In February, Prime Minster Gaston Browne, and Junior Finance Minister, Lennox Weston, made a commitment to settle the outstanding severance within eight weeks, by utilizing funds raised from an international bond.


The Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union has since learnt that these monies have been secured by the government, although no formal communication has been made with the Union or the workers on when their severance monies will be paid to them.


The ABWU is hereby calling on the government to make good on its promise, and to end the prolonged period of suffering that hundreds of families attached to these workers, have been experiencing.


The government is fully aware that the special circumstances of the Jolly Beach workers have been grossly exacerbated by the astronomical increase in food and fuel prices over the last few months.


The deliberate withholding of monies that have been earned by hard working individuals, is an unconscionable assault on workers and the labour movement. For too long, this government has been trampling upon workers throughout the length and breadth of the island.


Hundreds of terminated LIAT employees are still owed millions of dollars in severance payments, even after the Gaston Browne Government deceitfully attempted to have these vulnerable workers forfeit their entire severance for a fraction of their entitlements.


In addition, the terminated employees of Caribbean Airport Services (CAS), a subsidiary of LIAT, have also been ignored by this uncaring government – a government which is forever absent when it comes to the wellbeing of the citizens who elected them to office.


We insist that this Government has a moral obligation to resolve these issues for its citizens. As we approach Labour Day, hundreds of workers in Antigua and Barbuda are choosing to stand in solidary against a government that has presided over, and participated in the pauperisation of thousands of workers, while at the same time violating their rights. Workers have No confidence in this government!


We deserve better.

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  1. Well done Jolly Beach workers, this is the correct time to pursue your money just like the AT&LU employees … you’ll never get a better opportunity!


    • … in fact any employees that are owed a week, a month, or a years back pay, there’s no better time to get what is due to you …

    • U seem not to be able to comment unless it’s a political statement.

      A. Jarvis
      Irvin Edwards
      The US tax guy that robbed people for filing us taxes
      Mr. Francis of fedex
      Mr. Thomas

      Are the owner and directors of JBR, they owe the people of JBR! They should pay!

      Remember it’s the UPP administration who ran jbr into the ground under Ted isaacs tenor. I was one of these employees affected after 15 years and I want my money, but this establishment has been in debt for far too long! We’ve worked month without pay at a time and still show up, we deserve our money but the directors need to pay us too!


      wow! Evidently UPP has a love affair with CONVICTS!

      a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE, Ian Magic Hughes
      a CONVICTED KILLER, Sherfield Bowen
      a CONVICTED FRAUDSTER, Janice Samuel

      Editor, do u know:
      -will Janice Samuel be promoted to Campaign Manager from behind prison walls?
      -How will she fare with the Vampire Killer?
      -Will she be allowed to work on the prison farm if she behaves herself?
      -Will she be placed in the same cell where Sherfield Bowen dwelt when he shot and killed TESSA BARTHLEY?
      -Will she be a prison correspondent for the snake spit?
      -Will her co-host serpent visit her?
      -Will he carry a bag full of produce from his farm as a gift during visiting hours?
      -will she HUMBLE HERSELF and STOP TRYING TO BRING DOWN OTHERS knowing that she aint no saint?

      Maybe the CONVICTED PEDOPHILE and CONVICTED KILLER can prep her for prison life. Give her some tips and tricks.

      • Congratulations 👏 @ SAD SAD, that was the most incoherent nonsense I’ve witnessed in a very long time on this ANR thread.

        Why not try writing this again, so that not only I can understand, but others as well.


  2. All these efforts to derail the government will not work. As much of the people want their monies etc, the LAST THING THE WANT IS A UPP ADMINISTRATION.

    • ” … derail the government …”, not at all @ JustSaying, pay the people what is owed to them – nothing political about wanting backpay!!!

      Gassy made a rod for his own back by not paying up beforehand …

      • Brix.. tell me what reason you think the government owes the workers? The owners the workers worked for was the ABI group. Persons like George Ryan (he does not owe the workers) had shares in it at that time not the government. The government met the hotel bankrupt. All the buildings will have to be broken down and that place rebuilt from scratch. However with all the debts that jolly beach owes, there is not even enough to pay the taxes owed which has precedence over severance. Yet watch Chester and crew attack a government that is essentially seeking to do the workers a favor. Ungratefulness, is truly worse than witchcraft

        • Ah, @ tenman, that is telling me that the employment laws in Antigua is very suspect then.

          Whether you work for the private or public sector, there should be some sort of protection, especially when it comes to pay, conditions and workers rights.

          Are the unions weak, or the government exploiting the workers? Or both?

          I don’t know, but what I do know, that if this was happening in a place like France, they would shut down the country until pay and workers rights were restored.

          I really wish that Antiguans 🇦🇬 had more of a backbone on these integral matters, instead of this ‘woe is me’ attitude.

          As the lyrical song writer Bob Marley once sung: 🎶 ” Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your rights …”🎵


      I assume your grammar missed the ‘y’ from ‘they’, and since we are on the ‘they’….console yourself with your own idiotic ‘useless idiots’ statement.




  4. Was the government of Antigua the employer at Jolly Beach Hotel? Weren’t the employees employed by a private company?

    • I’m so glad you asked the right question. And I’m sure it’s not that you don’t know the answer. But it shows the stupidity of the entire situation, which the PM told these workers once already. He is going out on a limb to try and ensure they get their severance. The government has no responsibility whatsoever. They are not the owners of Jolly Beach. Every deal before did not raise the amount to pay severance. The company that owned Jolly Beach is the ABI Bank and the AOB. Both are in receivership. The staff knows this, yet they have let the union let them believe it is the government that needs to pay them severance. I really am against the government using taxpayers’ monies to pick and choose whose severance from private companies they will pay. That is not right. There are other employees such as the Stanford Group, which didn’t get any severance paid either. Is the government going to pay the severance of those workers as well? I guess not. So why the Jolly Beach workers. What is special about them.

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  6. Come on my fellow Antiguans, WAKE UP ⏰, Gassy found a magic money 💰 tree 🌳 for Liat, the vaccine ID pass, the funding of the whole vaccination programme across the island, and this money was SUPRISINGLY found in double quick time.

    And yet, what I’m hearing many employees (private & public sector) have been waiting years for their backpay – AGAIN, WAKE UP MY FELLOW ANTIGUANS …

    • “You did it before 8 years ago and you must do it again. VOTE ALP!!!!!!🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩


    Brixtonian….Stop drinking the BLUE KOOLAID , it has damaged your BRAIN. You are all over ANR with your UPP NONSENSE. You are NOT living in Antigua but stay overseas and CHAT CHAT. You will soon burnt out as ANA SALOME. You are an IGNORANT Person. I believe you went to the same school with MISS KNIGHT on OBSERVER RADIO.

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